Robert Frost Essay Research Paper Lisa Asadoorian121798Intro

Robert Frost Essay, Research PaperLisa Asadoorian12-17-98Intro.

To LightRobert Frost: A Distinguished PoetRobert Frost is possibly one of America & # 8217 ; s best poets of his coevals. His graphic images of nature gaining control the heads of readers. His verse form appear to be simple, but if you look into them there is a batch of penetration. Robert Frost spoke at John F. Kennedy & # 8217 ; s startup. He is the lone poet to hold had the chance to talk at a presidential startup.

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Through his poesy people learn that Robert Frost is a complicated and rational adult male who has a topographic point in many American Black Marias. ( Richards P.10 )In order to understand where Robert Frost is coming from in his poesy it is of import to larn about the experiences in his life. Robert Frost was born on March 26, 1874 in San Francisco. His male parent was from the nor’-east and his female parent was a instructor. When he was 10 old ages old his male parent died. After that Frost and his female parent move to New England. Frost attended Dartmouth College and Harvard University, but did non acquire a grade from either school.

Subsequently on in his life he taught at Pinkerton Academy and he besides taught at the Plymouth Normal School for one twelvemonth. At this clip in his life he decides to populate a worry-less life and travel out of New England. At the clip he owns a farm but decides to sell it so he can utilize the money and move. ( Worldbook )During this clip in his life his poesy is non published because there are non any editors that will print his work. Some of his verse forms such as & # 8220 ; October & # 8221 ; and & # 8220 ; My November Guest & # 8221 ; were published in a few magazines. This gives some exposure for Frost, but non what he wants.

Frost decides he needs to alter his life. He is either traveling to travel to England or Vancouver, British Columbia to see a friend. How Frost makes his determination is unusual. He decides where he is traveling to travel by tossing a coin. Frost says & # 8220 ; The coin chose England.

& # 8221 ; Traveling to England is a good pick for Frost. While he is in England he writes many verse forms such as, & # 8220 ; Choose Greatly & # 8221 ; and & # 8220 ; Nothing but what we somehow choose. & # 8221 ; These verse forms reflect greatly upon taking what you want. Possibly Frost does non take to travel to England but I & # 8217 ; m certain he was glad that he goes. ( Pritchard P.8 )Once Frost and his household went to England they situate themselves in Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire.

This is the topographic point near where & # 8220 ; Milton finished Paradise Lost & # 8221 ; . It is a really nice topographic point where Frost could concentrate on his poesy. One of Frost & # 8217 ; s first poems he wrote in England was called & # 8220 ; In England. & # 8221 ;Entirely in rain I sat todayOn top of a gate beside the manner,And a bird came near with hushed measureAnd a watery zephyr kept blowing icinessFrom over the hill behind me.I could non state what in me stirredTo hill and gate and rain and bird,Till raising hair and bathing foreheadThe watery zephyr came fresher nowFrom over the hill to remind me.This verse form ne’er had a opportunity to be published during Frost & # 8217 ; s life.

The verse form is pretty self-explanatory. To me it is obvious that it is written while he is in England. The reference of rain and watery breezes give it off because England is surrounded by H2O. I believe that Frost knew that he could do his calling work in England. The line & # 8220 ; The watery zephyr came fresher now From over the hill to remind me & # 8221 ; makes me believe that England would give him new inspiration. Everything he did in the provinces was behind him and now he has a clean slate. It is up to him to go the best poet that he can be. I believe that Robert Frost did go the best poet that he could.

( Pritchard P.8-9 )One of Robert Frost & # 8217 ; s best-known verse forms and my favourite is & # 8220 ; The Road Not taken & # 8221 ; . The significance of the verse form is simple.

A adult male is walking in the forests and has to take a way to walk down. Alternatively of taking the route the many others have taken, he takes the route that is non walked down much. What makes this verse form so exceeding is that Frost was speaking about his life. Should he populate his life in an accustomed manner or should he populate a different life, as a poet. Frost lived his life the manner he wanted, as a poet. It turned out really good for him. Frost won the Pulitzer Prize for poesy four times.

Besides as I mentioned earlier, he spoke at President Kennedy & # 8217 ; s startup and the United Stated Congress voted him a commendation in 1950 for his aid to American idea and enlightenment and his images of American people. ( Richards P.17 )Another verse form that is a hallmark of Frost is the verse form & # 8220 ; Mending Wall & # 8221 ; .

Frost writes this verse form when he is in England. This verse form is a contemplation of the yearss when he is populating on his farm in New Hampshire. This verse form is about two neighbours who every twelvemonth fix the rock wall that separates their belongings.

