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Romantic Poets Essay, Research PaperRomantic Poets and the Nature Around ThemNature plays a important function in many of the Romantic poets plants of the Eighteenth and Nineteenth centuries. Two great poets who used nature in many of their Hagiographas are William Blake and William Wordsworth. We can associate their romanticism to the love and grasp they had for nature in many of their verse forms. Blake and Wordsworth must hold found it easy to tie in nature and poesy together because during the romantic period, the environing landscape was rich in beautiful gardens. Romantics like these two poets wanted to rouse our consciousness of the beauty in nature around us.

They use nature as their hope and vision, every bit good as their flight from the adversity and somberness around them.William Blake uses nature in many of his verse form to present us to human history, life experiences and agony. He describes his work as & # 8220 ; airy and inventive & # 8221 ; ( 1 ) . We can read in his poesy the thought that what begins as artlessness, with clip and experience becomes much different. The subjects in the realistic verse forms such as & # 8220 ; Song & # 8221 ; and & # 8220 ; My Pretty Rose Tree & # 8221 ; turn out what begins as one emotion, ends as another.

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In the verse form & # 8220 ; Song & # 8221 ; we have person who is sweetly rolling over Fieldss and Fieldss. These Fieldss give us the vision of freedom. The character is savoring summer & # 8217 ; s pride, which could intend he is appreciating all the fruits he wants ( many lovers ) . The adult male meets a lover, who gives him lilies for his hair and roses for his forehead, stand foring gifts of love, possibly to score him. He isHood 2led through this cupid & # 8217 ; s gardens, where all his aureate pleasances grow. The individual he falls in love with adorns him with many things at the beginning of their relationship. As the relationship grows, the lover traps the poet and becomes really genitive.

The lover finally locks him off and lets him out to play on occasion.The verse form & # 8220 ; My Pretty Rose Tree & # 8221 ; besides shows the alterations of love with clip and experience. Here Blake uses the word flower to depict a immature maiden.

This immature maiden is offering herself to the poet and he refuses by stating he has his ain Pretty-Rose tree at place ( pg. 1297 ) . Ironically, when he goes place to be given to his pretty rose tree ( fidelity ) , she turns him off with green-eyed monster. He receives merely the pleasance of her irritants.William Wordsworth uses nature in his verse form as more of a self find.

His imaginativeness is fed from events and lessons learned in the universe around him. He finds both the beauty and panic in nature, every bit good as its destructiveness and creativity. Wordsworths poesy is produced by the familiarity he feels in nature and the explosive feelings that nature creates for him ( 2 ) . Nature to him is portion of a stronger force among us and the human head creates a integrity through nature, adult male and God.Wordsworth conceives nature as a hopeful mentality on the universe and a manner to get away. One of his great verse form that shows us his flight through nature is & # 8220 ; I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud.

& # 8221 ; In this verse form he takes us to his ain small universe of saneness. This is his really ain hideout, a topographic point he likes to conceive of when life gets excessively tough. He begins the narrative as a drifting cloud ; he lets his head relax, wander and flight. Wordsworth is woolgathering and comes upon a crowd of Narcissus pseudonarcissus & # 8217 ; s covering the full landscape. They are dancing in the air current, beside the lake andHood 3beneath the trees. His description is so strong that you can experience yourself among these stat mis and stat mis of yellow Narcissus pseudonarcissuss. The Narcissus pseudonarcissuss go on everlastingly, like the stars in the sky.

Much of Wordsworth work is from what is called & # 8220 ; musca volitanss in time. & # 8221 ; These are existent events that took topographic point from childhood to maturity and the influences they held on him. We feel this in the reading of & # 8220 ; The Prelude. & # 8221 ; He speaks of his ideas of nature as a Young person and what affect they had on him. On page 1464, Book Twelve, he is about worshipping nature and the pleasances and pains it gave him throughout his life. Even in a simple verse form, such as & # 8220 ; My bosom leaps up, & # 8221 ; we see a adult male who genuinely appreciates the beauty of nature around him. There are things in nature that do non alter, like the rainbow.

You see the beauty of a rainbow the same manner as a kid, as you do when you are an grownup. Wordsworth was by far the most realistic poet of his clip. No other poet could convey one as stopping point to nature as he does.When analyzing the poesy of Blake and Wordsworth, we feel the beauty of nature environing them in their state was decidedly appreciated by both. It is astonishing how the beauty of nature can be overlooked. If you indulge in verse forms by the poets of the Eighteenth and Nineteenth century, you realize merely how romantic nature is with its beauty and repose.


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