Robert E Lee 2 Essay Research Paper

Robert E. Lee 2 Essay, Research PaperRobert E.

LeeRobert E. Lee has ever been thought by many as a god-like figure. To others he was a contradiction. Born on January 19, 1807 at Stratford, Virginia, Robert E. Lee was the 4th kid of Revolutionary War hero, Henry & # 8220 ; Light Horse Harry & # 8221 ; Lee, and Ann Hill Carter Lee.

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Raised largely by his female parent, Robert learned forbearance, control, and subject from her. As a immature adult male, he was exposed to Christianity and accepted its religion. In contrast to the strong illustration of his female parent and the church, Robert saw his male parent go from failed endeavor to neglect endeavor.

As a consequence, immature Robert tried harder to win.Robert was accepted to the United States Military Academy and graduated 2nd in his category. But possibly greater than his academic success, was his record of no demerits while being a plebe, which today has still non been equaled.

Following his graduation, Lee, like most top classmen, was given a committee as an applied scientist. As Lt. Lee helped construct the St. Louis waterfront and worked on coastal garrisons in Brunswick and Savannah. It was during this clip he married Mary Custis, the granddaughter of George Washington and Martha Custis Washington.

In 1845, the war between the United States and Mexico broke out. Lee was given the of import responsibilities of mapping out the terrain in front, spliting the line of progress for the U.S. military personnels, and in one instance, taking military personnels into conflict.

Following the Mexican War, Lee returned to the service as an applied scientist. Now a Colonel, Lee was sent to set down a believed rebellion at Harper s Ferry, Virginia, the site of a United States arsenal. A train rushed Colonel Lee and a immature adjutant, Lt. Jeb Stuart, with a withdrawal of U.

S. Mariness to Harper & # 8217 ; s Ferry where they were able to capture extremist emancipationist, John Brown, and his followings. Lee following, offered his services to the freshly elected President of the Confederate States of America, Jefferson Davis.When President Davis accepted Lee s offer, Lee was made a general in the CSA service. At first, General Lee served as an adviser to President Davis and the Secretary of War. His first run, in what subsequently became West Virginia, was non successful. However, his daring and scheme made him a formidable lucifer for every general that President Lincoln sent against him until Grant defeated him in the Battle of Attrition.

Lee & # 8217 ; s greatest triumph was the Battle of Chancellorsville in May of 1863. Lee was faced with a larger ground forces led by contending Joe Hooker. Lee and his most sure lieutenant, General Stonewall Jackson, divided their forces, and through a forced March around General Hooker, fell on his open wing, turn overing it up, and get the better ofing the brotherhood forces yet once more.The greatest land conflict in the Western Hemisphere was fought at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of July, 1863. The Army of Northern Virginia, led by Lee, and the Army of the Potomac, led by freshly appointed General George Meade, hammered each other.

On the 3rd twenty-four hours of conflict, General Lee, trusting to stop the war, ordered the great frontal assault popularly known as Pickett & # 8217 ; s Charge. After the failure of the onslaught, General Lee blamed merely himself, but Lee and the Army of Northern Virginia fought on for two more old ages. General Lee surrendered at Appomatox Court House on April 9, 1865. This efficaciously brought the American Civil War to an terminal as other Confederate field commanding officers followed Lee & # 8217 ; s illustration.

Following the war, Lee was about tried as a treasonist, but merely had his civil rights suspended. Lee was offered the station of President of Washington University, where he served until his decease in 1870. The school was subsequently renamed Washington and Lee. As a concluding note, President Gerald Ford had Lee & # 8217 ; s citizenship restored.General Lee was a great strategic war general.

He won many great conflicts for the Confederacy. The biggest conflict he won was the Battle of Chancellorsville, which was against a larger Union ground forces. Lee was brave and ne’er lost religion in his ground forces.


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