Romeo And Juliet Is The Story About Essay

Romeo And Juliet- Is The Story About Love Or Hate Essay, Research Paper

Love is the biggest thing that can go on in human life. It can do your life unbelievable or forgettable. In the instance of Romeo and Juliet, it was both. They had something between them that would ne’er be destroyed. Their finding to remain together through the tough times was unbelievable. Even when they knew that their relationship would ne’er be normal, they ne’er gave up. It was a instance of love at first sight when their eyes locked on each other. The narrative of Romeo and Juliet is more to make with love than hatred.

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About every scene of the text has love conveyed in some manner in them. From the hurting Romeo suffered from the rejection of Rosalyn, to the first scene where the two meet. The lone scene in the whole narrative where love International Relations and Security Network T conveyed is the really first scene where we see the first struggle between the Capulets and the Montagues. That merely shows how much of an impact love has in Shakespeare s narrative about two star-crossed lovers.

Romeo and Juliet had such a strong love that they would decease for each other. This is what Shakespeare is seeking to demo us what love is all approximately and this is why he chose to compose this narrative, non to demo hatred, but to demo love.

The love in the narrative is non merely shown between Romeo and Juliet. It is besides shown in the signifier of filial love between Romeo and Mercutio. Romeo loved Mercutio as a friend so much that he would vow retaliation on the individual that brought upon his decease. The friendly relationship was everlasting and would ever be treasured by

Romeo, even after Mercutio s decease. Other love was shown between Juliet and the Nurse. Juliet grew up with the nurse by her side all the clip. The nurse was more of a female parent to Juliet than Lady Capulet of all time was.

Romeo s parents cared for him much deeper than Juliet s did for her. His female parent was ever worried or concerned about where he was and what he was making, trusting he wouldn t get caught up in any problem. Shakespeare besides shows paternal love to travel along with the others in the text.

I guess that you could state that their was a spot of love from Juliet s parents towards her in that they merely wanted what they thought was best for her every bit good as acquiring what they want at the same clip. They imagine that Juliet would be happy populating her life with Paris, although Lady Capulet was much more loving than her hubby was.

Romeo and Juliet is a narrative strictly based on love. The bulk of the text makes mentions to love and how it effects those involved. Hate is merely shown between the two households merely when they are together, non when they are populating their normal lives. Most of the hatred comes from Tybalt s oral cavity anyhow, we barely hear any words of hatred from anyone else s oral cavity.

I have come to the decision that Romeo and Juliet is more to make with love than hatred because of the manner of linguistic communication used and the manner the characters express how they feel about one another. The narrative contains largely mentions to love and hence would reason that the narrative was written about love. After all, love is something that everyone can associate with.


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