Iycee Charles de Gaulle Summary Rubys Essay Research Paper Ruby has been

Rubys Essay Research Paper Ruby has been

Rubys Essay, Research Paper

Ruby has been the universe & # 8217 ; s most valued gemstone for 1000s of old ages. The finest

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Rubies are rarer and more valuable than even top quality colorless Diamonds.

The most of import sedimentations of rubies are found in upper Burma, near Magok. Burma

quality Rubies are known for keeping their superb colour under all lighting conditions.

The colour of rubies are changing sunglassess of ruddy, the most coveted colour being & # 8220 ; pigeon & # 8217 ; s

blood, & # 8221 ; pure red with a intimation of blue. It is acceptable to hold little inclusions which do

non diminish the treasure & # 8217 ; s beauty. Ruby is the birthstone for July. Rubies are the ruddy

members of the corundum household whose other member is the Sapphire. ( Ward 57 )

Ruby gets its ruddy colouring from little sums of Cr. Burmese Rubies do non

contain Iron, which kills the natural blossoming of Ruby. Thus a Burmese Ruby will

appear more pink and hot confect red in daytime than its poorer, darker cousins from

Thailand or Africa. The ruddy colour is even more augmented in low unreal visible radiation. Bing

the hardest mineral known, following to diamond, Rubies make an first-class pick for


There are so few flawless Rubies in sizes larger than 5 carats, that anything larger is

more valuable than even a Diamond of equal quality and size. The name Ruby is from

the Latin ruber significance ruddy. ( Read 139 )

Clear rocks of the deeper sunglassess are the most extremely prized. When cut into a

cabochon ( a nonconvex ) signifier, some specimens of red exhibit asterism ; that is, a

six-rayed star degree Celsius

an be seen in the inside of the rock. Such rubies, called star rubies,

are besides extremely prized. Many rocks that are non rubies are however called rubies.

The balas, or balas ruby, for illustration, is a type of spinel ; the Bohemian ruby is rose

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vitreous silica ; the Siberian ruby is ruddy or pink tourmaline ; American ruby, Cape ruby,

Montana ruby, and Rocky Mountain ruby are assortments of garnet.

Man-made rubies were foremost produced in 1837 by blending alum and chromium-oxide

pigment at a high temperature. Improvements in the industry of man-made rubies

since so hold made possible the production of man-made rocks, which are really

much like the natural rock in physical and chemical belongingss. Man-made rubies are

used as treasures, but about 75 per centum of the one-year production of man-made rubies are

used in the industry of tickers and instruments.

A Birthstone is any of assorted treasures associated with the peculiar calendar months of

the twelvemonth and considered lucky to people born in those months. Some attribute the

beginning of the tradition of birthstones to the 12-jeweled aegis worn by Aaron, the

brother of Moses ( see Exodus 39 ) . Myths and superstitious notions bit by bit grew up

sing the rocks, and symbolic significances or virtuousnesss were ascribed to them. Five

months of the twelvemonth have alternate birthstones. ( Ward 4 )


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