Romeo And Juliet Essay Research Paper Friar

Romeo And Juliet Essay, Research PaperFriar Lawrence was one of the most of import characters in the novel. Even though he was non on the phase for most of the drama he greatly contributed to the calamity that would shortly go on at the terminal of the drama. There was fundamentally three major parts that lead to the decease of Romeo and Juliet, which Friar Lawrence was involved in all of them.

Friar Lawrence played a critical function in the matrimony, planning and decease of Romeo and Juliet. His efforts to make the right thing were baronial, but because of hapless planning they would shortly take to the inevitable calamity.Friar Laurance marries Romeo and Juliet even though he believes that the matrimony will stop up in calamity. However he marries them in hope that it will stop the uninterrupted feuding between the two households. When Romeo asks Friar Laurance to get married him with Juliet the Friar doesn? T think that his love is true. ? O, she knew well/Thy love did read by rote and could non spell. ? ( Act 2, Scene 3, 87-88 ) .

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As was his love for Rosaline, the Friar believes that his love for Juliet will non last. Even though he thinks that the matrimony is flawed he agrees to get married them in his ain ego involvement of stoping the feuding. ? Come, come with me, and we will make/short work ; /For, by you foliages, you shall non remain alone/Till Holy Church incorporate two in one. ? ( Act 2, scene 6, 34-27 ) . This is the first action that will finally take to the immature twosomes? deceases. He marries them even though he forebodes that the matrimony may stop in calamity. These violent delectations have violent ends/And in their victory dice, like fire and pulverization, /Which, as they kiss, consume ( Act 2, scene 6, 9-11 ) .

The Friar? s purposes are good, nevertheless he himself even warns Romeo that hotfooting into it will non work out. The matrimony of Romeo and Juliet is the trigger of the events that will shortly come that will finally take to the calamity of their deceases.The following event that contributes to their deceases is Friar Laurance? s faulty planning in the bogus decease of Juliet.

Friar Laurance did non exhaustively plan the bogus decease of Juliet. He failed to inform Romeo that her decease was fake. ? I could non direct it. Nor acquire a courier to convey thee, so fearful were they of infection. ? ( Act 5, scene 2, 14-16 ) .

Friar Lawrence did non emphasize the importance of the missive. As a consequence, Friar John did non see that it was delivered to Romeo. Another mistake in his program was informing Romeo of who was presenting the missive. & # 8220 ; I & # 8217 ; ll happen out your adult male, / and he shall mean from clip to time/ every good hap to your opportunities here & # 8221 ; . ( Act 3, scene 3, 169-171 ) The Friar forgets to inform Romeo who would be conveying the message, that it would be one of his fellow Friars.

In Act IV, Scene I Juliet goes to the Friar for advice. In his cell she encounters Paris, after chew the fating for awhile she requests to see the Friar entirely, tungstenhere the Friar tells her his program. ? Hold, so ; travel place, be merry, give consent/ To get married Paris: Wednesday is to-morrow: / To-morrow dark expression that thou lie entirely ; / Let non thy nurse prevarication with thee in thy/ chamber: / Take 1000 this phial, being so in bed, / And this distilled spirits drink thou off ; ? ( Act 4, scene 1, 89-93 ) .

The Friar has non considered the all the possible results of his program. He tells Juliet she must imbibe the potion the following twenty-four hours, nevertheless he has non made sure that Romeo knows of the program. Again, the Friar? s purposes are good, but he has non carefully considered the class that his actions will take, and they will finally stop in calamity.The Friar besides plays a major function in the existent deceases of Romeo and Juliet. The Friar? s sloppiness in his actions leads to the self-destruction of both Romeo and Juliet. The Friar arrives in the grave to see Juliet awake with Romeo and Paris by her side. ? .

.Come, come away./ Thy hubby in thy bosom there lies dead ; / And Paris excessively. Come, I & # 8217 ; ll dispose of thee/ Among a sistership of holy nuns: /Stay non to inquiry, for the ticker is coming ; / Come, travel, good Juliet, I dare no longer stay. ? ( Act 5, Scene 3, 156-159 ) . Friar Laurence? s selfishness made him go forth the grave in fright that he could stop up in problem, if he stayed longer he could hold kept Juliet from perpetrating self-destruction.

After he leaves the grave he is confronted by the Capulets and the Prince. ? And I here stand both to impeach and purge/ myself condemned and myself excused. ? ( Act 5, Scene 3, 226-227 ) Friar Laurence feeling shameful for the sloppiness of his actions confesses what has happened and blames himself for the calamity. Again Friar Laurence failed to take action when Friar John tells him that Romeo did non have the message. ? & # 8230 ; But he which bore my missive, Friar John, / Was remain? vitamin D by accident, and yesturnight/ Returned my missive back & # 8230 ; ? ( Act 5, scene 3, 250-251 ) . If the Friar had acted earlier, he had several options.

He could hold warned Romeo of what had happened, or gone to Juliet? s grave Oklahoman, nevertheless he failed one time once more to win in his programs. If the Friar would hold taken action Oklahoman when he heard intelligence of his message non being delivered, the calamity could hold been avoided.The rushed matrimony, the ill-planning and sloppiness of Friar Laurence lead to the decease of Romeo and Juliet. Several mentions are made to the destiny of Romeo, nevertheless, this calamity could hold been avoided if the Friar had given a little more idea to the class of his actions. There will be much contention over what or who was responsible for the deceases of Romeo and Juliet, but many hints are left by Shakespeare which point in the way of Friar Laurence. The duty of their deceases will go on to be debated for many old ages to come.

? For ne’er was a narrative of more woe/ than this of Juliet and her Romeo? ( Act 5, scene 3, 309-310 )


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