Royal Mail Hrm Strategies An Overview Essay


The rapid growing in the Digital Communication applications such as cyberspace, facsimile, electronic mail, online shopping, and the Postal Service Act ( 2000 ) , liberalisation of market, drives Royal Mail to alter its concern program and schemes to last in the current dynamic completive postal market and in a broader manner its hereafter concern is unsure. This essay aims to picture the Royal Mail Human Resource Management ( HRM ) policies and schemes, and chiefly focused for the period of 2005-2010. It besides covers how Royal Mail is covering with competition from the new entrants, and how it handled the recent recognition crunch and its impact on the Royal Mail concern.


“ Royal Mail Group ( RMG ) is a Public Limited Company ( PLC ) , entirely owned by the UK authorities.

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RMG has history over 370 old ages in the postal industry and it reaches everyone in UK through Royal Mail, Post Office and Parcel Force worldwide. RMG is headquartered in London and its employing over 155,000 people and with the one-year turnover of ?9349 million for the period of 2009-2010[ 1 ]” . The group extends to be dominant participant in the UK postal industry after the liberalisation of the bringing market in 2006.In recent times, this group has been facing with assorted jobs. The group reported loses for several quarters. So, the authorities had asked the postal regulative organic structure Postal Service Commission ( Postcomm[ 2 ]) to liberalise the postal market.

Initially, in 2003 licence were allotted to private company to manage the majority mail. In 2006, the markets were to the full liberalized and the group loses its monopoly position[ 3 ]. All the licensed operators were able to present mails to both the residential and concern clients.

Postal Service in the UK

In malice of the promotion in the communicating methods like cyberspace, electronic mail and other electronic messaging options, people are swearing on postal service for directing package and letters and peculiarly in aged, handicapped, and the low income groups, and the little concern sectors. “ Every hebdomad the group serve 20 million clients through its web of around 12000 station office subdivisions and present some 400 million packages a twelvemonth through general logistics systems and parcel force[ 4 ]” .The cosmopolitan service and the unvarying pricing are the two of import properties of the Royal Mail postal service. Based on these properties merely the Universal Service[ 5 ]Duty ( USO ) was formed. As per the USO, the cost of presenting the missive is same irrespective of the location.

To modulate the postal service in the UK, the Postal Service Act was put in topographic point with the Postcomm. The chief undertaking of the Postcomm includes,Grant licence to other companies.Provisioning the unvarying pricing and cosmopolitan service.Controling Royal Mail pricing scheme and its quality of services.Reding the authorities on the development in the station services.

To watch chase the Royal Mail quality services, an independent organisation Post Watch[ 6 ]was formed to supervise and command the quality criterions.

Royal Mail Group History

Royal Mail was established by Henry VIII, in 1516 under a “ Master of Post ” . Royal Mail was available to public in1635, with postage being paid by the receiver. In 1660, Charles II officially established the General Post Office ( GPO ) . Telegraph services was introduced in 1840 by Royal Mail, and in 1912 the group started the telephone service.Post codification was introduced in 1959.

In 1969, the GPO became a public corporation from its bing authorities section. The station office made acquisition and partnership with German package, Katipos and TNT station group to come in into international market. In 2000, the company reported losingss and it continued for several quarters.

In 2001, the station office was renamed Consignia. In 2002, Consignia was renamed as Royal Mail group plc.The Royal Mail Group lost its monopoly position when the 2006 liberalisation was introduced. In 2007, authorities proposed to privatise the group but the election, alteration in the authorities and the recent fiscal convulsion are the cardinal factors for the delay of the proposal without any farther day of the month.

