Robber Barons Essay Research Paper Robber BaronsWhat

Robber Barons Essay, Research PaperRobber BaronsWhat is a robber baron? Webster & # 8217 ; s New Dictionary defines it as an American capitalist of the late nineteenth century who became affluent through development ( As of natural resources, governmental influence, or low pay graduated tables ) or a individual who satisfies himself by striping another.

In America we had a batch of these sort of people. For this study I am traveling to state you about the 1s that I found most interesting to me. I would foremost wish to state you about Cornelius Vanderbilt.Cornelius Vanderbilt was born in Port Richmond on Staten Island, N. Y. in 1794.

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Cornelius at the age of 16 had already stepped into the busniess universe and he didn & # 8217 ; t even cognize it. At 16 he entered into the steamboat concern when he established a cargo and rider service between Stanton Island and Manhattan. Little did Cornelius cognize this would be one of the cardinal ways he would do his 1000000s upon 1000000s. Cornelius entered the soft-shell clam concern in 1818, and bought his first steamer in 1829.

Cornelius was non a laid back cat nil was of all time good plenty for him. If you had and Cornelius Vanderbilt wanted it there wasn & # 8217 ; t much you could make to maintain him from acquiring it. This is the sort of attitude that put him on top of the universe.

After set uping his steamboat Vanderbilt became a really vigorous rival, take downing his rates while besides doing his ships top of the line. Vanderbilt the entrepuner himself shortly controlled must of the Hudson River. After awhile his fellow rivals in the steamboat concern paid him to take some of his traffic elsewhere so that he wouldn & # 8217 ; t acquire all the work.

By 1846 Vanderbilt was a really affluent adult male and with wealth he learned cam power. He became widely know as the Commodore Vanderbilt. Vanderbilt sold his steamboats in 1862 and began purchasing railway stocks. In a mere 5 old ages Vanderbilt used his power to continue most of the New York Central Railroad system. Vanderbilt like in his steamboats strived to be the best in the railwaies now. Vanderbilt established many railway systems during his railway calling possibly his most celebrated was that of the 1 that connected New York and Chicago in a direct rail path in 1873. At the clip of Vanderbilt & # 8217 ; s decease in 1877 he was deserving over 100 million dollars the most at that clip.Another questionable difficult workman is that of John Davison Rockefeller.

Rockefeller was born in Richford, New York, on July 8,1839. He was the 2nd of six kids. Rockefeller as a immature male child moved from at that place to Cleveland, Ohio where he was educated in public schools. At the mere age of 16 he went to work for a house of farm-produce shippers. A twosome of old ages subsequently, he went into that concern for himself. In 1862, he went into concern with Samuel Andrews, the discoverer of an cheap procedure for the polish of petroleum crude oil.

By 1870 the company had been superseded so in 1870 Rockefeller and his brother William and several associates took over the concern. By the 1880 & # 8217 ; s the company was one of the largest and richest fabrication concerns in the universe. Rockefeller chief concern wasn & # 8217 ; t ever concern he married Laura Celestia Spelman in 1864. They had three girls Bessie, Edith, and Alta and one boy John D. Rockefeller, Jr. In 1862 Rockefeller formed the Standard Oil Trust. This, the first corporate trust, was declared an illegal monopoly and ordered dissolved by the Ohio Supreme Court in 1892.

Rockefeller retired as president in 1911. Besides in 1911 the company was broken into separate corporations by an antimonopoly determination of the U.S. Supreme Court. At the extremum of Rockefeller’s personal luck was estimated at about 1 billion dollars.

Rockefeller founded the University of Chicago in 1892. Rockefeller died at the age of 97 on May 23, 1937, in Ormond, Florida. He was buried in Lake View Cemetery, Cleveland, Ohio.When you hear the word & # 8220 ; Ford & # 8221 ; more frequently so non people are traveling to believe of cars. This is non surprising because a adult male gave this name to the company. Henry Ford led the manner in making the modern car industry. He besides introduced mass-production methods, and assist do fabrication what it is today.

Ford was born on a farm near Dearborn, Michigan, on July 30, 1863. He became a mechanic learner at the early age of 16. From 1888 to 1899 he was a mechanical applied scientist, and subsequently main applied scientist at Edison Illumination Company in Detroit. Besides in 1888 he got married to Clara Bryant.

Mrs. Ford took an active portion in her hubby & # 8217 ; s early experiments with engines. Some of the first engines were made on her kitchen tabular array. During this clip the most common engine was that of a steamboat, but Ford was more interested in that of gasolene internal burning engines.

Ford had caught the car febrility, and this was to hold a great consequence on his life and the American industry. In 1903 Ford and a few spouses started the Ford Motor Company. During the first twelvemonth Ford produced 1,708 autos or what was called the Model A. The auto merely sold for $ 850.

This was excessively expensive for Ford though he wanted to sell a cheaper auto. So in 1908 he achieved his end and sold the Model T auto for $ 550. It could be sold so inexpensive because of the good methods that Ford used. Other auto builders bought their parts from parts makers. Ford bought mills and made his ain parts. He besides bought his ain steel mines and Fe mines. Ford stepped down as the president of the company in 1919, although he did in actuality maintain control of it. His boy Edsel was president until his decease in 1943.

Ford, at the age of 80 regained control until his grandson took it over in 1945. We owe a batch of what we know about autos to Henry Ford. Ford died April 7, 1947, in Dearborn.Who owns the & # 8220 ; Superstation & # 8221 ; and the Atlanta Braves? The telecasting male monarch Robert Edward Turner III who was born in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1938.

Turner who was educated at the Georgia Military Academy and Brown Universitey. Turner had a major set back in his life after his pa committed self-destruction. He inherited the household billboard-advertising concern. In 1970 Turner had bought a neglecting telecasting station in Atlanta, Georgia and by 1975 he had transformed it in to one of the taking stations.. He did this by demoing low-priced athleticss and amusement plans via orbiter to overseas telegram systems throughout the state.

In 1976 Turner bought the baseball squad the Atlanta braves and so the following twelvemonth he bought the Atlanta Hawks In 1980 Turner invented Cable News Network ( CNN ) the first 24 hr intelligence station. In 1988 he launched Turner Network Television ( TNT ) . Then in 1991 Turner married the actress Jane Fonda. Turner now at the age of 63 still owns all his companies.I would hold to state that after making this study I learned that no affair how you earn the money you merely have to hold it to be successful.


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