Iycee Charles de Gaulle Summary “Rosewood” man”. A group of Caucasian men

“Rosewood” man”. A group of Caucasian men

 “Rosewood” refers to the Rosewood Massacre
that took place on January 1, 1923 in Rosewood, Florida–an all-black town.

According to the website BlackPast.org, “the massacre was instigated by the
rumor that a white woman, Fanny Taylor, had been sexually assaulted by a black
man”. A group of Caucasian men believed that the rapist was a man named Jesse
Hunter who was hiding in Rosewood. The group decided to travel to Rosewood and
confront Hunter and his supposed accomplices (Aaron Carrier and Sam Carter).

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When the mob arrived at the Carrier house, they killed both Sarah Carrier
(Aaron Carrier’s aunt) and the Carrier’s dog. In an attempt to protect what was
left of his home, Sylvester Carrier–Sarah Carrier’s son–killed two men and
injured four others before he was also murdered (blackpast.org).

News of this attack spread, but
many did not care that whites had killed an innocent black woman (and a dog).

What caught people’s attention was the fact that a black man had killed two
whites. This caused the “white mob” (blackpast.org) to gain more supporters.

The group grew from around 20 or 30 people to over 200 participants. These 200
or so white men ravaged Rosewood, leaving nothing behind but a deserted town
and nine survivors, yet somehow no one was charged with the murders at Rosewood.