Literature Review

Over the old ages, it is evident that organisations are sing Human Resource Management policies as the cardinal factor to win in the concern. HR section is moving as a strategic concern spouse within the organisation to do the effectual strategic concern and human resource policies to accomplish the organisation ends and aims, instead than pull offing the employees and paysheet, as was conventionally the instance. Senior HR practicians and experts are more in demand in the today ‘s corporate universe.Through the old ages, there is batch of organisational degree surveies and research across the concern sectors manifested mensurable relationship between the effectual HR patterns ( enlisting and choice, public presentation assessment, wagess and acknowledgments, preparation and development ) and concern public presentation. Harmonizing to “ Mark Huselid ‘s ( Huselid, 1995 ) seminal survey related the acceptance of HR patterns across 968 United states companies with their fiscal public presentation ( commanding for public presentation in old old ages ) ” .“ HRM writers such as Becker and Huselid ( Becker and Huselid, 2006 ) stress the demand for HR scheme to be clearly linked to the concern scheme and for the component HR Practices to run in a joined-up manner, this being seen as cardinal in order for the scheme to be focused on what affairs, avoid duplicate and optimise results ” . Therefore HR map has critical function in understanding the stakeholder ‘s concern ends, transforming those into commercial concern position and placing the challenges and chances from the employees ‘ position and turn to them in their concluding attack.“ Combs, et Al.

( 2006 ) aggregated 92 big graduated table surveies conducted at the organisational degree to bring forth a robust analysis across a big sample. This research revealed that on an norm, holding a progressive HR system ( e.g. nonsubjective choice, preparation, assessments, employee studies, etc. ) related to an norm of 4 % higher gross per employee where five or six major HR patterns were in topographic point within an organisation ” .

Business theoretical account

Royal Mail Group operates through its subordinates Royal Mail, Post Office Limited, General Logistics Systems ( GLS ) and Parcel force worldwide. Royal Mail is responsible for roll uping and presenting the mail in the UK and handles about 71 1000000s of letters and bundles to 28 million references in every working twenty-four hours, in line with its alone Universal Service Obligation ( USO ) .

Producing and Planing the casts and, philatelic merchandises are besides taken attention by Royal Mail.

The Post Limited

It has national net work across the UK. Larger station offices in urban country were straight managed by the Post office limited and other subdivisions are managed by franchise spouses.

General Logistic Systems

Royal Mail acquired the General Logistic Systems in 1999 to come in into the European package market.

GLS was market leader in the integrating package distribution and show client service in the European market.

Parcelforce Worldwide

Parcelforce Worldwide is responsible for roll uping and presenting the package and express bundles throughout the universe and in the UK for both the person and concern clients.

Royal Mail Competition and challenges

Royal mail is confronting tough competition in postal market after the full liberalisation act, and in peculiarly express bundle concern.

Its chief rivals[ 7 ]in the bundle bringing market are universe cyberspace, Deutsche Post, TNT, UPS, and other air hose which provide express bundle services. “ Most of its cardinal rivals such as UPS, Deutsche Post, and TNT have big graduated table of operations, which could set Royal Mail at a competitory disadvantage. ”Though the missive market is worsening due to the digital communicating promotions, Royal Mail ‘s profitableness and efficiency is critical for the hereafter of the UK postal sector and it besides plays a major function in the UK economic system and providing and safeguarding 1000000s of occupations in the recent fiscal down bend, where as all other public and private sector houses are cut downing its work force in big numbers.. But Royal Mail faces a batch of challenges.

The group has been describing Looss for several quarters, and its pension shortage is widening ; Modernization procedure is being really slow and besides the tough competition from the new entrants in the domestic and European markets are invariably increasing.The civilization alteration is one of the biggest challenges Royal Mail has been confronting from rather some clip. It required consistent high quality bringing from everyone in the company, value for money. Harmonizing to, Adam Crozier[ 8 ], “ Royal Mail must hold the freedom and flexibleness to put the right monetary values, based on existent costs.

If that happens, I think the new competitory environment will win. Rivals are already aiming profitable concern mail. We need to vie with them on monetary value every bit good as service if we are to maintain the cosmopolitan service in concern[ 9 ]“ .

Bettering the client service

One of the chief aims for the Royal Mail was to “ make everyone, everyplace, more than any other concern in the UK through its mail, station office, and package and bundle concern services ” . There were many ailments from clients about loss of letters but after working with Post Watch, the quality and service criterions were improved when compared to the old old ages.

Monetary value is the overriding factor in the competition. New entrants are supplying higher value services with the modern engineerings. Royal Mail has to offer high criterion services to the clients.

IT initiatives

To overhaul its services and operations, Royal Mail streamlined its IT departments in coaction with BT and Xansa.

