Romeo And Juliet Essay Research Paper Is

Romeo And Juliet Essay, Research PaperIs Shakespeare? s original description of Romeo and Juliet as being? a brace of star crossed lovers? an equal account for their concluding calamity?Shakespeare? s description of Romeo and Juliet as being? a brace of star crossed lovers? implies that it was pre-determined before their birth that they would fall in love with each other and commit self-destruction. This thought of destiny is non an equal description of Romeo and Juliet? s concluding calamity.

This lone partly explains the calamity ; the factor? s, which adequately describe the calamity of Romeo and Juliet, include the, engagement of the Friar, the volatility of Tybalt and the Montague? s and Capulet? s? ancient feud? .Fate played an of import function in the calamity of Romeo and Juliet and there are many events, which highlight this. Throughout the fresh Romeo saw himself being manipulated by destiny. This is good shown when he was involuntarily pulled into the battle with Tybalt. In fury over Mercutio slaying, Romeo killed Tybalt, after he exclaimed to Benvolio? I? m fortunes sap? . This suggests that destiny was dallying with him and there was nil he could make about it.

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The Friar noticed this every bit good, he showed this by stating Romeo after the battle. ? Thou art wedded to calamity? . Other than that, there were many random events, which were good illustrations of destiny contributing to the calamity. Like when Friar John was locked inside a ill individual? s place, this prevented him from presenting the message to Romeo, stating him about Friar Lawrence? s programs. Or Romeo arriving at the site if the Capulet? s memorial and perpetrating suicide proceedingss before the Friar arrived and Juliet woke from the Friars kiping potion. This makes it obvious that destiny was involved, but once more destiny was non the lone lending factor to the calamity.

Friar Lawrence was the chief ground for the calamity of Romeo and Juliet. Friar Lawrence didn? Ts take the best involvement of the lovers into consideration, and his engagement at the terminal, lead to the dual self-destruction of Romeo and Juliet. When Romeo came to the Friar and told him that he all of a sudden had no feeling for Rosaline, but loved and wanted to get married the girl of the Capulet? s, Juliet, the Friar was shocked, ? Holy Saint Francis? . The Friar could see that Romeo was excessively immature for a committedness like that, so at first he refused. As he thought about it he agreed, non for the good of the lover? s, but for Verona, he thought the matrimony would halt the feuding between the two households. ? For this confederation may so happy prove to turn your families rancor, to pure love? . After the turning point of the drama the Friar wrote a note, stating Romeo what his has done and his program to acquire him back together with Juliet.

Th error he made was giving it to a Friar below him, who was unable to direct it. It was really Friar Lawrence? s duty to do certain that Romeo acquired the message, if he had done this Romeo wouldn? Ts have purchased the Apothecary? s? Dram of toxicant? to kill himself after hearing that Juliet was dead from Balthasar.Tybalt was besides a major subscriber to the calamity, he ever had a mark to settle withthe Montague? s and his volatility caused the ostracism of Romeo. Tybalt loathed the Montague? s, this is good highlighted at the beginning of the drama, he told Benvolio how much he hated the Montague? s. ? Talk of peace? I hate the word, as I hate snake pit, all Montague? s and thee? . Tybalt was ever willing to pick a battle when a Montague was involved he saw them as scoundrels and the lone manner he saw to work out the job, was to kill. A good illustration of this was at the Capulet? s Party, Romeo came uninvited, Tybalt saw him and exclaimed, ? To strike him dead. I hold it non a wickedness? .

Capulet tried to command him, the lone manner he knew to command Tybalt was to endanger Tybalt with decease, this angered Tybalt and he swore retaliation upon Romeo? s unauthorised invasion. ? I will retreat ; but this invasion shall? change over to bitterest saddle sore? . After Tybalt killed Romeo? s best friend Mercutio and flied, Romeo was bereaved. As Romeo saw Tybalt returning, ? ferocious and exultant? , he came to boiling point? fire-eyed rage be my behavior now! ? he shouted. After he unleashed his wrath, Tybalt was dead and he flied. After the acrimonious battle, the Prince arrived, he was ferocious he declared that? for the offense? we do exile him? .

If Tybalt weren? T as volatile and vindictive as he was, Romeo would non hold been banished.The? Ancient feud? that was traveling on between the two households contributed to the calamity of Romeo and Juliet. This feud influenced the determination and actions taken by both Romeo and Juliet. One determination they both made was, non to allow their households know about their love. If they told their parents, they would first of all, give their disapproval, and so prohibit their love and the Capulet? s would coerce Juliet to get married Paris he suer.

Because they were so close to their households they did non desire to run the hazard of being disowned by their households for a Capulet loving a Montague or vice-versa, for case when Juliet refused to get married Paris her male parent told her sternly, ? Hang, beg, starve, dice in the streets? I? ll ne? er acknowledge thee? . The households being? enemies? made it really hazardous for Romeo and Juliet to see each other, this is best shown by the warning Juliet gave about the guards. ? If they do see thee, they will slay thee? . The Capulet? s and the Montague? s were really narrow minded, they were ne’er prepare to apologise and do up, the lone thing that changed this was the self-destruction of both the households merely offspring? s ( Romeo and Juliet ) . After the first battle in the drama, the chance could hold been taken to apologise, but neither of them took it. At the terminal of the novel when Romeo and Juliet were dead they instantly forgave and forgot, this didn? Ts have to go on, because a feud that was traveling on for that long should hold been stopped before it went that far.

The Tragedy Romeo and Juliet was mostly the Friars engagement and non believing in the best involvement of Romeo and Juliet. The households feud affected the determinations of Romeo and Juliet, and Tybalt volatility and vindictiveness towards the Montague? s. Fate could non be the description of their concluding calamity, because of all the other factors which had a greater part to the calamity.


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