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Romeo And Juliet Essay, Research PaperWhat is love? is it non a feeling, a dream, a expression? How long must it take forone to cognize he/she is in love? And if it is longer so an hr is it trulylove? One could state love is in the eyes, the window to the psyche ; another couldstate love could non be seen by the eyes for they merely tell so much. But whatapproximately destiny, if fate exists what does it count if the love is in the eyes orgenuinely in the bosom? And at what point is life swept out of the perceiver? scustodies and into those of destiny? if Shakespeare would hold answered, one believe hewould hold said, when those Black Marias of the perceivers do experience love there life istaken by love. Romeo and Juliet, by William Shakespeare, is a love narrative struckdown by destiny and doomed to tragedy. When sing the devastation of Romeoand Juliet the most important fact you must believe about is fate.

Fate, aboveall, destroyed Romeo and Juliet. Many cases in the drama reveal that the loveof Romeo and Juliet would stop in decease. “ A brace of star-crossed lovers taketheir life ” .

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( pg.29, Prologue, line 6 ) From the really get downing it isevident that they were destined by the stars to bad luck. Some people maythink that there is no manner to command destiny or alter what is in the stars. Itcould be that the love of Romeo and Juliet was destined for decease so that theirparent & # 8217 ; s feud would be over. Besides, the prologue states that the awful classof their love was destined for decease.

“ The fearful transition of their deceasemarked love ” . ( pg.29, Prologue, line 9 ) Both of these quotation marks show us thatthe love of these two was destined to stop tragically from the beginning. Themask party was above all the most of import facet of destiny. The fact thatRomeo was have oning a mask and his face was hidden allowed Juliet to fall in lovewith him before she saw who it was. If Juliet had known who Romeo was she wouldlikely have non fallen in love with him. Fate could non hold been changedwhatever was meant to be would go on and no 1 could alter that. Some yearssafter the ball, Benvolio and Mercutio are discoursing, in respect to thequarrelsome conditions.

Benvolio declares, “ The twenty-four hours is hot, the Capuletsabroad, / And if we meet we shall non? scape a bash, / For now these got yearssis the huffy blood stirring. ” ( III, I, lines 2-4 ) At this point, Tybalt, whohas challenged Romeo because of his visual aspect at the mask, enters,seeking Romeo. On Romeo? s behalf, Mercutio struggles with Tybalt, while Romeo,who is filled with love for his new cousin, tries to stop their daring. Beforeescaping, Tybalt plunges his blade into Mercutio, doing decease to fall uponhim. Mercutio blames Romeo and the feud for his destiny. Romeo kills Tybalt, whotwits Romeo, upon his return.

Romeo fears he will be condemned to decease if hedoes non fly before the reachingof the Prince. Benvolio recalls the events thatrich person happened, with some embroidery. The Prince declares: ? And for thatoffence/ Immediately we do exile him hence./ I have an in your hatred? sproceeding, / My blood for your rude brawls doth lie a-bleeding ; / But I? llamerce you with so strong a fine/ That you shall atone the loss of mine./ Iwill be deaf to pleading and alibis ; / Nor cryings nor supplications shall buy outmaltreatments ; / Therefore usage none. Let Romeo hence in hastiness, / Else, when he? s found,that hr is his last./ Bear hence this organic structure and go to our will./ Mercy butslayings, excusing those that kill? .

( III, I, fifty 185-195 ) Where upon, Romeo hasto go forth Verona and travel to Mantua, go forthing Juliet entirely and desperate for Romeo.Which is another measure to the tragic ruin of the lives and dreams of thesetwo lovers. Juliet, who refuses wed Paris, asks for Friar Laurence? said, where upon he gives her a toxicant. The twenty-four hours before the nuptials, Julietis to imbibe the toxicant, which will do her appear to be dead.

In 42hours she shall wake up, with Romeo by her side. Romeo will so convey her toMantua with him. In the interim Friar Laurence will convey a message to Romeoin Mantua, stating him the secret plan. When she additions consciousness, Romeo and FriarLaurence will be at that place. Friar Laurence says, “ Shall Romeo by my letterscognize our impetus, / And here shall he come ; and he and I/ Will watch thywaking ” ( IV, two, lines 115-117 ) Following Juliet? s consumption of the toxicant,Romeo is expecting intelligence from Verona. Balthasar, a retainer to Romeo, TellsRomeo that Juliet has died. Romeo, who is told there are no letters from themendicant, seeks a manner to carry through his self-destruction. Meanwhile, Friar Laurenceconfronts Friar John, who was to present the missive to Romeo.

Friar John informsFriar Laurence that he was seeking another Franciscan, who was sing thesick, to attach to him to Mantua. He says, “ Suspecting that we both were ina house/ Where the infective plague did reining, / Seal? d up the doors,and would non allow us forth ; / ” ( V, two, 9-11 ) Friar John tells that he couldhappen no 1 to present the missive, for fright they may catch the infection. Themissive is non sent, Romeo knows non of the mendicants program, destiny rises over allagreements, and leads its ain waies.

Then many will inquire, why? Why is thestrongest, most beautiful love crushed my hatred? Why can? t a love so strongconquer hatred? And Shakespeare replies it does. The love if these two lovers isstrong plenty to stop the feud of the households, but merely in decease. merely by deceaseof immature love could the households see the danger of there hatred, leting it tohalt. merely the same sum of utmost love and hatred could stop the feud at such adrastic destiny.Shakespeare, William.

Romeo and Juliet. Eds. Maynard Mack and Robert Bayton.Portsmouth: Heinemann, 1981


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