Romantism Essay Essay Research Paper To be

Romantism Essay Essay, Research Paper? To be natural is to be obvious, and to be obvious is to be unartistic? , was said by Oscar Wilde. There are three chief romantics beliefs the pieces of literature we read, they are that you should value the person over society, to understand yourself you must first understand nature, and that you need to be your ain individual in life.First of all there was the belief that the person was valued over society. One illustration of this is in the piece? Social-Reliance? in which Emerson wrote ; ? Society everyplace is in the confederacy against the manhood of every one of its members? in which the members agree? to give up the autonomy and civilization of the eater. ? This is stating that society is out to model adult male into what it sees him suit to be.

Society is ever at your heels seeking to turn you into a sheep and to follow the lead of one adult male. To excel society you must foremost be able to look past and beyond it to research goodness, and shrive to yourself. If you can carry through that you will hold the right to vote of the universe. To take yourself you have to follow your inherent aptitudes of what you feel right and non what society Tells you is right. By making this society will hold a harder clip to model you into what it wants you to believe. Another illustration is the essay? Walden? by Thoreau.

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In the essay he had moved off from society into a shelter type house to get away about a stat mi from the town. He wanted to populate his life every bit simple as he could, so he had nil but what he felt were the necessities. By making this he found the Godhead within himself. You can merely happen the Godhead if you are one with yourself and divide from society. Finally there was an exert from? Resistance to civil authorities? in which Thoreau was thrown in gaol for non paying a revenue enhancement to the province. He was thrown in gaol for believing in himself over what society expected of him. This shows a batch of control on Thoreau? s portion to be able to travel with his intestine as you might state.

While he was in gaol he felt as if it were non punishment but a wages for non paying his revenue enhancement. He did non hold to pay for nutrient, lodging or any of the other things that he would hold to pay for if he were non in gaol. He felt as he was freer so the people on the exterior of the rock walls, because of the freedom he has at that place and that society can non make him. If you can avoid society it is easier to set yourself above it.Similarly they believed that you needed to understand nature to understand yourself. Which means that you can merely detect who you are by researching it through nature. Emerson shows this in? Nature? .

In the exert? ? adult male beholds slightly every bit beautiful as his ain nature. ? This is stating that you view nature as you view yourself. That if you see nature as a beautiful and brilliant thing that is how you will see yourself. Similarly if you understand nature greatly you will cognize yourself better. As Emerson said you become a crystalline orb and see all what is go oning and hold on it with an understanding beyond your belief. You are able to see all that is go oning in your universe, and you are able to understand it as God does. Emerson besides shows it in? The American Scholar? .

It says? To immature heads everything is single? it finds how to fall in two things and see them as one nature ; so three? it goes on binding things together, decreasing anomalousnesss, detecting roots running under land? distant things cohere and bloom out from one stem. ? Which means that as a immature adult male starts in life he sees every thing as an single piece. Yet as he additions wisdom from nature he easy begins to recognize the every thing is connected to one root. As you discover that, your get downing torecognize that apprehension is a gate manner to the Godhead, and to acquire cognition of yourself. And the verse form? Water Fowl? by Bryant shows this every bit good. As he watches a lone bird fly along guided by no physical force he wonders what is maneuvering it in the right way.

As he thinks more profoundly about it he finds that it is the Godhead that steers him right, as it doe the bird. He discovers this from within he sees that he is connected to the bird by some unseeable force. This force besides keeps him on the right path if he merely listens to it.Finally there is the belief that you need to be your ain individual in life. The celebrated quotation mark? Most work forces lead lives of quite despair? by Thoreau is a great illustration of this. It is stating that most people are non happy with thy manner they are populating. Most people are populating in secret. They are maintaining their true emotions hidden and show merely show the 1s that they feel society wants to see.

Many people want to show themselves, but they are afraid of what others will believe of them. That besides keeps them from making their ends. If they break that fright they will be happier in life, and they will be able to be at that place on individual and non unrecorded by the regulations which society has put in topographic point for them.

Then there is another illustration in? The American Scholar? by Emerson. ? Meek immature work forces turn up? Believing that it is their responsibility to accept the positions which Cicero, which Locke, which Bacon, hold given? alternatively of adult male thought, we have the pedant? who values books, as such ; non related to nature and to human fundamental law? Books are the best of things, good used ; abused? they are for nil but to animate? ? why would you utilize book to larn the present, they are of the yesteryear, and have no practical usage for them. If you are to be yourself you need to utilize books merely to animate you to compose your ain book, or happen the truth with in yourself.

Thoreau says in? Resistance to civil Government? . ? If I devote myself to other chases and contemplations, I must foremost see, at least, that I do non prosecute sitting upon another adult males shoulders. I must murder him foremost, that he may prosecute his contemplations too. ? If he is siting on another adult males life he merely every bit good should hold committed suicide.

He has no true ego he is concealing in another adult males life. He sees the universe through that individuals oculus and can merely watch. If he wants to hold control over a life he needs to take control of his life and halt concealment from his frights.Valuing yourself over nature, understanding yourself is besides understanding nature, and you need to be your ain individual and take your ain life are three chief beliefs that were shown in the literature that we read. To value yourself over society you have to be able to hold assurance in what others think of you, ands be able to state what you feel right. Nature is merely every bit beautiful as you make it.

You are merely able to see in yourself every bit far as you can see into nature, so you have to acquire in touch with nature and accept it as a usher to your life. You have to be your ain individual to be happy in life. If your non it is like you have committed self-destruction. The individual you are is dead and the individual you want to be is booming within you.

If no 1 acted or thank for themselves everyone in the universe would finally go the same individual. I see all these beliefs of Romanticism today. If you take the clip to look for them within yourself or others you will see them excessively.

The most of import thing I have learned from them is to be yourself, and do non worry what others think of you. If they think of you as a sap now they will esteem you subsequently for holding the bravery for making something that blows there head. Thus you will go more in touch with your existent ego.


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