Roles and responsibilities of journalist Essay


In my sentiment, the chief duty of a journalist is to describe the intelligence in a true, indifferent and unpolitical manner.

As a consequence of this, I endeavour to do certain that my ain authorship adheres to this standard.Both the Press Complaints Commission ( PCC ) and the Office of Communications ( Ofcom ) codifications of behavior item truth as one of the major guidelines that journalists should react to. The PCC work to implement their codification of behavior in the newspaper industry and it is ‘the basis of the system of self-regulation to which the industry has made a binding committedness. ‘ ( Press Complaints Commission 2009 ) .

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As a practicing journalist I feel it is of import to work in correlativity with these codifications right from the beginning, so as to guarantee my authorship is of the highest criterion throughout my full calling. I hope that this is apparent in my news media portfolio assignment.In this study I will be looking at the importance of accurate, indifferent news media and how I have applied this to my ain intelligence narratives.Discoursing the functions and duties of the journalist with mention to my ain experience of working as a journalistJournalists have a figure of functions and duties that they must see throughout the class of their full calling ; but of class this depends upon the country of news media with which they are involved. For the interest of my study I will be concentrating on the chief country of news media we have explored therefore far and that is describing the intelligence.

Whilst describing the intelligence, Journalists should take into consideration the audience and prospective publication, their editor and significantly, their ain personal involvements ( for illustration, any legal duties ) . While some journalists may take to travel against what could possibly be described as an ethical grain, I feel that a genuinely successful journalist would ever see the above before subjecting anything for publication. However, one could possibly set forward the statement of public involvement.


A journalist has a service to the media ordering public to do certain that the intelligence they report is accurate. This is enforced by self-acting organic structures and media Torahs such as libel and calumny. Other Torahs are in topographic point to do certain that journalists do non enforce upon tribunal tests, such as disdain of tribunal.

At present I am larning Teeline stenography as portion of my class faculty: ‘Preparation for NCTJ Accreditation. ‘ One of the chief factors that has made describing accurately a existent job for me so far has been my inability to compose at a high plenty velocity in tribunal hearings and council meetings.All that it would take is one piece of information taken down falsely or missed out wholly and the credibleness of a intelligence narrative could be lost wholly. While I do n’t believe that I have made any mistakes in my work so far, it is decidedly an issue for me. Hopefully as my Teeline accomplishments improve, I will go more confident and get down to use it to journalistic state of affairss.On my first visit to Sheffield Magistrates Court, I was unfortunate plenty to sit in on a hearing that was finally committed to Crown tribunal for test before a jury. Legally, I would be unable to describe on this narrative until condemning was complete, something our assignment would non allow us to make. Because of this, I had to look for another instance to compose about that I could describe on without the fright of disdain.

I tried to guarantee complete truth in my narratives, imparting excess attention to the names and inside informations of the people involved. While there were no existent legal issues with my narratives as they were non intended for publication, it was still of import both for mine and the assignments sake for them to be precise. I tried to set myself into the mentality of a professional journalist and see their functions and duties, which I think enabled me to compose my narratives as though they truly were intended for an audience.


Further to truth, Journalists should guarantee that their intelligence authorship is indifferent and presents the basic facts for their audience to find their ain set of opinions. Any sentiments should be in the signifier of attributed quotation marks and a good journalist will demo both sides of the narrative.

As our assignment entailed composing up a study of a tribunal instance, I presented the facts in order of importance in the pyramid manner we have been taught and without offering any sentiments of my ain.For my council narrative, I was covering with a possible narrative of high human involvement. The capable affair was reasonably sensitive as it was sing the verification of a school closing in Sheffield, impacting 100s of local kids and parents. I wrote my narrative utilizing the facts and quotation marks I had obtained from a full council meeting, a cabinet meeting and relevant literature from both sides: the cabinet, instruction officers, school governors and the parents themselves.I think I succeeded in composing this narrative from a wholly impersonal and indifferent position. Due to the sensitive nature I wanted to do certain that my sentiment did non come out in my authorship. Whether I was for or against the closing was non of import for the type of the narrative and my chief purpose was for the prospective reader to make their ain sentiment.


Sheffield is a Broad Democrat council and throughout the council meetings there was some barracking from the Labour and Conservative party representatives that were present. I think I succeeded in maintaining to the 3rd duty for journalists that I outlined before by being politically impersonal in this peculiar piece. I think my authorship here is unpolitical and my ain political persuasions are non straight accessible in any of my three intelligence narratives.

Plain English

To assist with the readability and handiness of their intelligence narratives, Journalists should guarantee that their authorship meets the manner of their specific publication and editor. Further to this, composing should be in apparent English and without slang. This is particularly of import in composing narratives from tribunal instances, council meetings and police statements.For our assignment, we were to compose our three intelligence narratives in the pretense of a regional newspaper newsman.

I read a batch of regional news media both online and in print and experience that I have a good cognition of the authorship manner, which I hope is apparent in my work. In add-on, I ever attempt to keep a good degree of field English throughout my journalistic authorship. I feel that my tribunal narrative reflects this positively and reads good.

Public Interest

The concluding country I wish to research is public and human involvement. Above the ethical duties, Journalists are encouraged to compose interesting intelligence as that is what truly sells newspapers. Public involvement is the Holy Grail for journalists and ideally all narratives we write would pull a big sum of it.Public involvement can besides be used as a defense mechanism for when journalists go a little excessively far out of their manner to obtain a narrative.

For illustration, if a journalist goes against either the PCC or the Ofcom codification of behavior, but it can be said that the narrative holds a important sum of public involvement, they may good get away unharmed. However, it is easy to oppugn the ethical effects of these actions.For my tribunal and council narratives I think that I have captured a good sum of public involvement, as both narratives have elements that make them newsworthy. I am somewhat defeated that my ain beginnings narrative is non rather every bit successful in this component, but I still see it as a reasonably strong piece of news media. While it does non hold the immediateness and play of the other narratives, it takes a more feel good and gay attack.

I feel I could hold found a more exciting narrative, but rather liked the varied subjects of my 3 pieces.


While I wholly understand the demand for prejudice and political standing to be kept separate from intelligence narratives and studies, non all facets of the news media trade call for this. For illustration, editorialists build up an full fan base and repute based upon their witty and interesting return on the intelligence. Being nonsubjective and impartial in news media will function a intent every bit far as merely describing the intelligence goes, but one must larn to tie in certain functions and duties with different countries of the trade.I have ever thought of myself as a competent author, but have found the intelligence composing side slightly ambitious since I started my grade. We have learned in our talks and seminars that intelligence authorship follows a certain expression which I am making my best to larn, but up until this most recent assignment my pattern has chiefly been composing from fictional Jockey shortss. While helpful, this does non give the journalist to be the existent sense of world that this undertaking has provided.Siting in on both tribunal instances and council meetings in state of affairss that were potentially life altering for those involved has been a much more rewarding experience for me.

It is this brush with the people straight affected by the intelligence I am composing that I feel helps to determine the practicing journalist and give them sufficient regard for the importance of continuing their functions and duties throughout the class of their calling.One can non truly appreciate the demand for continuing the codifications of behavior set in topographic point by the PCC and Ofcom, or have a complete apprehension of the necessary duties being a journalist entails, without the first-hand experience of working with existent people. I feel that my ain narratives in this assignment were successful pieces of intelligence authorship and further than that, of a sufficient criterion for printing in regional newspapers. However, I feel that the things I have considered in this study will be the accelerator for me to acquire out and better my assurance and abilities further and actively seek to look into narratives with a serious position to acquiring them published.


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