Role Of The Common Man In A Essay

Man For All Seasons Essay, Research PaperIn most books, little functions are ne’er really important, but in A Man For All Seasons one of the characters proves this incorrect. The common Man is an ordinary individual who the audience can associate to. This ties in with one of the chief thought of the drama, human nature.

The audience learns that the Common Man can leap into different functions and presume that characters individuality. The functions he plays although modest, are still really of import to the development of the secret plan. The addresss that he delivers aid maintain the audience informed on past events and approaching struggles. In add-on, the personality of the characters gives the audience penetration into the narrative. The common Mans functions nevertheless minor still contribute greatly to the development of the narrative and, turn out the importance of this character.As the audience discovers in the beginning of the drama, the Common Man can alter functions at will. The characters he takes on normally have really short parts. The characters are used to bode future events and aid in secret plan development.

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In the debut of the drama, the audience meets the Common Man. He is dressed from caput to toe in black leotardss, which shows off his pot-bellied figure. The black apparels he wears suggest darkness and decease. Next, the audience meets Steward, Thomas Mores pantryman. He is a low character but has some highly of import lines that foreshadow Thomas Mores hereafter. My maestro Thomas More would give anything off to anyone. I say that s bad because some twenty-four hours person s traveling to inquire him for something that he wants to maintain ; and he ll be out of pattern. There must be something he wants to maintain its lone common sense.

( Bolt 17 ) This quotation mark foreshadows Thomas More non desiring to travel against his scruples and swear to the King Henrys curse. The audience besides meets the Boatman, who seems to be rather ordinary and hapless. In the short conversation that he has with Thomas More, an extra line foreshadows the hereafter. The river looks black tonight. They say it s silting up, is that so? ( Bolt 28 ) In this line, river looking black foreshadows thing going worse and even decease.

The Common Mans characters assistance in puting the temper and foreshadow events that are still to come. Each character has a alone manner, which sets him apart signifier others.The personalities of the different characters besides have a major intent in the drama. Each character has a distinguishable difference. Steward is a adult male who thinks himself to be really loyal to his maestro.He besides believes that he merely serves one maestro, Thomas More. Steward betrayed Thomas when he becomes a undercover agent for Cromwell. No adult male can function two Masterss, Steward.

No so sir ; I serve one. ( Bolt 41-40 ) When he says this, he is non stating the truth because he really is served two maestro s greed and, Cromwell. When steward gave Cromwell the information it helped him with his instance against Thomas More.

Another character who is of import to the drama is The Jailer. He seems to be a really sympathetic individual, because he does non handle Thomas like a felon. When Alice and Margaret come to see, he lets them remain longer in the cell with Thomas. The Jailer is besides a really honorable individual. When Cromwell offers him money for grounds of Mores dissension with the Kings curse, the Jailer refuses. I want no portion of it. They can screen it out between them. I fell my hearing loss coming on.

( Bolt 136 ) This shows that the Jailer wants Thomas to hold a just test and he does non desire to be a portion in make up one’s minding Thomas destiny. These two characters do non hold really big functions but they both have to do really eventful determinations.Throughout the drama, the Common Man makes some really meaningful addresss.

The addresss keep the reader informed about what has happened in the drama. The first address at the beginning of the drama introduces the reader to the capable affair of the drama. Get downing the drama off with the Common Man shows that the drama is non merely a drama about Kings and Cardinals but common people.

The 2nd major address at the beginning of act two. This address recaps what has happened in the two old ages before the act started. The Common Man tells the audience that times are different and about the new Church of England. Without both of these addresss, the audience would be confused. The common Man fills us in on the of import inside informations that we might lose. If the Common Man did none of these elements the drama would be harder to understand.Even thought the Common Mans functions are non really large they still contribute really much to the drama. The Common Man is the nexus to the audience because he is the lone character to speak straight to them.

The characters give penetration and assist predict events. This is why The Common Man can be considered an of import character.Work CitedBolt, Robert. A Man For All Seasons. United States: Random House, 1962


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