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Robert Browning Essay, Research PaperMy Last Duchess, by Robert Browning, is an illustration of a dramatic soliloquy. A dramatic soliloquy is a sort of narrative verse form in which one character speaks to one or more hearers whose answers are non given in the verse form. The Duke is talking to an minister plenipotentiary about his fisrt married woman who is seemingly dead. From what he is stating him, one can reason that he is chesty, domineering, and really insecure about his relationship.The Duke of Ferrara was a really chesty adult male. He did non look to care about the felicity of his married woman, merely his ain. He did non like the fact that she found felicity in other topographic points beside himself, as if he should be the lone life in her life.

He could non understand how she could rank his nine thousand twelvemonth old name with more simpler things such as her white mule that she rode on the patio, an act of kindness from an “ interfering sap ” and the “ drooping of the daytime in the West. ” His married woman, no uncertainty, had no thought he felt that manner but he could non discourse it with her, faulting it on the fact that he had no accomplishment in address. He let the job persist until he no longer could stand it and eventually “ gave bids ” that in one manner or another caused her decease.

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Another job that he had was that he was excessively tyrannizing. This is apparent in the fact that he went to the extreme and killed his married woman merely because she did non conform to his image of a perfect married woman. He wanted things to be his manner regardless of how she felt. He now talks about his last duchess as if she were merely a thing painted in a image to be admired. Other grounds that supports the thought of him being tyrannizing is shown when he told his minister plenipotentiary that no 1 but him could touch the drape that covered the image.

It is about as if he has markedhis district and if anyone crosses the line they would be “ dealt with ” consequently. Last, on the manner down to run into his company he proudly points out his bronzy sculpture of Neptune chastening a sea Equus caballus. This is likely the incarnation of his whole outlook. He wanted to chasten his married womans into perfect adult females.

Insecurity is something that we all feel at one point or another in our relationships. The Duke, nevertheless, was excessively insecure. He thought really small of his first married woman, believing her to be excessively infantile and naif. He likely felt that she did non love him really much because fo the fact that she put his favour at her chest in the same class as other people & # 8217 ; s gifts.

He said that when she passed him she alway smiled, but to him it was nil because “ who passed without much the same smiling? ” She was a adult female of obvious beauty for in the verse form it started that there was deepness and passion in her sincere glimpse. Peoples would inquire the Duke the beginning of the glimpse and he would irately answer that “ t & # 8217 ; was non her hubby & # 8217 ; s presence merely ” that “ called that topographic point of joy into ” her cheek. It would look after mere complements by Fra Pandolf or other such things. Being insecure about her love for him likely drove him to his last action which was to acquire rid of the emphasis all together.The Duke & # 8217 ; s personality, although slightly baleful, captures the reader & # 8217 ; s attending.

He reveals his true inner ego by explicating the & # 8216 ; frailties & # 8217 ; of his married woman. A feeling of poignancy occurs when the reader eventually understands that the married woman died innocently through no mistake of her ain, finally go forthing the Duke the scoundrel of the narrative. My Last Duchess is a pure testimony to the fact that the chief character in a narrative does non hold to be a good individual in order for it to be an gratifying piece of art.


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