Romeo And Juliet Essay Research Paper Most

Romeo And Juliet Essay, Research PaperMost of you of you know the narrative Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare. But did you know that a adult male by the name of Mr. Laurent wrote a lampoon called West Side Story. These two narrative both express the same points about immature love, feuds, and unnecessary decease. Romeo and Juliet is set in Verona, Italy in the 1400 s as West Side Story takes topographic point in New York City, USA in the 1950 s.

In the two narratives there is some sort of feud traveling on between the two households. In West Side Story they are contending over cultural, racial, and economical differences. The Jets are the Polish born Americans, and the Sharks are the Puerto Ricans who are immigrants. In Rome and Juliet they are wealth, powerful households who have been feuding for old ages. They are the Capulets and the Montagues. In this paper I will be comparing the last 3rd of the two narratives.The first portion I will speak about is really different in the two narratives. In West Side Story it would be the feud in which the Jets harass Anita and she state them that Maria is dead alternatively of late.

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In Romeo and Juliet it is mistiming because Balthasar tell Romeo that Juliet is dead. Now to explicate in West Side Story Maria is delayed by the officer and she can non run into Tony at the shop so she send Anita alternatively and when she gets to the shop the jets are at that place and they harass her. When they are done she is so huffy that she tells them that Chino killed Maria. She told them that If you were lying in the street hemorrhage I would ptyalize on you. The Doc hears this and tells Tony. In Romeo and Juliet Balthasar saw Juliet being put in the grave and went to state Romeo non cognizing it was a bogus decease. When he got to Romeo before the missive Romeo believed him and went Juliet.In West Side Story Tony runs out in to the street shouting for Chino to come happen him and kill him like he killed Maria.

Tony was in mid-tears and mid-insanity. He was in hysterics and could non be stopped by anyone. In Romeo and Juliet Romeo was besides in hysterics and non in his right head. He went to a adult male and bought a toxicant to utilize when he got to Verona. And he went to the grave and found Paris and in a fury he killed Paris ( besides non able to be stopped ) .In Romeo and Juliet Romeo gets into the crept and negotiations to Juliet and so drinks the toxicant and dies with no thought that Juliet is still alive.

Then Juliet awakes and fives Romeo dead and taking his sticker says Oh, happy sticker this is your bundle. And she kills her ego. In West Side Story Tony sees Maria and runs to her, but as they get really near Chino shoots his gun and putting to deaths Tony. Then Tony says as he is deceasing I didn t believe had adequate. And he dies in Maria s weaponries. This sends Maria in fury and she turns the gun and both the Jets and the Sharks. And she blames both packs for the decease of Tony. She although lives and doesn T kill anyone.

In decision West Side Story ends in a more effectual and more emotional mode. The grownups have no say or influence in the stoping of this narrative. Both packs transporting out Tony s cadaver typify the terminal of the feud. In Romeo and Juliet the grownups have more of an impact on the stoping. As the funeral is stoping Mr. Capulet agreed to give the Montagues the dowery, and Mr.

Montague said a great statue was to be raised of Juliet to demo her illustriousness


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