Royal Mail web based clients are turning immensely, so to better the communicating with on-line users. Royal Mail has besides implemented the SAP[ 10 ]Software to chief its gross revenues order and other procedure. As portion its IT initiatives the group introduced the enlisting and employment procedure through online.

Fiscal crisis – Impact on Royal mail

Royal mail made good advancement in ( 2008-2010 ) , when comparison on the old twelvemonth recrods.Due to the subprime mortgage crisis, all the major economic systems are enduring from the alleged recognition crunch. Royal mail made net income, despite when the universe economic system in downswing and the mail market is worsening in UK and in all portion of the Earth. Due to the weak planetary market conditions, the group gross dipped to ?9,349 million[ 11 ]in first clip in a decennary, but all it is four concern groups ( mail, station office, GLS, package force worldwide ) made in net incomes through their pricing scheme and good client service. Royal Mail implemented modernisation and efficiency steps to automatize the mail processing and the understanding the made with Communication Workers Union ( CWU ) besides made positive impact among its employees.

Business unit public presentation External Revenue Operating profit/Loss*

?M ?M

2010 2009 2008 2010 2009 2008

Royal Mail Letters


Parcelforce Worldwide

Post Office Limited

Other concerns







( 3 )


















( 34 )













Beginning: Royal mail fiscal repots”Operating profit/ ( loss ) is before exceeding points. The consequences by concern unit have been restated for the impact of the* ”

Royal mail HR attack and schemes

”To overhaul the organisation and make universe category HR map, McCarthy[ 12 ]was appointed as the manager in 2003. Harmonizing to him, there was deficiency in coherent HR scheme which was characterized by disparate spread of HR professional across the group ” .

The group spent most of its cost on employment. Royal Mail reduced its HR employee strength from 3700 to 2400 and saved 57 million in two old ages span. There were merely few HR specializers and experts in the full organisation. The HR maps were separated and paysheet was the lone centralisation squad.Profitableness, Modernization, Efficiency and Employee Relationship are the cardinal words for success of any public limited company. Developing the good HR frame work and scheme are critical for the populace limited organisation like Royal Mail to prolong in the today ‘s globalized competitory postal market.Due to the promotion in the engineerings, communicating industry changed rapidly.

Internet, facsimile and other electronic options are ruling the traditional letters. Pull offing the immense work force and trade brotherhood royal are the ambitious undertaking for Royal Mail, in peculiar to the HR Managers. With strong HR strategic programs and constabularies, Royal Mail can manage their work force efficaciously.

Royal Mail HR prosodies

Peoples SchemesOrganizational DevelopmentShared ServicessThe chief end of the HR squad is to construct strong HR schemes and constabularies to pull off and retain the human resources.

It includes Recruitment and Selection, Learning, Career development, Rewards and Recognition. Organizational Development and effectivity are the chief aims to supply the zero tolerance work topographic point and working closely with the concern spouses and HR managers. The preparation squad conducts the leading, personal and calling development plans to better the leading qualities and other work related preparations.Royal Mail ‘s people scheme cardinal countries:Making meaningful, disputing occupations with flexible on the job construction ;Treating clients with value and regard ;Constructing the organisation to better and react harmonizing to the alterations in the market and environment ;Enrolling and developing the nucleus potencies to thrive in the unfastened competitory market ;Enrolling and developing the leading capablenesss to present the ends and to retain the endowment to postulate successfully.

Royal Mail HR pattern

Recruitment and Choice

Royal mail follows equal chance as an employer. Employment patterns are based on regardless of age, sex, disablement, race, colour, faith, and sexual orientation. Royal Mail employs diverse mix of people who reflect the communities where we live and work.

Training and Development

Royal Mail believes in preparation and development. So, the preparation squad organizes assorted developing plans for their employees which includes from get downing initiation preparation to the customized single preparation suits[ 13 ]through the on occupation preparation, mentoring, e- acquisition, and training. Major developing plans provided by Royal Mail areInformation TechnologyHealth & A ; SafetyCommunication SkillsPerformance ManagementUndertaking ManagementLeadership SkillsThe group besides has self acquisition centres where employees can use different bundles harmonizing to their demands, and Royal Mail is holding partnership and nexus with different local institutes to better the accomplishments of their employees ; with assorted external preparations.

