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Romeo and JulietPrologueThe prologue is written in the signifier of a sonnet. A sonnet is a 14 line lyric verse form with an iambic pentameter beat and a set rime strategy.U / iambU / U / U / U / U /pentameter & # 8211 ; 5 pessRhymeThe rhyme strategy of a Shakespearian sonnet divides the verse form into 3 quatrains and a rhymed pair. The idea of the verse form follows this division.Quatrain 1dignity- Ascene- Bmutiny- Aunclean- AQuatrain 2foes- Clife- Dover throw- Cstrife- DQuatrain 3love- Tocopherolrage- Fremove- Tocopherolstage- FRhyming pairattend- Gmend- GAct OneScene One1 ) What should be achieved by the opening scene of the drama? Give illustrations from this scene to exemplify your reply.In the gap scene, several things should be established. The scene, scene, temper, and the struggle must be introduced. But, foremost, we must catch the audiences attending.

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There are many things that draw the audiences attending, including: Fight, sex, loud cries, many histrions traveling approximately, and gags. In the first scene in Romeo and Juliet, the two characters Sampson and Gregory were jesting about.Scene Two1 ) *What do you believe Paris? s subsequently function will be?I think that Paris will add struggle subsequently on, and he will be against Juliet and Romeo. He will go rather covetous, and likely seek to acquire retaliation on Romeo.2 ) What is Capulet? s attitude to his married woman and girl?Capulet loves and respects his married woman and girl. He seems protective of Juliet, which is apprehensible sing she is his lone girl. He wants her to be merrily wed to Paris, and he wants her to back up his determination about Paris.

3 ) What usage is made of happenstance?Romeo and Benevolio merely go on to run into the retainer, who tells them about the party. Had they non run into him, Romeo would of ne’er been able to run into Juliet.4 ) What is the dramatic intent of Capulet? s party?Capulet? s party gives Romeo a opportunity to run into Juliet, but more significantly, being a masked party, his individuality can stay anon.

.Scene Three1 ) What is the attitude ofa ) Lady CapuletB ) Julietdegree Celsius ) The nurse? To Paris? s proposal.a ) Lady Capulet was happy to hear his proposal, as she thinks her girl is old plenty, and Paris is a good adult male for her.B ) Juliet, although non in love with anyone else, objects to being forcefully married by her male parent. But, being obedient she must obey her male parent.degree Celsius ) The nurse is really happy about the proposal.

She thinks he is perfect, he is immature and good looking, and a good mate.2 ) Write a brief character study of the nurse.The nurse is really chatty. She cares profoundly for Juliet, and treats her like her ain girl ; likely because she lost her hubby and girl. She is supportive of Juliet? s thoughts. She is besides rather blunt, or coarse and negotiations about things that most wouldn? t talk about in public.

Scene Four1 ) Find an illustration of prefiguration.? I fear excessively early ; for my head misgivesSome effect yet hanging in the starsShall bitterly begin this fearful day of the monthWith this dark? s revels, and run out the termOf a detested life clos? vitamin D in my chestBy some despicable forfeit of ill-timed decease.But He that hath the steerage of my classDirect my canvas! On listy gentleman! ?Scene Five1 ) How is a cloaked ball good theater?The cloaked ball is good theatre because the cats wear? Ts have to dress as misss, as no 1 knows their existent individuality.2 ) What part do the functioning work forces do?The Serving work forces allow us cognize that we are at the party.3 ) Why does Rosaline ne’er appear on phase?She ne’er appears on phase so that people can? t comparison between her and Juliet? s looks, as some might state Rosaline is fairer than Juliet.

4 ) Why does Shakespeare avoid a clang between Tybalt and Romeo on phase?If Romeo and Tybalt fought on phase, so Romeo would non of had a opportunity to speak to Juliet.5 ) Select addresss which keep the feud complication before the audience.? This, by his voice, should be a Montague.Fetch me my tuck, male child. What, dares the slaveCome hither cover? vitamin D with an fantastic face,To fleer and contemn at our sedateness?Now, by the stock and award of my family,To strike him dead I hold it non a wickedness.

??? Uncle, this is a Montague, our enemy.A scoundrel that is hither come in maliceTo contemn at our sedateness this dark. ?Act TwoScene One1 ) What is the intent of Scene one?This scene gives us a passage. It informs us that Romeo? s love for Rosaline is lost, and he is profoundly in love with Juliet. It besides foreshadows some of the problems they will havvitamin E.

