Robert Hass Essay

& # 8211 ; Online Poems Essay, Research PaperMEDITATIONS AT LAGUNITASAll the new thought is about loss.In this it resembles all the old thought.The thought, for illustration, that each peculiar epochsthe aglow lucidity of a general thought.

That the clown-faced peckerwood examining the dead sculpted boleof that black birch is, by his presence,some tragic falling off from a first universeof undivided visible radiation. Or the other impression that,because there is in this universe no one thingto which the bramble of blackberry corresponds,a word is elegy to what it signifies.We talked about it late last dark and in the voiceof my friend, there was a thin wire of heartache, a toneabout fretful. After a piece I understood that,speaking this manner, everything dissolves: justness,pine, hair, adult female, you and I. There was a adult femaleI made love to and I remembered how, keepingher little shoulders in my custodies sometimes,I felt a violent admiration at her presencelike a thirst for salt, for my childhood riverwith its island willows, silly music from the pleasance boat,muddy topographic points where we caught the small orange-silver fishcalled Lepomis gibbosus. It barely had to make with her.

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Hankering, we say, because desire is fullof eternal distances. I must hold been the same to her.But I remember so much, the manner her custodies dismantled staff of life,the thing her male parent said that hurt her, whatshe dreamed. There are minutes when the organic structure is as numinousas words, yearss that are the good flesh go oning.

Such tenderness, those afternoons and eventides,stating blackberry, blackberry, blackberry.? 1987 Robert HassOnline Beginning: hypertext transfer protocol: //

htmlMISERY AND SPLENDORSummoned by witting remembrance, shewould be smiling, they might be in a kitchen speaking,before or after dinner. But they are in this other room,The window has many little window glasss, and they are on a sofaencompassing. He holds her as tightlyas he can, she buries herself in his organic structure.Morning, possibly it is flushing, visible radiationis fluxing through the room. Outside,the twenty-four hours is easy succeeded by dark,succeeded by twenty-four hours.

The procedure wobbles wildlyand accelerates: hebdomads, months, old ages. The visible radiation in theroomdoes non alter, so it is apparent what is go oning.They are seeking to go one animal,and something will non hold it. They are stampwith each other, afraidtheir brief, crisp calls will accommodate them to the minutewhen they fall off once more.

So they rub against each other,their oral cavities dry, so moisture, so dry.They feel themselves at the centre of a powerfuland baffled will. They feelthey are an about animate beingwashed up on the shore of a universe & # 8211 ;or huddled up against the gate of a garden & # 8211 ;to which they can & # 8217 ; t admit they can ne’er be admitted.? Robert Hass, from Human WishesOnline Beginning: hypertext transfer protocol: //


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