Romeo And Juliet Tragedy Essay Research Paper

Romeo And Juliet Tragedy Essay, Research Paper

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Mr. Smith/English

June 7, 2000

Notice whenever Juliet seeks for aid, the people near to her tend to ever allow her down? Why is that? Aren? t your friends or household members suppose to be the 1s who are ever at that place for you, and ne’er allow you down? Well non in Juliet? s instance. You see, Shakespeare, the writer of Romeo & A ; Juliet wrote the narrative in a manner that Juliet a chief character in the narrative, whenever seeks for counsel from her friends and household members, particularly when she needs it most, is ever betrayed or allow down. In the undermentioned paragraphs, I will explicate how, Lady Capulet, Friar Lawrence and Romeo betrayed her, and how this caused Juliet to do the incorrect determinations in her life.

First of all, Lady Capulet is Juliet? s female parent. A female parent is suppose to be near to her girl, and is the individual who knows and understands Juliet the most. But in this instance her female parent is the first individual to allow her down. For illustration, when Lord Capulet made the determination in act three scene 5 that Juliet should get married Paris, her female parent stood up for that determination even though she knew that Juliet didn & # 8217 ; t want to get married Paris. I think her female parent should of been on Juliet? s side, because she & # 8217 ; s her female parent and she has experience in matrimony and should cognize get marrieding person you do non wish is non a good thought. Besides, another treachery by Lady Capulet is that she teaches Juliet to judge work forces by their money, their societal rank and their visual aspect. For illustration, she recommended Paris to Juliet because he is rich, good looking and on the Capulet? s side. This is non good. Because Juliet truly does love Romeo, and when her female parent says things like that, it truly makes Juliet disquieted, because Romeo is non rich, and their household hates her household and frailty versa. These points show how shallow Lady Capulet? s character is. This prevents Juliet to inquire advice from her female parent, and can non acquire counsel from her.

Second, Friar Lawrence is the 2nd individual who betrays and lets-down Juliet. As you already cognize, Friar Lawrence is a priest and he was the 1 who agreed to get married Romeo to Juliet. Friar Lawrence allow? s down Juliet in two ways. The first manner, was non all his mistake, but he could hold prevented it by merely giving more attempt. For illustration, when Friar Lawrence and Juliet agree on the program to temporarily do Juliet expression dead ( move four scene 1 ) , Friar Lawrence wrote a missive to Romeo stating him what was truly traveling on. Well, Romeo did non acquire that missive on clip, so he ended up killing himself because he thought Juliet was dead, and when Juliet woke up she killed herself because Romeo was dead. Friar Lawrence should hold tried harder to acquire that missive to Romeo. Possibly personally giving the missive to him, or to state Romeo? s friend, Balthazar to state Romeo about the program, or at least following up on the missive himself to do certain he got it. Another treachery by Friar Lawrence is at the terminal of the narrative ( act 3 scene 5 ) . When Friar Lawrence and Juliet are in the grave, after Romeo killed Paris, so himself, Juliet awakens. Juliet awakens, and asks where Romeo is? Friar Lawrence without replying her, hears a sound and tells her the? ticker is coming? ( act 5 scene 3 lines 158 ) . Friar Lawrence is scared because he hears person coming, and doesn? T want to be caught. So he leaves, and Juliet doesn? t semen along, so she? s left all entirely. This is where he betrays her. Friar Lawrence should non of agreed to go forth Juliet all entirely. Because so Juliet wouldn? T of killed herself when she saw Romeo dead. Alternatively Friar Lawrence merely cared about himself, and ran out of the grave instantly when he heard person was coming.

Third, the last individual you expected betrayed Juliet, which was Romeo. As you know Romeo and Juliet were adolescents when they got married. But they claim they were purportedly mature plenty to acquire married. I believe Romeo betrayed Juliet because he was immature, yet he claimed to be mature. And because of him being immature the narrative would of ended in a better manner. To get down with, he let her down by acquiring into a battle with Tybalt ( act three scene 1 ) . This battle started when Tybalt killed Mercutio, and Romeo was merely covering with his feelings of retribution towards Tybalt. If he truly felt true love for Juliet he would non of killed Tybalt, because he should of cognize the effects would be such that he would non see Juliet any longer and Juliet would experience different towards him because he killed her cousin. Another treachery by Romeo was that he committed suicide. He killed himself to demo his love to Juliet. A individual does non hold to demo his love by killing himself after his or her lover is dead? By killing himself he would merely demo his? love? to the people still alive, which is non of import because what you truly desire to make is demo your love to your lover, non friends or household members still alive. But you can? t because self-destruction is a large wickedness and you will travel to hell for it. So what? s the point? They won? t see each other once more if one or both goes to hell, or one goes to heaven. This is a treachery by Romeo, because Juliet is forced to kill herself. If Romeo didn? T putting to death himself, I doubt that Juliet would kill herself.

