Running Loose Essay

This story is about a boy named Louie. He is in his senior year of high school.

He has the girl of his dreams, a starting spot on the football team, and has decent grades. But everything turns out for the worst. Louie the protagonist was a well fit, thought out person. He had a few antagonists, Jasper the principle, Lednecky his football coach, and boomer the running back on the team. Louie the round character over all was confronted by many the flat characters faults and great doings.Louie the narrator is the main character in this story. He knows a lot about everyone, but he assumes things that he doesn’t know but usually assumes correct. He tells it like its happened to him in in real life.

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As if it was true. This story takes place in Trout, a small town with not much population. They have an eight man high school football team. They don’t have baseball.

Most of the story is placed in the winter.The theme would have to be that love can bring you up, but then drop you as hard as anything. If love does drop you then you shouldn’t mope around about it you should find something else your passionate about. This story was over all a really good story I recommend it to anyone who likes love and anguishes stories.

These way of life probably as happened to someone out there and if so that must really suck.


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