Robert Frost Essay Research Paper Through his

Robert Frost Essay, Research PaperThrough his poesy, Robert Frost gave the universe a window to see the universe. He give us poems that define hope and felicity to poems of profound somberness, but no affair the temper all of Robert Frost s poems explain the nature of life.Robert Frost was born on March 26, 1874 in San Francisco.

His male parent was William Frost, a Harvard alumnus who was on his manner westward when he stopped to learn at Bucknell Academy in Pennsylvania for excess money. His female parent, Isabelle Moodie began learning math at Bucknell while William was at that place, and they got married and moved to San Francisco. About a twelvemonth after traveling to San Francisco, they had Robert. They named him Robert Lee Frost, after William & # 8217 ; s childhood hero, Robert E. Lee. Frost & # 8217 ; s father died from TB at age thirty-four, in 1885. Isabelle took Robert and his sister back east to Massachusetts.

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He shortly learned to love linguistic communication, and finally went to Lawrence High School, where he wrote the words to the school anthem, and graduated as co-valedictorian. Frost read of Dickens, Tennyson, Longfellow, and many others. Frost was so sent to Dartmouth College by his commanding gramps, who saw it as the proper topographic point for him to develop to go a man of affairs.

Frost read even more in college, and learned that he loved poesy. When in 1894 he received $ 15 for printing a verse form, he asks his future married woman to get married him and agreed. Robert frost had many kids, but a few died and this inspired him to compose a short one-act drama. Throughout his life his household and friend inspire him to compose. He was the first adult male to win the Pulitzer Prize four times. Throughout his composing calling he received 19 honorarygrades from assorted montages.

And so he died on January 29, 1963 in Boston, Massachusetts. His epitaph reads: “I had a lover s wrangle with the world.”His poesy had small success acquiring published, and he had to work assorted occupations to do a life, such as a cobbler, a state school teacher, and a husbandman. In 1912 Frost gave up his learning occupation, sold his farm, and moved to England. He received assistance from poets such as Edward Thomas and Rupert Brooke, and published his first two volumes of poesy, A Boy & # 8217 ; s Will in 1913, and North of Boston in 1914. These plants were good received non merely in England, but besides in America. Frost returned to America in 1915 and continued composing his poesy.

He produced many volumes of poesy, among which are Mountain Interval ( 1916 ) , West-Running Brook ( 1928 ) , A Further Range ( 1936 ) , A Masque of Reason ( 1945 ) , and In the Clearing ( 1962 ) . Frost received the Pulitzer Prize for poesy four times in 1924, 1931, 1937, and 1943. He became the first poet to read a verse form at the presidential startup of John F. Kennedy. His poesy was based chiefly on life and scenery in rural New England, and reflected many values of American society.

Frost besides uses reasonably simple words in his poesy, which makes it easy for the reader to understand, while doing it sound no less elegant. The enunciation relates straight to the topic of his verse forms, because the farm workers and ordinary work forces do non believe or talk with complex words, but, like Frost, they use simple words to do a complex statement. One could state that Frosts words are like simple colourss that when combined, they form a beautiful rainbow. And this rainbow will drape for every bit long as his words are remembered.


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