Iycee Charles de Gaulle Summary Robert Frost V Pink Floyd Research Essay

Robert Frost V Pink Floyd Research Essay

Robert Frost V. Pink Floyd Essay, Research Paper

From Robert Frost & # 8217 ; s Repairing Wall to Pink Floyd & # 8217 ; s Another Brick in the Wall, world erects and maintains existent and symbolic barriers to protect and support opposing stances, beliefs and districts. Although each & # 8220 ; wall & # 8221 ; is different they serve the same intent and both Frost and Floyd oppose them. Robert Frost & # 8217 ; s Mending Wall is a really popular verse form. This verse form consists of two characters: the storyteller and his neighbour. In this poem the two neighbours are repairing a rock wall that separates their belongings. The wall mending has been a interest of the neighbours for many old ages and occurs every spring. Over the winter the wall has fallen victim to both huntsmans and the frozen land and, hence, contains spreads that must be filled.

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In the verse form the storyteller inquiries the sense of even repairing the wall. He concludes that neither of the farms contain animate beings, merely trees, which would be plenty of a boundary. There is no physical demand for the wall, so why go through the problem of repairing it every twelvemonth for no evident ground. Although the storyteller is right the nescient neighbour insists that they mend the wall by stating & # 8220 ; Good fencings make good neighbors. & # 8221 ; ( Frost ) The neighbour repeats this stating although he doesn & # 8217 ; Ts know why the wall is necessary nor does he cognize why it will do them better neighbours. Frost is knocking the ignorance of the neighbour here. Repairing Wall, although it doesn & # 8217 ; t appear it on the surface, about analogues to a popular Pink Floyd vocal, Another Brick in the Wall. The talkers of the vocal are pupils and the verse form is directed towards instructors. In this vocal, as in Mending Wall, a barrier is discussed, but this clip it is a phsycological barrier alternatively of a physical 1. This barrier has been put up by society and is being built up by the instructors. The pupils are naming out against this edifice up of the wall.

As it is stated in the vocal:

& # 8220 ; All in all you & # 8217 ; rhenium ( instructors ) merely another brick in the wall. & # 8221 ; ( Floyd ) This barrier being put up is keeping the pupils & # 8217 ; freedom of idea, a procedure that has travel

Ne on and go reinforced over a long period of clip. Floyd has realized this barrier and is naming out against it as he says:

& # 8220 ; We don & # 8217 ; t need no idea control. & # 8221 ; ( Floyd )

The barrier put up by instruction is merely every bit unneeded to Floyd as the rock wall is to Frost. The instructors in the vocal are making the same thing that the neighbour & # 8217 ; s male parent did in the verse form, reinforced and insured a deficiency of communicating and, hence, ignorance in the following coevals. The neighbour is a perfect illustration of the merchandise of these barriers, he doesn & # 8217 ; t cognize genuinely know why the wall must be at that place but he ne’er inquiries his male parent & # 8217 ; s words and understands that the wall is truly maintaining him and his neighbour from holding a better friendly relationship. Frost describes the neighbour & # 8220 ; like an old-stone barbarian armed. He moves in darkness as it seems to me. & # 8221 ; ( Frost ) This darkness is the ignorance that he displays as he mends the fencing. Floyd relates to this dark ignorance with the & # 8220 ; No dark irony in the schoolroom! & # 8221 ; ( Floyd ) The neighbour & # 8217 ; s father and they teachers parallel and the neighbour is their merchandise.

In these two plants both talkers are trying to hold the support of ignorance and the modification of idea. These talkers each represent the position and message of their authors. Both Frost and Floyd want to interrupt down the barriers set up by world. These barriers are what keep people from oppugning or even contemplating things that happen in every twenty-four hours life. These barriers are frequently subconsciously put up and strengthened by society and may command one & # 8217 ; s thought. These techniques may be used by authoritiess and other establishments to see that person doesn & # 8217 ; t know & # 8220 ; excessively much & # 8221 ; or bring out certain confederacies. Frost and Floyd have provided us with two really different state of affairss in which this technique may be used as a warning to assist us to forestall the farther control of our idea and to assist us finally attain freedom of idea.

Although they are two diferent signifiers of literature both Frost & # 8217 ; s Mending Wall and Floyd & # 8217 ; s Another Brick in the Wall send the same message. That message is to believe.