Romeo And Juliet Influence Essay Research Paper

Romeo And Juliet Influence Essay, Research PaperWilliam Shakespeare, the English poet and dramatist of the 16th -17thcenturies, is known as the best playwright in the universe.

He is besides known as thebest writer who has written in the English linguistic communication. He has written a batch ofgreat dramas and sonnets, which are read and admired by people all over theuniverse. The ground for his popularity is his apprehension of people and hisability to make the characters about mirroring the existent life state of affairss,human feelings and behaviours.

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Shakespeare could understand the human characterreally profoundly, therefore he could make characters beyond the clip and topographic point ofhis dramas ( The World Book Encyclopedia 17 345 ) . One of his most popular dramas isthe calamity Romeo and Juliet, speaking about the tragic stoping of the immature loveof two adolescents. It is considered the best drama about love in the universe. Thenarrative takes topographic point in Verona, a metropolis in Italy. Romeo and Juliet are two immatureadolescents who love each other so but can non recognize their dreams becausetheir households Montagues and Capulets are in a deathly feud. Romeo and Juliet acquirein secret married. After the nuptials Romeo comes across the Juliets cousin Tybalt,who challenges him to a battle.

But Romeo doesnt want to contend his new relation.Alternatively Romeos friend Mercutio battles Tybalt and gets killed. In retaliation Romeobattles and putting to deaths Tybalt, for what he is expelled from the metropolis. MeanwhileJuliets father forces her to get married his friend Paris. To get away this awfulstate of affairs, she asks Friar Lawrence for aid, who gives her a drug that puts herin a deathly slumber for two yearss. Romeo hears the bad intelligence about Juliets deceasebefore he gets the message sent by Friar Lawrence and hastes to the grave whereJuliet was put.

Life has no significance for him any longer, so he takes a toxicant anddies near Juliets organic structure. When Juliet awakens from the slumber, she sees her lovedead and doesnt want to populate any longer, so she stabs herself. Death of the twoimmature lovers make the households understand that they must stop their feud ( TheWorld Book Encyclopedia 17 358 ) .

At that clip it was strongly believed that thetrue love ever struck at first sight and in this drama Romeo and Juliet autumn inlove from the first sight ( Brian C ) . Some critics say that the idealised love ofRomeo and Juliet is rooted on passionate gender. But to Elizabethans sexualdesire was non antithetical to woo ; it was the kernel of love affair ( Brian C ) .Romeo and Juliet is based on a verse form by an English writer Arthur Brooke TheTragic History of Romeus and Juliet ( “ The World Book Encyclopedia17 ” 358 ) . Some critics refer to this as one of the weak points of the drama,stating that Shakespeare didnt write many original secret plans, he found what he waslooking for ready in Arthur Brookes verse form ( Rowse 70 ) . But believing about thedramas interesting secret plan, the beautiful linguistic communication full of word-plays, differentcharacters and at last the love subject which is the basic component that makes itso interesting, all these things wholly make this and the other weak pointsand mistakes found by critics fade out. Many critics have besides addressed thelinguistic communication of the drama.Artificial linguistic communication, used a batch in the drama, wasfeature for the Elizabethan age ( “ The World Book Encyclopedia17 ” 358 ) .

Elizabethans liked those long phrases and fast word-plays, whichbecome simple conversations if retold in modern word reading ( Brian C ) .But Shakespeare has used some simple linguistic communication, characteristic for his laterdramas, excessively ( “ The World Book Encyclopedia 17 ” 358 ) . Another thing weshould maintain in head is that although the book pas been written for thepublic presentation, its read and understood easy ( Brian C ) .

There are a batch ofelements and features in the drama that make it popular and successful.One of the points that gets critics attending is that despite the dramas Italianscene, the linguistic communication, imposts and attitudes are by and large English ( Brian C ) .Another characteristic thing for the Elizabethan age is that there are no suddenand original secret plan bends. Elizabethans werent so interested in that, how thenarrative was told was more of import for them ( Brian C ) . The good rhyming lines aremuch frequent in the drama, which is another positive component ( Rowse 68 ) . Musicand mentions to music are besides used a batch in the drama. In fact, musicalelements in this drama are greater than in any other one ( Rowse 73 ) .

Romeo andJuliet is rich of different and contrasting personages, who finally goindividuals and this personality continues throughout the drama ( Ward 267 ) . One ofthese characters is Romeo, who is an first-class illustration of a individual with thelovesickness and stereotyped attitude towards love ( Brian C ) . Some of thefinest poesy in the drama is given by Romeo, when he sees Juliet for the firstclip ( Brian C ) . The drama besides contains a mix of high calamity and comedy,displayed in another character & # 8211 ; the Juliets nurse ( Brian C ) . Romeo and Juliethas been a really good mark for critics of the past three centuries. Somecritics have praised this drama for its beautiful and easy-reading linguistic communication,interesting secret plan and affecting subject and characters. Others have found somemistakes with certain facets of the drama ( Scott 410 ) .

But despite these mistakes,most of the critics have been stating that Romeo and Juliet is one of the bestplants of Shakespeare and it has had a large influence on the development of theEnglish play ( Scott 410 ) . In general, Romeo and Juliet has been a truly goodsubject to discourse and knock. But nevertheless it has ever been and will stay awork turn outing William shakespeares perfect endowment and a great love narrative to read, watchand admire.Brian, Paul.

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