Scene Two1 ) Describe the scene in this scene.This scene takes topographic point in the Capulet? s grove under Juliet? s balcony. It is at dark, and Romeo is purportedly concealing.2 ) How does danger impart captivation to this scene.

The danger in this scene shows that Romeo will put on the line his life for Juliet, and adds suspense to the scene, to maintain people at the border of their seats.3 ) How does Shakespeare do it easy for Juliet to squeal her love? Why does he make this?It is easier for Juliet to squeal her love because she does non cognize that Romeo is in the shadows. This makes a speedy progress in the secret plan.4 ) What are the marks that Juliet has fallen in love?She asks Romeo to deny his household name, as she will deny hers so they can be together.Scene Three1 ) What are the intents behind Friar Laurences monologue?Friar Laurences monologue introduces the secret plan and foreshadows some secret plan, and describes what he does.Scene Four1 ) What is Mercutio? s sentiment of Romeo? Prove with quotation marks.Mercutio doesn? t think Romeo can contend Tybalt. In line 13 he says? Alas, hapless Romeo & # 8211 ; he? s already dead.

?2 ) How do you account for the alteration in Romeo?Romeo has a more positive attitude because person loves him back.3 ) Why is it better that Peter be played by a little adult male?It was better that Peter is smaller because the Nurse is bigger, therefore visually demoing high quality over Peter, so she bosses him about.4 ) How does the meeting between Romeo and the Nurse progress the secret plan?Now Romeo can? speak? with Juliet via the Nurse, therefore cut downing the hazard, and doing their love turn even more.Scene Five1 ) How much clip has passed since the gap of the drama?One twenty-four hours has passed, and we are now on the 2nd twenty-four hours.

2 ) What do we larn about the Nurse and Juliet in this scene?We learn that the Nurse likes to badger Juliet, and tease her with the information that Romeo has told her.Scene SixAct ThreeScene One1 ) What is the intent of Mercutio? s analysis of Benevolio? s character?His analysis makes the scene more humourous because he is really speaking about himself, non Benevolio.2 ) How have we been prepared for the battle between Mercutio and Tybalt?We have been expecting Romeo and Tybalt? s battle since the party, but due to the nature of Mercutio, he will likely take portion in the battle.3 ) Mercutio is himself to the terminal. Prove.He is still himself because even after he is wounded, practically dead, he still jokes around ( lines 95 to 103 )4 ) Explain how this scene is the dramatic centre of the drama.

It? s really dramatic, as the events are going more and more negative.Scene Two and Three1 ) Explain how these two scenes are parallel.The two scenes are parallel because Romeo and Juliet are both speaking to there? Secret confessor? ( he/she who knows about them ) about the 1 they love.2 ) Compare the behaviour of Juliet and Romeo.

Use direct quotation marks.Scene Four1 ) Discuss the alteration in Capulet? s attitude toward Juliet? s matrimony.Capulet has decided that he is 100 % certain Paris is the right adult male, and sees no ground why they should detain the nuptials, hopefully heartening up Juliet.2 ) List illustrations of dramatic sarcasm in this scene.Some dramatic sarcasms are? Juliet is really married, and she? s non sad about Tybalt, she? s sad about Romeo!Scene Five1 ) What dramatic intents are served by the farewell scene?The farewell scene shows and proves how great the love for each other Romeo and Juliet have.2 ) Why does Shakespeare hold the Nurse desert Juliet at this point?Having the nurse leaves shows the feeling of isolation that Juliet has, and how the nurse disapproves of her actions.Act FourScene One1 ) What is Friar Laurence? s quandary?His quandary is that he has already married Romeo and Juliet, and he can non marry Juliet and Paris.

2 ) What flaws can you see in Friar Laurence? s program?The Friar? s program relies on so many things that have to travel right? If one goes incorrectly, he? s got a large job.Scene Three1 ) What are Juliet? s ideas during the potion address?She was disquieted that Romeo would non acquire the message and he would believe she was dead.2 ) *Do you think Juliet drinks the potion in a sudden tantrum of panic or with calculated purpose?Juliet drinks the potion in a sudden tantrum, she was terrified ( lines 24-25,30-32,33-35 )Scene Four1 ) What are the dramatic intents of this scene?It shows the exhilaration and expectancy towards the nuptials.

Scene Five1 ) How is the Friar? s address get downing on line 65 a contemplation of the Capulet? s heartache.Both of them know they are responsible for their deceases.2 ) *The behaviour of Peter and the instrumentalist has been criticized as being inappropriate at the clip. Make you hold of disagree? Support your reply.I disagree because so was non the clip to play music.


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