Romeo And Juliet Essay Research Paper William

Romeo And Juliet Essay, Research PaperWilliam Shakespeare? s great calamity Romeo and Juliet is a drama which addressesthe thoughts and quandary that have faced adolescents since it was written about 500old ages ago. Three quandaries which are encountered in this drama are teenageself-destruction, defiance, and love. Romeo and Juliet is the narrative of two adolescents,whose households are pledged enemies. Romeo and Juliet meet and autumn in love. Uponrecognizing that the objects of their fondnesss are their households sworn enemies, theydecide to get married, without parental cognition or consent.

When Juliet? s male parentannounces that she is to get married another adult male, she fakes her decease so that she canremain faithful to her hubby Romeo, without acknowledging her noncompliance to herparents. Romeo had at this point been banished from Verona for slaying Juliet? scousin. He returns instantly after having intelligence that his married woman is dead. Hecommits suicide so that he does non hold to populate without his married woman and lover, Juliet.

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Juliet awakes from her sleep to happen Romeo deceasing beside her, and rapidly dipshis sticker through her ain thorax. In my sentiment this is the narrative of two adolescents,who like many adolescents today, do non believe things through and hotfoot into love and aweb of fraudulence.Love is something which teenagers seem to ever be seeking for andfalling in and out of. In the drama, Romeo has been urged by his friends to? clang?Juliet? s households party so that he will acquire over Rosaline, whom he was aching over.

Basically, Romeo falls in love with Juliet on the recoil. This is Juliet? s foremost love,and even today misss become somewhat obsessed with their first loves. Juliet? scompulsion with Romeo is made apparent non merely in her monologue on the balcony, butin her willingness to make anything to be with Romeo. In Juliet? s monologue, shespeaks of her love for Romeo, and her desire to be with him despite their households.Romeo now infatuated with Juliet alternatively of Rosaline, is standing below her balconyhearing, and after hearing her words proposes matrimony. Adolescents today do nonhaste into matrimony as rapidly, but do hotfoot into sexual relationships. This is proofthat adolescents in? love? act impetuously. Romeo and Juliet are obviously movingimpulsively, merely as adolescents of today.

Romeo and Juliet are besides making what adolescents of today do best: rebelling.Romeo and Juliet Rebel against their households, the Montagues and Capulets,discretely at first. Romeo ne’er really openly Rebels. Juliet, on the other manus,argues with her parents when confronted with her engagement to Paris. She finallygives up the statement, and decides to further lead on her parents by forging herdecease. Liing every bit good as reasoning with parents is a signifier of rebellion. Romeo andJuliet are cognizant when they wed that their households will finally detect theirsecret, merely as adolescents today who in secret rebel know they will be found out.

Teenage self-destruction is another subject relevant to life today which is faced in thedrama. Romeo and Juliet each commit self-destruction in the aftermath of the others decease.Romeo kills himself with toxicant, believing that Juliet has passed off, although sheis merely in a deep sleep. Juliet, when she awakes, finds Romeo deceasing beside herand efforts to imbibe the remainder of his toxicant, but he has left none for her.

Therefore,Juliet takes his sticker and runs it through her thorax. This is what we call today adual self-destruction. Double self-destructions have become more reoccurent in recent old ages intodays society.

Double self-destructions are normally committed by immature lovers, merely as inRomeo and Juliet.In my sentiment, this book should be read by all adolescents in the first-year twelvemonthof high school. It is a calamity which shows precisely what adolescents should non make.

Ibelieve it is better than other books because it discusses three subjects pertinent to lifetoday.BibliographyRomeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare327


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