What makes the verse form slightly dry is that the neighbours truly don & # 8217 ; t talk to each otheR or for that affair even like each other really much. Yet every twelvemonth the two neighbours fix the wall together.One of the celebrated lines in this verse form is & # 8220 ; Good fencings make good neighbors. & # 8221 ; To me that line seems a spot derogative. Stating & # 8220 ; Good fencings make good neighbours & # 8221 ; is like stating that you & # 8217 ; vitamin D instead have a fencing for a neighbour than a human being. To me that is a small irritating.

The quotation mark displays that some people truly wear & # 8217 ; t like many other people. Frost likely felt that his neighbour did non like him. His neighbour must hold tolerated him because every twelvemonth they mended the wall and I think in the procedure mended their friendly relationship a small excessively. ( Richards P.

67 )Robert Frost is a poet that is known for his imagination. He has written many verse forms about nature. One celebrated one is & # 8220 ; Stoping by forests on a snowy evening. & # 8221 ; In this verse form Frost admires the white cover of snow that has covered the forests. It is known that Frost loved the long New England winters and this verse form merely proves the point even more. ( Frost P. 224 )& # 8220 ; Stoping by forests on a snowy flushing & # 8221 ;Whose forests these are I think I know.His house is in the small town though ;He will non see me halting hereTo watch the forests make full up with snow.

My small Equus caballus must believe it thwartTo halt without a farmhouse nearBetween the forests and frozen lakeThe darkest eventide of the twelvemonth.He gives his harness bells a shingleTo inquire if there is some error.The lone other sound & # 8217 ; s the expanseOf easy air current and downlike flake.The forests are lovely, dark and deep,But I have promises to maintain.

And stat mis to travel before I sleep,And stat mis to travel before I sleep.This verse form has many inquiries about it that are unreciprocated. Frost ne’er said what the existent significance of this verse form was. He leaves it up to the reader to construe it. Something that caught my oculus is the repeat of the last two lines. It is non really clear what he is speaking about. I personally think that he may be speaking about decease. Sleep could intend decease and if you put it together & # 8220 ; stat mis to travel & # 8221 ; may intend a long clip.

My reading is that he still has a long life in front of him before he can set up the sort of peace that he feels while looking at the snowy forests. He is seeking to do decease expression peaceable and calm.In 1915 Robert Frost and his married woman decide to travel from England and travel to the provinces. Much to their surprise Frost left a fighting poet and came place a poetic mastermind. He bought a house in New Hampshire and shortly realizes that he is non acquiring the privateness he wants. Frost gets an offer to learn at Amherst College, he accepts. After learning at Amherst for a piece Frost all of a sudden quit the occupation. He felt he needed alteration.

Frost and his household travel back to New Hampshire. During these old ages Frost would travel through enormous calamity. First is his sister, who he did non even acquire to see before she died. During this clip Frost & # 8217 ; s calling was taking off. He established the Breadloaf School of English. Merely when his calling was traveling good his girl was deceasing of TB.

Besides his other kids had failed matrimonies. This was a really difficult clip for Frost. In March of 1938 when Frost and his married woman were in Florida, she dropped dead of a bosom onslaught. At this Frost was devastated. He quit his learning occupation and sold the house. Then he bought an stray house in New Hampshire.

The decease and adversity was non yet over for Frost. His boy was really down and Frost even went to see him but his boy ended up perpetrating suicide. Alternatively of wallowing in heartache Frost decided to allow his poesy reflect the calamity he had gone through.

One of these verse forms was & # 8220 ; The air current and the rain & # 8221 ; . Now Frost was acquiring older, but he was acquiring the acknowledgment he deserved. In 1962 he was invited to Russia.

A few months subsequently on January 29, 1963 Frost died during an operation. He was 88 old ages old. Write on his keystone was a quotation mark he used in one of his verse form. It said, & # 8220 ; I had a lover & # 8217 ; s wrangle with the world.

& # 8221 ;Robert Frost is one of America & # 8217 ; s greatest poets. He was a fantastic adult male who loved life and loved nature. Frost was genuinely a adult male who set out to be great and he was.

So many people loved his poesy. He is a adult male that cipher will of all time bury because he changed the face of poesy. His life was a life of opportunities and acquiring what you want. Robert Frost ever did what he wanted and that is what makes one of the best poets of his coevals.

Bibliography1. Frost, Robert The Poetry of Robert Frost. New York, 19672. Pritchard, William Frost: A literary Life Reconsidered. New York, Oxford University press,19843. Richards, Norman People of Destiny: Robert Frost. Children & # 8217 ; s imperativeness Chicago19584. Worldbook Encyclopedia.



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