Roles Of The Us President Research Essay

Functions Of The Us President Essay, Research PaperThe intent of the study is to demo the duties and the functions of the President of the United States. This paper will try to cover the different duties the President must carry through in order to be considered a good President.The function of the president alterations with each new startup, sometimes dramatically for the good, or drastically for the bad.

Presidents such as George Washington, Andrew Jackson, Abe Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, John Kennedy, and Bill Clinton are work forces who doubtless changed the class of the American Presidency everlastingly.The place of President was created during and instantly after the Revolutionary War under Torahs called the Articles of Confederation ( online ) . The name itself came from the original name for the main officer who presided over Congress ( online ) .

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The first adult male who had taken this place was George Washington, whose name every American is familiar with ( ) . To the place, Washington brought great bravery, prestigiousness, and wisdom, and created a kind of bequest for those after him to follow ( Schlesinger, 21 ) . The bequest was followed, and expanded with work forces who interpreted the fundamental law in new ways, and increased the power of the presidential term. Presidents such as Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, and Abraham Lincoln are illustrations of this. As America became a universe power, the President was given more power. Work forces like Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, FDR, and John F. Kennedy so used the place to progress the freedom of our state, and promote the development of our heads and psyches.

The Constitution dictates the fore-mentioned powers that the president has, and it besides states the basic demands that a individual must suit in order to move as president. These demands are as follows:No individual except a natural Born citizen, or a citizen of the of the United States, at the clip of the acceptance of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the office of president ; neither shall any individual be eligible to the office who shall non hold attained to the age of 35 old ages, and been 14 old ages a occupant within the United States ( Kundhardt, 35 ) .The Constitution besides explains the method in which the president is elected, the Electoral College ( ) . Although the American people vote for presidential campaigners on Election Day, it makes small difference as to which campaigner wins. The members of the Electoral College are those who really select the president ( ) . The members of the college are selected by each province in proportion to the figure of entire seats that each province holds in Congress ( Britannica.

com ) . Purportedly, those chosen to be voters cast their ballots in order to reflect the voting tendency of the citizens of his or her province. However, there are no Torahs that force voter s to vote in such a mode ; they are free to vote as they choose.

The United States President is elected to a four-year term, and every president is limited to functioning two consecutive footings ( online ) .The President has to carry through seven different places. The first 1 is Commander in Chief. To make this, the President is expected to support the state during wartime and to maintain it strong during peacetime.Merely the president can make up one’s mind whether to utilize atomic arms or non ( Bernstein, 11 ) .As the Foreign Policy Director, the fundamental law gives the President the power to name embassadors, do pacts, and receive foreign diplomats ( Matalin, 84 ) . The Foreign Policy is besides able to decline to acknowledge a freshly formed authorities, propose statute law traffics with foreign assistance and other international activities, and do executive understandings with foreign leaders without senate blessing ( Matalin, 93 ) .

The Legislative Leader place of the President describes how greatly the President is able to act upon the Torahs that congress base on ballss. The president besides uses his cabinet officers to win congressional support for the president s plans. Another power to act upon Torahs is his constitutional power to blackball any measure ( ) .As the Popular Leader, the President is expected to stand for every citizen and every province. That is what he agreed to when he was elected, and this portion is really of import in a representative authorities.

The Popular Leader must besides keep good communicating with his people. Through this, he is able to advance statute law and inform the people ( online ) .Another name to depict the President is Party Head. This term is used to demo that the President, as the leader of a political party, will assist force issues his party feels strongly about, and hope that the Congress is made up of sufficiency of his party to go through his plans ( online ) .

Last, the President earns the rubric Chief of State. As the first representative of the U.S. authorities, the President is expected to demo pride and celebrate American accomplishments and traditions ( Matelin, 108 ) . He is besides expected to host dinners for sing foreign functionaries, and represents the United States in visits to other states ( online ) .To sum it all up, being the United States President is non easy ; every determination he makes can turn out to be a controversial 1.

Recently, President Clinton supported the impression that Elian Gonzales should be given back to his male parent, an sentiment that did non sit good with many people. Besides, the President has really small clip to pass with his household because of all of the occupations he is responsible for. He can non take a twenty-four hours off merely because his girl has a birthday party she wants him to go to ; the occupation demands that he is available all twenty-four hours, every twenty-four hours. The President does non hold all the freedoms his components do, he can non state anything that is on his head because every small thing can be taken earnestly and establish a series of bad events.

For illustration, if the President says, I wish that cat was dead, in a joking mode, his secret service might take it earnestly and harm that individual. Furthermore, every move he makes is being watched, in my sentiment, I don t think the hapless cat has any clip to pass with his married woman, I guess possibly that s why they appoint housemansThe occupation besides has its benefits ; the United States President is considered to be the most powerful individual in the universe, non because he is the strongest or the smartest individual in the universe, but because he leads the greatest state in the universe. He has dinners with the most celebrated people in the universe, the greatest jocks, the best histrions, and at every event he is the chief invitee.


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