Romeo And Juliet Commentary Essay Research Paper

Romeo And Juliet Commentary Essay, Research PaperRomeo and Juliet & # 8211 ; CommentaryThere are three characters in this infusion: The retainer ( the Clown ) , Benvolio and Romeo. The retainer plays merely a minor function, being simply a device to let Romeo to run into Juliet. Benvolio & # 8217 ; s name in Latin may be translated slackly to & # 8220 ; I mean good & # 8221 ; this is a fitting nickname for one who ever offers good advice to Romeo. Romeo on the other manus is the hotheaded, head-strong immature adult male whose character is displayed by his stubbornness over his announced deathless love for Rosaline ( until he meets Juliet evidently ) .Scene 2 takes topographic point on a Sunday afternoon, Capulet and Paris have discussed what will go of Juliet, but Capulet is still wary of Paris get marrieding Juliet ( rather the antonym to his married woman ) . They depart holding entrusted the buffoon with the list of invitees.

This leads us on to the servant request for Romeo & # 8217 ; s aid in reading the list, hence alarming Romeo to the forthcoming party.The transition is one that serves chiefly to progress the secret plan, and to build a state of affairs whereby Romeo ends up traveling to Capulet & # 8217 ; s party. The manner in which Benvolio advises Romeo to compare Rosaline to any other miss at the party is really similar to the advice given by Capulet to Paris at the beginning of the scene. This shows how much Benvolio really cares for Romeo, in direct contrast to there comrade Mercutio who although he caresfor Romeo, doesn’t rather have the same relationship with Romeo as Benvolio the latter acts more like a confidante and a defender for Romeo.It is really interesting to observe the enormous odds against Romeo meeting Juliet. He was the lone individual out of all the literates in Verona to be asked by the Capulet & # 8217 ; s seemingly simple retainer to read the list of invitees.

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This raises the inquiry as to whether it was destiny and non merely happenstance that the retainer met up with Romeo. One might reason that the meeting of Romeo and Juliet would ne’er occurred were it non for the servant inquiring Romeo to read him the list.Romeo makes legion allusions to heresy and witchcraft in lines 88-93 expression:& # 8220 ; These who, frequently drowned, could ne’er decease, ( enchantresss submerging but as if by magic lasting )Transparent misbelievers burnt for prevaricators & # 8221 ; intending that his eyes would fire out if he saw person more beautiful than Rosaline because they would be prevaricators, ironically this is merely what happens- he meets Juliet.The drama & # 8217 ; s secret plan experiences a mid point of kinds in this scene as Romeo loves Rosaline but he is merely approximately to run into Juliet, and bury all about Rosaline.It is already possible to theorize on the drama & # 8217 ; s stoping, even though the existent narrative has barely begun. As Romeo is in love with Juliet and they are members of two opposing households, it is difficult to see a manner which the drama can stop merrily.


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