As a consequence of Juliet being betrayed a few times, it influenced her to do incorrect errors which lead her to her decease. If it wasn? T because of Lady Capulet and her male parent coercing her to get married Paris, she wouldn? T of made a program with Friar

Lawrence to do herself expression dead. And if merely Romeo controlled his feeling against Tybalt, he wouldn? T of killed him, which lead to his ostracism. Besides if Friar Lawrence cared less about his ain repute, he would of stayed in the grave with Juliet, and likely could of prevented Juliet? s self-destruction. Therefore Juliet? s decease is apparent that it is partly Lady Capulet? s, Friar Lawrence? s and Romeo? s mistake.

Romeo and Juliet, is a narrative of two immature lovers, whose love

whose love would convey them much more than they had of all time hoped for. They did non conceive of that their love would take to the calamities that it did. In theory, these two immature people did nil incorrect except autumn in love. Reasons for their death in this universe so early in their lives included the feud between the two households, Juliet? s male parent devising determinations that would greatly impact her life without her audience, and the most of import facet of all is fate.

The feud between the two households was one factor that

contributed to the love of Romeo and Juliet being destined for

devastation. & # 8220 ; From antediluvian score interruption to new mutiny & # 8221 ; . ( Romeo & A ;

Juliet, Prologue, pg.2 l.3 ) The two households, the Montagues and Capulets had a history of feuding with each other ; accordingly, the feuds had on juncture resulted in bloody confrontations in the streets of Verona. Even after many decennaries had passed, there was hatred between the two households so much so that even the retainers hated each other. This feud would hold caused many jobs for Romeo and Juliet: These two immature lovers knew this

and this is why they kept their relationship a secret. If their parents

discovered their secret, they would hold made their kids & # 8217 ; s lives

suffering ; moreover, Romeo and Juliet would non hold been able to see each

other. Both of these households were really obstinate and there was barely

any thing that would hold made them go friends. In the prologue

we learn that the lone manner the & # 8220 ; strife & # 8221 ; could be ended was by the

deceases of Romeo and Juliet. We must retrieve that both Romeo and Juliet are the inheritor? s to their household as they are the lone kids in the household that will presume caput of the house when their predecessors pass-on. & # 8220 ; Doth with their decease bury their

parent & # 8217 ; s strife & # 8221 ; . ( Romeo & A ; Juliet, Prologue, l.8 ) Neither the

Montague nor the Capulet households would hold accepted the matrimony. Keeping

the matrimony a secret caused Romeo and Juliet to turn to other people

for aid ; nevertheless, sometimes these people gave them the incorrect advice or

betrayed them.

A 2nd ground why Romeo and Juliet? s relationship was do even harder to continue with, was because behind the closed doors of the Capulet house Juliet? s male parent was doing determinations about juliet? s hereafter that she could non command. He was make up one’s minding whether or non he was traveling to let Paris to get married Juliet, and how shortly the matrimony would take topographic point.

When sing the devastation of Romeo and Juliet the most

sifnificant fact you must believe about is fate. Fate, above all,

destroyed Romeo and Juliet. Many cases in the drama reveals that

the love of Romeo and Juliet would stop in decease. & # 8220 ; A brace of

star-crossed lovers take their life & # 8221 ; . ( Romeo & A ; Juliet, pg.2, Prologue,

l.6 ) From the really get downing it is apparent that they were destined by

the stars to bad luck. Some people may believe that there is no manner

to command destiny or alter what is in the stars. It could be that the

love of Romeo and Juliet was destined for decease so that their parent & # 8217 ; s

feud would be over. Besides, in the prologue it states that the dreadful

class of their love was destined for decease. & # 8220 ; The fearful transition of

their decease marked love & # 8221 ; . ( Romeo & A ; Juliet, pg.2, Prologue, l.9 ) Both

of these quotation marks show us that the love of these two was destined to stop

tragically. The mask party was above all the most of import

facet of destiny. The fact that Romeo was have oning a mask and his face

was hidden allowed Juliet to fall in love with him before she saw who

it was. If Juliet had known who Romeo was she would likely hold non

fallen in love with him. Fate could non hold been changed whatever

was meant to be would go on and no 1 could alter that.

In decision, from the really beginning, the love of Romeo and

Juliet was destined to be destroyed. It is tragic that both these

people had to give their lives merely so they could love each other. There were fortunes throughout the class of

their lives that led up to their deceases. If their parent & # 8217 ; s had non

been feuding and if the Nurse had non betrayed Juliet, the result of

this narrative would hold been different, although destiny could non be

changed. This was the most of import factor in the lives of Romeo and

Juliet. In my sentiment the quotation mark that accurately summarizes this drama

is, & # 8220 ; For ne’er was there a narrative of more suffering, than this of Juliet and

her Romeo. & # 8221 ; ( Romeo & A ; Juliet, V, three, p. 138, ll.309-310 )



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