Robert Creeley Essay

& # 8211 ; Online Poems Essay, Research PaperStill Life OrMobiles:thatthe air current can catch at,against itself,afoliage or a appliance of wires,in the stairwell,to be looked at from below.We have arranged the signifier of a expression here,hold taken the bosom out& A ;the air currentis obscure emotion.

To number on these aspirersthese rivals for the to-be-looked-at portionof these actionsthesemost hopeful motionsdemandsa strong & A ; changeless air current.Thatwill non lift above the velocitywhich we have calculated,thatthe foliageremainthatthe wiresbe non excessively much shaken.? 1987 Robert CreeleyOnline Beginning: hypertext transfer protocol: //www.diacenter.

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org/diacenter/prg/poetry/87_88/creeley1.htmlTHE LanguageLocate Ilove you some-where indentitions andeyes, biteit buttake attention nonto ache, youprivation somuch sosmall. Wordssstate everything.Ilove youonce more,so whatis emptinessfor. Tofill, fill.

I heard wordsand words fullof holeshurting. Addressis a oral cavity.? 1987 Robert CreeleyOnline Beginning: hypertext transfer protocol: //www. STORYLike child on floatof ice block sinkingin pool the field had madefrom winter & # 8217 ; s runing snowso wisdom accruedto disintegratein conduits of encephalonin nervous circuits fadedwhile glooming musculuss shrankhead padded the waiesits idea had wroughtits wonts had created

/ & gt ;boulder clay like child afloaton ice block brokenon or inside the thing it stoodor was forsaken.? 1994Online Beginning: hypertext transfer protocol: //www.diacenter.

org/diacenter/prg/poetry/94_95/creeley.htmlAdieuNow I recognizeit was ever melike a cameraset to exposeitself to a imageor a pipethrough which the H2Omight runor a pouletdead for dinneror a programinside the caputof a dead adult male.Nothing so incorrectwhen one consideredhow it all began.It was Zukofsky & # 8217 ; s“ Born really immature into a universealready really old & # 8230 ; ”The century was good alongwhen I came inand now that it & # 8217 ; s stoping,I realize it won & # 8217 ; Tbe long.

But couldn & # 8217 ; t it all have beena small nicer,as my female parent & # 8217 ; vitamin Ds say. Make ithold to kill everything in sight,did right ever have to be so incorrect?I know this organic structure is impatient.I know I constitute merely a meager voice and head.Yet I loved, I love.

I want no mawkishness.I want no more than place.“ Goodbye ” foremost appeared in The Exquisite Corpse ( 1996 )Online Beginning: hypertext transfer protocol: //www.princeton.

edu/~euphorb/Issues/Spring96/works/GOODBYE.htmlNothingfor Mark PetersNot merely nil,Not there & # 8217 ; s no reply,Not it & # 8217 ; s nowhere orNothing to demo for it -It & # 8217 ; s like There & # 8217 ; s no yesteryear likethe present. It & # 8217 ; sall over with us.There are no doors & # 8230 ;Oh my God! LikeI wish I had a Canis familiaris.Oh my God!I had a Canis familiaris but he & # 8217 ; s gone.His name was Zero,something for nil!You like chase biscuits?Fill in the space.Online Beginning: hypertext transfer protocol: //


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