Roosevelt Essay Research Paper Chapter nine of

Roosevelt Essay, Research PaperChapter nine of Richard Hofstadter s, American Political Traditions, is titled, Theodore Roosevelt: Conservative as Progressive. By this rubric Hofstadter is mentioning to how Roosevelt & # 8217 ; s methods in authorities were really conservative when looking at the ends the Progressive Party was seeking to accomplish. He was a adult male of inferior physical stature and hence, had a composite, which ruled his actions.

There was ever a sense of fright and insecurity in him and because of that, his actions were frequently rash or violent. When looking at the Progressive Party & # 8217 ; s chief aims, Roosevelt doesn & # 8217 ; t seem to suit because he didn & # 8217 ; t hold the same beliefs and he merely used the party as a manner of breaking his ain state of affairs. Hofstadter recognizes that, in his earlier old ages, Roosevelt was a good adult male with a large bosom and besides that he was a consummate politician. He had abilities, which he used to pull strings the people and as a manner of concealing his true ego.Theodore Roosevelt: The Conservative as Progressive, most likely refers to his about hypocritical signifier of authorities.

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As a imperfect, he was supposed to be working for the peoples & # 8217 ; best involvement ; but what he did was work to break his ain state of affairs and do it look like he was assisting the multitudes. Roosevelt & # 8217 ; s conservativism came chiefly because he was afraid to make anything extremist because it could take to him acquiring thrown out of office. It was said that, & # 8220 ; While largeness in concern frightened the typical middle-class citizen for economic grounds, it frightened Roosevelt for political reasons.

& # 8221 ; ( Pg. 291 ) His place was conservative besides because the economic system was booming, unlike Bryan & # 8217 ; s clip. To destruct large concerns, like many wanted, would hold destroyed the economic system, so Roosevelt saw ordinance as the best reply to the job. The manner in which Roosevelt acted was non progressive but the people followed him however.The people accepted Roosevelt s thoughts of authorities because his method was simple: & # 8220 ; We shall hold to make this in order to forestall that. & # 8221 ; ( Pg. 297 ) Followings of the progressive motion loved him even though he was non truly in it for their behalf, because he was a sort of wise man.

He knew how the people thought so he kept his ideas simple and superficial ; they informed the people of what would do them happy and that there was nil to worry approximately. The conservativism of Roosevelt, nevertheless, did non look to demo in foreign policy. He was ever ready for a war or drastic alterations in European states because here he didn & # 8217 ; Ts have to worry about losing support. The engagement in foreign personal businesss is something that Progressives did non work for ; they wanted to repair their ain state of affairs. But it was when covering with American people and metropoliss that Roosevelt became really reserved. & # 8220 ; He held the conventional positions of the large concern Republicans and had no truck with political reforms, although he engaged actively in philanthropies. & # 8221 ; ( Pg.

279 ) His authorities held no purposes of existent reform, but he certainly liked to speak about them.Roosevelt used the Progressive party to derive power and support but ne’er really tried to assist it. He even one time said, “What I have advocated, is non wild radicalism. It is the highest and wisest sort of conservatism.” ( Pg. 300 ) By this, he flat out admitted that he wasn’t working along progressive lines and still, the people followed him. Not merely did he non work for them ; he was about working against the Progressives.

“Having aroused the hopes of the Progressives and holding sidetracked their most effectual leader, Roosevelt went on to utilize their motion for the intents of finance capital.” ( Pg. 302 ) He held the advantage over LaFolette in that he was a better talker and politician and that he had control over the upper categories. But when the Progressive Party stopped profiting Roosevelt, he rapidly got out of it even began slashing the American Progressive by stating that they were “an utterly hopeless nuisance because of their unbelievable absurdity in foreign affairs.” ( Pg. 303 ) Roosevelt had no topographic point in the Progressive motion because he didn’t attention about their ends and he finally ended up about destructing them. He ne’er really made any positive promotion for the party ; he merely made it look that manner. New Nationalism, which called for strong leading and cardinal authorities, was one of Roosevelt’s “Progressive” thoughts.

It was believed that something was needed to keep society together since laissez-faire wasn’t working ; they needed a democratically unified society. This thought was merely old 1s all put together and given a new expression. Elihu Root said, “I have no uncertainty he thinks he believes what he says, but he doesn’t.

He has simply picked up certain thoughts which were at manus as 1 might pick up a fire hook or chair with which to strike.” ( Pg.300 ) Roosevelt was non a Progressive at all. His motivations were merely for his ain political addition.Harmonizing to Hofstadter, Roosevelt was a great politician and, in his early political life, a great adult male. Early on, he was instrumental in barricading demagogic steps in that he & # 8220 ; required the metropoliss of New York, Brooklyn, and Buffalo to pay their employees non less than two dollars a twenty-four hours or 25 cents an hour. & # 8221 ; ( Pg. 281 ) Besides, & # 8220 ; he opposed measures to get rid of contract convict labour, improved the enforcement of the provinces & # 8217 ; eight-hour jurisprudence, and to raise the wages of New York City constabularies and firemen.

& # 8221 ; ( Pg. 281 ) But by making things such as these, he convinced the multitudes he was a reformist, and concerns that he was sound. His political art and his manipulative ability began taking people in false waies. There were some ideas of reform but, & # 8220 ; reform in his head did non intend a exhaustive catharsis ; it was meant merely to mend the most conspicuous sores on the organic structure politic. & # 8221 ; ( Pg. 291 ) The good repute he had earned early on was used in his ascent to power.

He knew that he needed the large concerns and corporations in order to maintain seting money in his pocket so, even though he regulated and broke up trusts, he didn & # 8217 ; t accept the mudslinger & # 8217 ; s disclosures of concern unless they were perfectly true. Keeping most corruptness or dirt under wraps was what he was traveling for and hence, he had to command concern without paralysing it. Roosevelt & # 8217 ; s political beliefs basically became negative and


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