Roosevelt Corollary Essay Research Paper In 1823

Roosevelt Corollary Essay, Research PaperIn 1823, U.

S. President James Monroe issued the Monroe Doctrine. It stated that no European state should step in in any state of affairss in North or South America, and in return, the United States would non tamper in European personal businesss. It was originally intended to protect the freshly freed South American states, one time Spanish settlements. The Roosevelt Corollary had the same cardinal principals, and hence did non change the nature of the philosophy or the purposes of its original writers.The footing of the corollary was that it gave the United States justification to protect the Latin American states from European states seeking to re-claim debts. This is about indistinguishable to the South American protection the Monroe Doctrine was trying to warrant. So, in footings of their basic purposes, the Roosevelt Corollary was non different from the Monroe Doctrine.

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Second, the Roosevelt Corollary merely made the Monroe Doctrine stronger. This is because the justification of the Doctrine wasshady at best, and would ever be military intervention. However, the Corollary made it stronger by leting non-military protection, through the soaking up of debts. This method kept all sides happy, and protected the already dirty repute of the United States.Finally, the ultimate purpose of both the Monroe Doctrine and the Roosevelt Corollary was to forestall farther European colonisation of the Americas. This was stated straight in the Monroe Doctrine, and the Roosevelt Corollary was forestalling any indirect ictuss of any state through debts. So, in general, the Roosevelt Corollary was a manner of updating the Monroe Doctrine to do it more powerful, and foolproof.

In summing up, the Roosevelt Corollary did non basically change the Monroe Doctrine. Their basic intents were about indistinguishable, the Corollary merely strengthened the Doctrine s message, and their ultimate purposes were the same. In the terminal, they worked together to wholly stop European colonisation of the Americas, which was precisely what they were intended to make.


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