Rules Of Pole Vault Essay Research Paper

Rules Of Pole Vault Essay, Research PaperPole Vaulting: Should Helmets Be Required?Pole Vaulting is a athletics that many people have ne’er seen, or cognize small about. The aim of this event is to utilize a pole to unclutter a saloon. To make this, the pole jumper must hold a batch of impulse, obtained by running.

Next, the pole jumper places one terminal of the pole in a pre-manufactured hole, called & # 8220 ; the box. & # 8221 ; Bending the pole, the pole jumper swings upside down so when the pole unbends, it will throw him up in the air. At this point, the pole jumper clears the saloon, or girls, and so falls to a big froth buffering called cavities.

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This is the rudimentss to the vault, and the vault should remain that manner.In the past few old ages, the event has been change at the high school degree. Done for & # 8220 ; the pole jumpers safety, & # 8221 ; it starts to interfere with the merriment and exhilaration that is portion of overleaping. One of the biggest regulation alterations, regulation 7-4-3, states that a pole jumper may non weigh more than the makers & # 8217 ; pole evaluation ( NFSHSA 48 ) . Because of regulation 7-4-3, a proposal has been made.

This proposal states that a pole jumper must have on a helmet [ in competition ] in order to vault ( Johnson 3-4 ) . This & # 8220 ; might be & # 8221 ; regulation is unjust and unnecessary for high school pole jumpers. First, more hurts will happen because of the lacking financess for training. The more equipment that is required the more costs addition and the less money managers get, which consequences in a manager go forthing and immature pole jumpers seeking to learn themselves. Second, coercing a pole jumper to have on a helmet may merely do more hurts due to mental damage that occurs. Finally, helmets will extinguish any merriment that is apart of this rare athletics, by altering the athletics from a athletics to a elephantine safeguard.Due to the trouble of the event, without the right coaching, a immature pole jumper has no thought what to make. It is a traditional rumour that the higher a pole jumper holds on a pole, the higher he or she will leap.

Unfortunately, due to natural philosophies, this is non needfully true. If a novice is making things incorrectly, the result could be a concussion, or even worse, a terminal hurt ( Johnson 2 ) . Good coaching eliminates that by learning the pole jumper how to flex the pole keeping low and so raising his or her clasp.

Since regulation, 7-4-3 started two old ages ago, many managers have left the little school because of the cost film editing that took topographic point. The little school had to put in more poles so the pole jumper would non transcend the industries & # 8217 ; pole evaluation ( Johnson 4 ) . This cost can be anyplace from two to four hundred dollars. Before the regulation, though, if the vault did non hold a manager, he or she could utilize a little pole and acquire off with wrong technique. Now, after regulation 7-4-3, the immature pole jumper may be seeking to utilize a pole that he or she will non be able to flex. Without a manager, the child may non larn how to flex the pole, ensuing in many concussions. If helmets are required the little schools would once more hold to put more money into equipment taking off from training wages, therefore some managers may happen another school, and the childs will hold to learn themselves.

Adding more equipment, such as helmets, may do managers to go forth the school, and in the terminal cause more hurts.Injuries besides occur from mental damage. If a pole jumper is mentally distracted in some manner by a piece of equipment, such as a helmet, he or she may non be able to overleap right stoping in an hurt. Many gurus of the vault believe that the event is 90 per centum mental and 10 per centum physical. If this is the instance, so mentally a pole jumper must be prepared and distraction free. Dave Hurst, a ten-year manager from Kenwick, Washington, wrote a answer to an article about the proposed helmet regulation. He stated that since regulation 7-4-3 began two old ages ago, he has had ten more hurts than his first eight old ages as a manager. Some of this he associates with the uncomfortableness of utilizing unfamiliar poles.

He says that if the pole jumper is non confident with what he or she is making so he or she will non be able to execute safely ( Johnson 5 ) . Another manager from Clemson, South Carolina, David Kaiser, remembers when football tablets were seldom used, and helmets were made of leather. After altering compulsory helmets to a difficult plastic and adding the demand of tablets, hurts started to increase and go more terrible. He believes that this is true because it made the participants feel & # 8220 ; in-destructible ( Johnson 6 ) . & # 8221 ; What would go on if a pole jumper felt & # 8220 ; in-destructible & # 8221 ; ? Result the same as those in football would be lay waste toing to the athletics. Helmets interfere with a pole jumpers outlook by doing them less confidant or excessively confident. Either manner, the pole jumper may stop up losing the cavities and wounding himself.

The object of overleaping is non to forestall hurts, even thought that is of import. Most pole jumpers, including me, vault for merriment. This is what the vault is about ( Johnson 3 ) . There is this elephantine haste when coming down from the leap. Every clip I make a tallness I have ne’er made before, I experience one of the best minutes in my life. If I had to have on a helmet, I would discontinue, and miss out on any more of these feelings generated from overleaping.

It is non up to the members of some organisation to make up one’s mind whether I am capable of overleaping safely without a helmet. For me, the event would be alter wholly, from a athletics to a elephantine safeguard, and I feel that helmets are unjust to any pole jumper that does non desire to have on one.Though helmets are unjust to pole jumpers, non all pole jumpers feel the same manner I do. Some feel safe have oning a helmet and take to make so on their ain. Changing the proposal to read something in the manner of, & # 8220 ; all schools must supply helmets for any pole jumpers who want to utilize them, & # 8221 ; would be justified.

Then if a pole jumper felt comfy with a helmet he could have on one. In add-on, a school would hold to worry about purchasing a helmet unless an jock asked for one. Finally, any pole jumper feeling like it is unjust to coerce anyone to have on a helmet would non hold to have on one.Plants CitedNational Federation of State High School Associations. 1998 Track and Field RulesBook. Ed. Jerry L.

Diehl. Kansas City, Missouri: NFHS Publications:Robert F. Kanaby, 1998.

48.Johnson, Jan. & # 8220 ; Helmet Recommendation Proposal. & # 8221 ; Online. Netscape.

World Wide Web.2 February 1998. Available: hypertext transfer protocol: // 2-6.


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