Compensation and Benefits

Royal Mail offers compensation bundle based on the employees accomplishments and experience. To pull the skilled employees, Royal Mail offers good compensation bundle based on the type of the employment position like full clip or portion clip, and Permanent or contract. Royal Mail offers the following benefits to all the employees based on their employment type.

[ 14 ]Health and WelfareHoliday EntitlementBasic pay/allowancePensionTime OutBenefits /discounts/ ongoing price reductionsSupport for Disabled Applicants

Performance Management

Performance Management is an effectual method to analyse the employees possible and capablenesss, if it is decently implemented. Measuring the public presentation of the employee is an index of the success of the organisation.”Royal mail introduces new public presentation direction patterns[ 15 ]. The aims of the plans were to: 1.introduce a set of common validated numerical indexs which had been standardized for similar units/businesses. 2. Use the Pareto rule and exclusion coverage ( in topographic point of a “ steps everything ” attack ) . 3.

Make a focal point on looking frontward, calculating betterments ( instead than a backward-looking blasted civilization ) . ”

Work life Balance ( Flexible working )

Royal Mail is offering the flexible working option. This includes where employees are allowed to work from place for their personal committednesss, go forthing early for the kid attention and counterbalancing the clip as per the concern demands. It by and large gives moral support to the employees and the best manner to enroll and retain the endowment resources which in bend improve the productiveness.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Royal Mail strongly believes in functioning to society. Royal Mail and its employees play of import function in functioning to the community. ”Royal Mail ‘s aspiration is to go the prima organisation in corporate duty is a precedence of our Chief Executive and every one of our Pull offing Directors ” .

Employees besides fund to the good cause via their paysheet on a regular basis. Royal Mail besides takes portion in commanding the clime alteration utilizing renewable beginning electricity to do the environment viridity. It raised ?1.8 million[ 16 ]via charitable contributions in 2009. As a leader in corporate societal duty enterprises, the group won the undermentioned awards in the last two old ages.”BITC Example of Excellence ( Healthy Workplace Award ) 2009Shortlisted for Personnel Today Awards2009 – Award for Health at WorkRoyal Society for the Prevention of Accidents Awards 2009 – Gold Award, SafetyInstitute of Fundraising Awards 2008 – Winner, Best Use of Payroll Giving AwardWinner – Quality in Print Media Environmental Award, Quality in Print Awards 2008 ” .

Observations and findings/suggestions

Prioritizing the HR scheme harmonizing to the key concern ends and aims.

Identifying the challenges and chances to traveling in front.Develop and specify the HR scheme backed by strong analysis with good HR prosodies.Reviewing the defined schemes and attacks with interest holders and concern spouses.Finalize the HR constabularies and schemes.

Constructing the right-sized productive work force to accomplish the concern ends.Automate and standardise the mail procedure with modern engineerings and equipments to vie in the concern market with skilled and efficiency work force where the market and environment is altering quickly.Analyzing the information with aid of employee and client satisfaction study, sentiment pool and feedback informations.Understanding the external market environment and rival schemes is of import while bordering the HR policy. HR prosodies will change with each organisation depending upon their vision and mission statements. Prosodies should be cover the organisation ends, instead than following the best industry pattern.

Stakeholders and concern spouses should be engaged while bordering the scheme, to do the scheme effectual.


Due to the promotion in digital engineerings and cyberspace, the postal industry and market is altering rapidly. Mailing market is worsening and on-line shopping and other commercial activities through cyberspace are turning quickly. So, Royal Mail has to overhaul and reconstitute their concern schemes to last in the liberalized competitory market topographic point.As many surveies, research, and survives demonstrated the strong relationship between the good HR strategic policy and the concern public presentation. So, Royal Mail has to develop the strong HR policies and schemes to streamline the HR pattern to accomplish the organisational aims and ends.

Implementing the effectual HR schemes in public organisation like Royal Mail is really ambitious undertaking for HR troughs and, where trade brotherhood and pension jobs are widening twelvemonth by twelvemonth. The strong finding from the HR troughs, top direction, regulative organic structures, and the authorities can assist the Royal Mail to implement the HR and concern schemes to determine the UK postal industry and economic system and in peculiarly in the current economic crisis status where unemployment is already in extremum.


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