Robert Francis Kennedy Essay Research Paper ROBERT

Robert Francis Kennedy Essay, Research PaperROBERT FRANCIS KENNEDYThe enigma of Robert F.

Kennedy? s life and tragic decease, may ne’er besolved. However, it can be said that Kennedy ever tried to assist the hapless, and theprejudged. He helped to hike the morale of the interior metropolis hapless, and the AfricanAmericans, who had to contend merely to maintain their basic rights. His attempts were non merelykept within American boundaries. Kennedy besides helped battle for South Africans,ruled by British Apartheid.

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Until his deceasing twenty-four hours, Kennedy wanted to turn the UnitedStates around. Even today, his fable lives on. Here is my life of thatfable. Robert Francis Kennedy.Robert F. Kennedy was born, the 7th kid of Joseph and Rose Kennedy, onNovember 22, 1925.

As a kid, and even up through high school and college, theKennedy male childs were in changeless competition with each other, whether it bescholastic accomplishments or a touch football game. They were competitory ineverything. Robert lacked in physical stature, and mind, unlike his brothers. Hehad to endeavor to be the best that he could be.

It was said of Robert that virtuallyeverything seemed to be an acclivitous conflict. Bobby, got through high school, with reallygood classs, and went on to college.Kennedy went to Harvard University, where he graduated in 1948, after ashort stretch in the U.S. Navy. He so went on to the University of Virginia Schoolof Law, where he received his jurisprudence grade in 1951. In 1952, Bobby Kennedy ran hisbrother John? s successful run for the U.

S. Senate.In 1956, Kennedy became Chief Counsel of the Senate Labor RacketsCommittee Hearings, where he went up against Jimmy Hoffa, during a long verbalsparring lucifer, that marked Hoffa? s testimony.

Robert left the Rackets Committeein 1959, in order to run his brother? s presidential run. This was besides asuccess.After John was elected in 1960, he rewarded Bobby, by naming him to hisCabinet, as Attorney General. At that place, Robert played a big function in theBay of Pigs invasion, in Cuba, 1961. 18 Calendar months subsequently, he helped with the CubanMissile Crisis.

He was besides a factor in military action in Vietnam, and the CivilRights Movement.On November 22, 1963 ( two yearss after Bobby? s 38th birthday ) John F.Kennedy was shot and killed while in siting his limo in a parade in Dallas. He waspurportedly shot by Lee Harvey Oswald, from a book depositary, but fartherprobe shows that he may non hold acted entirely, and that a confederacy by theGovernment, may hold caused his decease.After John? s decease, Bobby decided to go forth the cabinet, and run for a place inthe U.S.

Senate. He was elected in November, 1964. During his old ages as a U.S.Senator, Kennedy visited Apartheid-ruled South Africa, and helped get down asuccessful renovation undertaking in the poorness afflicted slums of New York City.He besides visited, the Mississippi Delta, as a member of the Senate Committee onhungriness, and called for a arrest to farther escalation of military engagement inVietnam.On March 16 1968, Kennedy declared that he was traveling to run for president.

On April 4, 1968, during a run halt at Indianapolis, Indiana, Bobby learnedthat Martin Luther King Jr. had been assassinated. During an impressive, goad ofthe minute address, in Indianapolis, Kennedy called for rapprochement betweeninkinesss and Whites. Here is the address that Kennedy gave that eventide.

I have bad intelligence for you, for all of our fellow citizens, and people wholove peace all over the universe, and that is that Martin Luther King wasshooting and killed tonight.Martin Luther King dedicated his life to love, and to Justice for hisfellow human existences, and he died because of that attempt.In this hard twenty-four hours, in this hard clip for the United States, it ispossibly good to inquire what sort of a state we are, and what waywe want to travel in. For those of you who are black & # 8211 ; sing thegrounds there obviously is that there were white people responsible & # 8211 ; youcan be filled with resentment, with hatred, and a desire for retaliation.

Wecan travel in that way as a state, in great polarisation & # 8211 ; blackpeople amongst black, white people amongst white, filled with hatredtoward one another.Or we can do an attempt, as Martin King did, to understand and tocomprehend, and to replace that force, that discoloration of gores thathas spread across our land, with an attempt to understand with compass-ion and love.For those of you who are black, and are tempted to be filled with hatredand misgiving at the unfairness of such an act, against all white people, I canmerely say that I feel in my ain bosom that the same sort of feeling. I had amember of my household killed, but he was killed by a white adult male. But wehave to do an attempt in the United States, we have to do an attempt tounderstand, to travel beyond these instead hard times.My favourite poet was Aeschylus. He wrote: ? In our slumber, hurting whichcan non bury falls bead by bead upon our bosom until, in our aindesperation, against our will, comes wisdom through the atrocious grace ofGod. ?What we need now in the United States is non division ; what we need inthe United States is non force or anarchy ; but love and wisdom,and compassion toward one another, and a feeling of justness towardthose who still suffer within our state, whether they be white or theybe black.

