Romeo And Juliet Essay Essay Research Paper

Romeo And Juliet Essay Essay, Research PaperRomeo and Juliet essayIn the drama, Romeo and Juliet, Lord Capulet, the male parent of Juliet was a good citizen and a good hubby, but was rather rigorous. He was a really rigorous male parent because he was selfish and wanted Juliet, who was merely 13 old ages of age, to acquire married with Paris alternatively of her innate lover, Romeo. Lord Capulet is an severe male parent, but he is a good citizen and a sensible hubby.When Godhead Capulet says& # 8220 ; My kid is yet a alien in the word,She hath non seen the alteration in 14 old ages ;Let two more summers wither in their prideEre we may believe her ripe to be a bride. & # 8221 ;He is stating that in his head she is non old plenty to do her on determinations, which means that he is selfish and is besides so disdainful that Romeo is non good because he is non rich and most of import he is a Montague.Lord Capulet is a good known because he is a baronial adult male in the upper in-between category.

He has the attitude of a male monarch because he has a retainer a nurSe and everything else. Lord Capulet is good known and he is involved in the political life, but all of the Se good traits are concealed because he gets in tonss of political battles, for illustration when Romeo and Tybalt fought Lord Capulet got into it to.Lord Capulet is a healthy hubby and is really caring for his married woman because she believes what Lord Capulet is stating about Juliet and Romeo is the right thing to make ; she says so by these lines.He is a kinsman to a Montague ;Affection makes him false, he speaks non true.

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Some 20 of them fought in this black discord,And all those 20s could kill but one life.I beg for justness, which thou, prince, must give.Romeo slew Tybalt ; Romeo must non populate.Lord Capulet was an severe male parent when it was the clip for Juliet or her male parent to do the determinations. Lord Capulet was a really realistic hubby because of the good married woman he had.

Lord Capulet was acquiring along with his married woman because she was in understanding with him and non allow Romeo and Juliet acquire married.


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