Room 101 Essay

There is something in everybody’s childhood that torments us, deeply scaring our life. It is not the evil from bedtime stories.

It is not words from your arrogant parents. It is homework, given to us by the messenger of the devils – school teachers; of every kind; given to your when you are least expected, and leaving you with nothing but total melancholy. It is the embodiment of the devil. It anchors thousands of workload into the worker’s soul. Making the student needing to complete it at any cost. The breaking of pencils. The trace of ‘blood’, shed from a pen.The constant frustration in labouring yourself in completing the worksheet.

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The task. The homework. What is homework? It is an eater of souls, it feeds on the misery of innocent, helpless human beings.

It basks on the hatred of its enemies. Blood, sweat and tears are shed. It shows no mercy. It shows no love. It will not ease until the entire student’s body has been destroyed, crushed and incinerated.

This is homework. It harvests your time blatantly, making your life a huge fraction shorter, scaring your memories, which you will never forget.What is the point of homework? They’re just death tests from hell to see how long you can keep on.

It has absolute no use to us at all; we will not be able to remember it in a few years time, are we? Do we get in trouble if we don’t do it? When I mean trouble, I mean serious trouble, like the mental and physical abuse the Americans use on those prisoners to make their lives a living death. If we don’t get it, why would you do it? It’s not going to kill you. Does it count towards your grade?If it is not going to count towards your grades, then why bother causing a chaos in your life by doing it? Only those people who have no social life at all scramble themselves into all sorts of misery by doing them.

For a point of truth, which genius in the world actually concentrated on their homework? For example, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, they saw their life into other things in life and they were greatly successful. To me, homework is like one of those videogames, the further you progress hrough the ‘game’, the harder or more difficult it becomes. It has grown, both in amount and difficulty, by an enormous amount, from level ‘Pre-school’ to ‘Gcse’. It is crushing and destroying the peacefulness of our lives. Once, I was suppose to go to a party held by my friends on the weekend, and by ‘co-incidence’ the messenger of the devil gave us the ‘stones of hell’ to pull on our backs, forcing me into nothing but a scramble to rescue myself from everlasting distress; and not being able to attend my friends party.

The same, always as if it was a co-incidence, happens then disrupts and constrain me from my plans in life onto a different route. Homework should be torn away from our lives, giving us a brighter path of life. Without the constant strain and stress from the threat of harming our young, precious soul, mind and body. We should lead our lives without the constant roadblocks of homework.


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