Robert Frost Poem Analysis Essay Research Paper

Robert Frost: Poem Analysis Essay, Research Paper

Robert Frost: Poem Analysis Gregory GeismarDISCUSS

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at adult male? s attitude to nature in the three verse forms so there are many similarities

and differences. In? Two Look at Two? one gets the feeling that nature is

unhappy and angry at adult male and the devastation that he causes. ? With barbed-wire

binding. ? The image of biting wire is rather unnatural, it is a adult male made

barrier, which has been placed in an country where there should be no mark of

anything constructed or built by worlds. The fact that adult male has put the obstruction

at that place indicates that he takes nature really much for granted and merely thinks what

is best for him and non the environing country i.e. the animate beings, birds and works

life etc. Natures attitude to adult male is summed up in the Department of Energy? s reaction to

adult male, ? she sighed and passed unscared along the wall. ? The Department of Energy? s actions

reinforces the thought that nature is non interested in something that wherever it

goes it has to take over and enforce itself. Nature does non take kindly to this

and therefore ignores it. The vaulting horse? s actions as

good demo how nature genuinely positions us, ? why Don? T you make some? you can? t. ? Here

the functions are reversed normally it is us, adult male, who Judgess nature, indicating,

staring and inquiring why the animate beings seem so lifeless. However here the vaulting horse

does the same thing to us gaining that we are nil particular and that it

would prefer to transport populating it? s life instead than be a human. The tone at this

point in the verse form is angry, about contemptuous and aggressive summing up merely how

nature feels about us. The sarcasm in the verse form is the fact that adult male thinks they

have come off from the event holding experienced some sort of transcendency,

? As if the Earth? their love. ? They think they have showed attention for nature and

in exchange nature has returned their love. However this could non be further from

the truth, adult male is wholly unmindful to his milieus and merely feels what

he wants to, nature is in-fact wholly un-interested in them. ? ? ? ? ? ? Tree

at My Window, ? renews faith that there can be a relationship between adult male and

nature. In this verse form a true bond is demonstrated with a tree and what I would

imagine to be a immature kid looking out for each other at all costs. ? But allow

there ne’er be curtain drawn, ? neither want there to be any kind of barrier

between them. This illustrates deeply that adult male and nature can hold a

relationship if there is nil in their manner, nil un-natural. What struck

me most about the verse form was that even though the tree and the adult male have to

contend with different milieus and events ( the tree with the elements, the

kid with temper and disposition ) they could still look out for each other and

develop an affiliation. ? ? ? If one looks

at, ? In Hardwood Groves, ? so you can see that Frost is speaking about the

kernel of nature and the rhythm of life, ? The same leaves over and over once more! ?

Frost is showing simple but indispensable truths on his observations of nature.

In this

verse form Frost does non truly hold a opinion on nature but he perceives

what life is all approximately and how we are all merely on a clock traveling towards decease. If you look at

? Two Look at Two, ? so Frost? s attitude seems to be modern. This is down to

the fact that he is stand foring a existent life state of affairs, where people from the

metropolis or urban countries travel to the countryside anticipating some sort of

surpassing experience with nature. They go off believing they have this but

truly nature hasn? T returned any of their involvement. The kernel that makes

this verse form modern is the fact that the human? s discard nature and take it for

granted, non gaining that it thinks and feels and is non merely there to be

pointed and stared at. The twosome? s attitude is modern, as they do non hold a

clew how nature wants to be treated, how they must esteem and care for it,

typical of city/urban people now yearss. In? Tree at My

Window, ? I found it more of a traditional verse form. The poem brings to mind a

state of affairs, which would hold happened old ages ago instead than in modern yearss. It

negotiations about the bond that can develop between human and nature, how they can

regard each other and acquire along with each other. It is non a state of affairs that I

think you would see in the twenty-first century, unhappily. It besides talks about

how there should be no barrier between adult male and nature, nevertheless that is the

antonym of now a yearss with their being so many physical obstructions dividing the

two. I besides found

? In Hardwood Groves, ? rather a traditional verse form. In this Frost is taking the

attitude that leaves unrecorded, entirely there to give shadiness, they so die, and the

whole rhythm starts once more, ? They fall from giving shade above, ? this is a really

conventional sentiment to hold. He ignores the fact that leaves can be at that place for

beauty but besides and more significantly to assist us breath and maintain the planet

traveling. Robert Frost? s point of view here is traditional further in the fact that he

seems to be taking for granted the demand we have for foliages, and he is really steadfast

on his sentiment, ? I know that this is the manner in ours. ? The usage of

linguistic communication in? In Hardwood Groves, ? conveys a feeling of defeat, ? The same

foliages over and over once more! ? This first line indicates to me that the poet is

aggravated and concerned by the same continual rhythm that the foliages take.

Lines 7 and 8 suggest a childly intuition of things as they truly are. Wordss

such as? dark and decayed? symbolize the thoughts of decease and Resurrection, subjects

that appear in Frost? s other verse forms. The continual usage of? must? in lines 7-9

reenforce the thought that the rhythm the foliages have to take is ineluctable and in

order for a new coevals to be born they have to travel through those paths. The linguistic communication

in? Tree at My Window? is really variated. The first two stanzas are relaxed and

tranquil, ? obscure dream-head lifted out of the land, ? this line peculiarly

typifies the composure of the first two stanzas. However the last two stanzas

so all of a sudden go more serious. Frost starts to utilize more intensely affectional

linguistic communication, ? tossed? and? brush? giving a sense of despair and urgency to the

tone of the verse form. Frost? s usage of linguistic communication manages to place with the tree and

the human whilst still being able to take a firm stand on the differences between them.


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