Romeo And Juliet- An Analysis Of The Essay

Capulet Family Essay, Research Paper

The Capulet household is one of pride and high societal standing. It consists of

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Lord and Lady Capulet, their immature girl Juliet, and their kinsman Tybalt.

They have a nurse, every bit good, who has taken attention if Juliet since she was born.

They get along rather good, yet, like all households they have their differences.

However, one thing that happens often when two members of the

household differ on something, is that normally person gives in to their

? superior, ? irrespective if they agree or non. One illustration is when Romeo shows

up at the Capulets? party uninvited and Tybalt wants to throw him out. Lord

Capulet objects to this by stating, ? He shall be endured & # 8230 ; I say he shall & # 8230 ; Am I the

maestro here or you? ? For a small spot, Tybalt argues, but he really shortly dorsums

down and Lashkar-e-Taibas Capulet hold his manner.

Possibly the ground why this happens is because the? inferior? individual is

slightly intimidated by the? superior. ? This bullying that some of the

characters produce on each other shows that there is non a great trade of

communicating in the household. Throughout Act I, there were several more

illustrations of characters giving to others and non standing up for what they

believe. For case, when Lady Capulet brought up the thought of Juliet get marrieding

Paris, Juliet merely went along with the construct, even though that was perchance non

what she wanted.

An even more important case of such a thing occurring is the fact

that Juliet feared to state her parents that she had fallen in love with Romeo, a

Montague. She knew that if she informed them of how she felt, they would acquire

angry and possibly disinherit her, merely because of their hatred for all Montagues.

That is another of the Capulet household? s defects. They are instead

shockable because of their continuin

g, mindless struggle with the

Montagues. Both families are of equal mistake in this instance, but that merely

proves that the two households are likewise in that manner. Even still, if the Capulets

believe that they genuinely are the more dignified, they should hold ceased their

difference earlier and prevented their girl? s sadness ( and finally

decease ) . Alternatively, they decided to maintain the feud traveling and believe that all

Montagues are the same and that ll should be despised.

As caput of the household, Lord Capulet is mostly responsible for everything

that has been traveling on, but despite his closed-mindedness he is still a pretty

admirable adult male. He is a good male parent who merely wants the best for his girl.

He doesn? t realize though, that get marrieding Romeo is what truly is best for Juliet.

It is what she truly wants and it is the lone thing that will do her happy.

Capu1et exposes a different side of himself in the first scene than in most

of the remainder of the drama. In Scene I, he merely says a few lines but he still

communicates the fact that he is angry at Montague and he wants to contend.

Subsequently in Scene II he says,

? But Montague is bound every bit good as I,

In punishment alike and? Ti non hard, I think,

For work forces so old as we to maintain the peace. ?

This poetry displays his more compassionate side ; the portion of him who is tired of

combat and who merely wants it all to halt.

The Capulets are a batch like all other households. Obviously, the jobs and

battles that normal households have aren? T every bit utmost as the Capulets? , but

everyone has obstacles to acquire though and the Capulets are no different in this

mode. Of class they lack some communicating, and they should hold been

more open-minded, but they were reasonably functional. Possibly that? s the manner most

households were in Verona so long ago.


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