So I shall inquire you tonight to return place, to state a supplication for the householdof Martin Luther King, that? s true, but more significantly to state a supplicationfor our ain state, which all of us love & # 8211 ; a supplication for understandingand that compassion of which I spoke.We can make good in this state. We will hold difficult times ; we? ve hadhard times in the past ; we will hold hard times in the hereafter. It isnon the terminal of force ; it is non the terminal of anarchy ; it is non the terminalof dissorder.43 people were killed during public violences all across America, followingMartin Luther King? s Death. However, Indianapolis was quiet.Kennedy went on to win the Indiana, and Nebraska Primaries, lost theOregon primary, and on June 4, 1968, won South Dakota and California, to assistgive him momentum toward the Democratic nomination.

After turn toing his protagonists that flushing, in the dance hall of theAmbassador hotel in L.A. , RFK was shot at point space scope, in the hotel kitchenby a Jordanian American named Sirhan Sirhan. Kennedy died, in the early forenoonhours of June 6, at the age of 42.The constabulary studies show that Kennedy was shot with a twenty-two six-gun, alongwith five other work forces. Sirhan was arrested at the scene, charged with first gradeslaying, and was sentenced to be executed, but the U.

S. Supreme tribunal voided thethe constitutionality of the decease sentence, before it could be carried out. UnderCalifornia jurisprudence, Sirhan should hold been released in 1984, but that was non the instance,and still resides at Corcoran State Prison, in California.The contreversy in all this, is that, more slug holes were found in the country,than could hold been accounted for Sirhan? s eight shooting six-gun. Sirhan foremost shotKennedy, and purportedly missed, as two work forces wrestled him to the land. Heemptied the gun wildly into the air. Merely eight shootings that came from Sirhan? s gun.At least 15 or more slugs or hints of slugs were found in the hotel kitchen.

Another interesting note, is that Sirhan was confronting Kennedy when he startedhiting at him. The slug holes that entered Kennedy? s organic structure were from the dorsum.There is about no possible manner, pending the charming slug, that the slugs thatsmitten Kennedy from behind, while Sirhan Sirhan was confronting him the full clip.So what? s the theory here? Sirhan was in the larder, along with some otherleery looking work forces waiting for Kennedy to complete his address. When Kennedyleft the dance hall and entered the kitchen, Sirhan fired at him, making a deversion,making a deversion, while the two work forces wrestled him to the land, and theleery looking work forces finish Kennedy off with two shootings from behind with a wellconcealed arm. The work forces so left the edifice quickly, while Sirhan wasretained and arrested.Now it gets interesting.

In 1968, it was non a federal discourtesy to slay apresidential campaigner. The instance, hence went to the LAPD alternatively of the FBI.The thought was that this was traveling to stop up being? another Dallas? probe.

This thought was likely right.Shortly after the probe of the homicide, no grounds was released.Research workers ne’er bothered to coerce research workers to let go of the studies. In 1988,Researchers eventually forced the LAPD to let go of the studies. After the release of thefiles in 1988, it became clear to what extent the cover-up had been carried out.Evidence that contradicted the official studies were destroyed. this devastationincluded.

– 2400 photograghs burned because they were? duplicates. ? There were nothat could turn out that the exposure that were destroyed were reallyextras.- Ceiling tiles and the door frames from the kitchen were destroyed, because,harmonizing to so Assistant Chief Daryl Gate, they wouldn? t tantrum into the cardfiles.It was besides said that the slug holes in the door were merely dings from coach male childsrunning into them with carts.

This was evidently a blazing prevarication. The images showedthat the hole were clearly bullet holes. Add to that, the fact that, out of 3,470 peopleinterviewed in the probe, merely 301 interviews were released. 51 key? confederacy informants were non even interviewed. They all point to a cover-up.

While the JFK blackwash has reached the point where? Oswald might holddone it, or he might non hold? it is non possible that Sirhan Sirhan could holdinflicted the lesions on Robert Kennedy. Kennedy? s senseless slaying wasevidently a confederacy.While the LAPD tried to screen out what happened, Robert F. Kennedy madehis concluding trip, on a funeral train from New York City to Arlington National Cemetaryin Washington. Nothing was more revealing than the immense crowd of people that linedthe paths to beckon farwell to a fallen warrior. Kennedy repressented hapless white onone side of the paths, while repressenting the hapless inkinesss on the other side of thepaths.

Merely think. If people merely knew how to traverse the paths. Where would webe? Kennedy helped people take a measure in that way. In clip of divisions in thisstate, Robert Kennedy brought people together.

Robert Francis Kennedy left behind his married woman Ethel Skakel Kennedy andeleven kids. But more importanly, he left behind a bequest that will populate oneverlastingly.? Some work forces see things as they are, and say, why? I dreamthings that ne’er were, and say, why non? ?Robert Francis Kennedy ( 1925-1968 )WORKS CITEDNetscape Navigator ( Internet )Excite SearchLocation: hypertext transfer protocol: //

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