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Romeo And Juliet Essay, Research PaperLove and hatred, such little words for the sum of power that they possess. Bothhave the capacity to alter persons every bit good as the capableness to destroy lives. It can beshown that William Shakespeare, in Romeo and Juliet, is trying to indicate out thestrength of both love and hatred likewise. Whenever there is a strong plenty feeling of love orhatred between two parties, other persons can go impassioned by the shear beautyof that love or lured in by the absurd but someway attractive facets of the hate.

The feud between the Capulets and the Montagues non merely effects the members ofthose two households, but it effects the retainers as good. In the beginning of the drama, there isa wrangle in the street between the servingmen of the Capulets and those of theMontagues. The Capulets provoke it without any abetment:Gregory: & # 8230 ; Draw thy tool. Here comes of the house of Montagues.Enter [ Abram with another servingman. ]Sampson: My bare arm is out. Quarrel, I will endorse thee ( I, ii,32-35 ) .From this quotation mark, we see merely how ingrained the belligerencies are, if the retainers have becomea portion of them every bit good.

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It is because people become involved when they don t demand to be,in fact, that worthy and guiltless people die.In Act 3, scene 1, Mercutio is killed, non because he is of either the house ofCapulet or Montague, but because he is Romeo s best friend and he feels compelled todefend Romeo s name, alternatively of making what his kinsman, the Prince, would desire to holddone. Mercutio, who is the most easy-going and fun-loving character in the drama, diesbecause the two households merely can t look to acquire along.

The absurdity of it is aboutsickening. Mercutio curses both houses in disgust:Mercutio: No, tis non so deep as a well, nor so broad asa church door, but tis plenty. twill service.

Ask forme tomorrow, and you shall happen me a sedate adult male. Iam peppered, I warrant, for this universe. A pestilence Oboth your houses! Zounds, a Canis familiaris, a rat, a mouse, acat, to rub a adult male to decease! A bragger, a knave, ascoundrel that battles by the book of arithmetic! Why theSatan came you between us? I was hurt under yourarm ( III, I, 100-107 ) .Mercutio has no concern come ining into this wrangle. The issue is between Tybalt andRomeo. Hatred can destruct lives, even the lives of those who aren t straight involved.

Incontrast, love can positively alter people and their ways of thought.Love is something that Juliet would possibly ne’er have gotten to see, hadit non been for Romeo. She might hold grown up with merely as much hatred for theMontagues as her parents possess. Even the love within the Capulet household is weak.

Capulet and Lady Capulet clearly have small fondness for one another. Zeffirelli does agreat occupation of demoing this in his film. Capulet is staring out the window as his married woman walksby.

A dreadfully discordant nonvitamin E is played at the same time. These people don t cognize how tolove each other ; how could they perchance get over a feud that has most likely gone on forcoevalss? It is Juliet s immediate infatuation with Romeo, nevertheless, that allows her toorganize a different position of the loathed enemy. Romeo is so beautiful, and so charming, thatthe minute Juliet spots him, it becomes apparant that there will be no topographic point in herfundamental law for this absurd hate. Romeo and Juliet, in fact are both willing to deny theirnames for their love:Juliet: O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art 1000 Romeo?Deny thy male parent and decline thy name,Or, if thou wilt non, be but curse my love,And I ll no longer be a Capulet.

Romeo: [ aside ]Shall I hear more, or shall I talk at this?Juliet: Titanium but thy name that is my enemy.Thou art thyself, though non a Montague.What s Montague? It is nor manus, nor pes,Nor arm, nor face, [ nor any other portion ]Belonging to a adult male.

O, be some other name!What s in a name? That which we call a roseBy any other word would smell as Sweet.So Romeo would, so he were non Romeo called,Retain that beloved flawlessness which he owesWithout that rubric. Romeo, doff thy name,And, for thy name, which is no portion of thee,Take all myself.Romeo: I take thee at thy word.Name me but love, and I ll be new baptized.

Henceforth, I ne’er will be Romeo ( II, ii,36-55 ) .The love is so strong and intense that they are content to abandon their names for it. Theysee how farcical it is to detest person because of his name. Their parents, at this point,are excessively blinded by their ain malignity to see how pathetic it is to detest personbecause of his name.

It is non until their kids kill themselves that they wake up and seethe mistake of their ways.When Capulet and Montague discover that Romeo and Juliet have killedthemselves, their eyes are eventually opened to the truth: love must replace hatred:Capulet: O brother Montague, give me thy manus.This is my girl s jointure, for no moreCan I demand.Montague: But I can give thee more,for I will ray her statue in pure gold,That whiles Verona by that name is known,There shall no figure at such rate be setAs that of true and faithful Juliet.Capulet: As rich shall Romeo s by his lady s prevarication,Poor forfeits of our hostility.The two households have eventually reached a peace.

Even though it took the the decease of theirmerely kids to make it, the feud is over. I m certain it will ne’er be forgotten. If Romeoand Juliet had ne’er fallen in love, there would still be acrimonious hatred between the twohouseholds. Love does hold the power to transform persons, merely as hatred has the power todestroy lives. Unfortunately, in this narrative of Romeo and Juliet, the love could non suppressthe hatred shortly plenty.


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