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New Jersey as a Banking Consultant Essay

, Research PaperFor the following 12 months over 11 presidential campaigners will be rushing to win a nomination from their several parties. Merely a choice few will acquire a nomination every bit good as a few will acquire a frailty president nomination. All of these nominations will be determined at the National conventions held for each different party. I have selected 4 campaigners to discourse chiefly because I think they are the strongest campaigners of the democratic and republican parties.

From the Democratic Party, I have chosen Bill Bradley and Al Gore. For the Republican Party I chose George W. Bush and Elizabeth Dole. Equally far as a 3rd party campaigner I have looked at the big list of campaigners and I truly don t think there is anyone strong who will hold support from the populace.I have found several studies listed at PollingReport.com that fundamentally tells How the American public feels about several of the campaigners, here are some of the consequences of the CNN/Time Poll taken between 3/25/99:Al Gore ( D ) vs. George Bush ( R )40 % 54 %Al Gore ( D ) vs.

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Elizabeth Dole ( R )45 % 48 %Al Gore ( Pres. ) George Bush ( Pres. )Hillary Clinton ( VP ) ( D ) Vs. Elizabeth Dole ( VP ) ( R )33 % 58 %To be in the race for presidential term you must hold proper financess to utilize for your run, as of April 1999 the followers is their fiscal position study:Raised Spent Cash on HandBill Bradley $ 4,301,882 1,474,687 $ 2,867,755George W. Bush $ 7,604,593 $ 854,521 $ 6,750,072Elizabeth Dole $ 686,253 $ 108,210 $ 578,043Al Gore $ 8,883,518 $ 2,031,342 $ 6,850,634Subsequently I will discourse the beginnings of their financess.Another major portion of their runs is of import issues and the campaigners life. This is how they get people interested in them. It s really of import when it comes down to arguments and what each campaigner stands for.

Bill Bradley, presently 57 and populating in New Jersey as a Banking Consultant, is an lone kid born in Crystal City, Missouri. Grew up in a in-between category household and a multi-ethnic town. As an grownup Bradley served as a First Lieutenant in the United States Air Force Reserves from 1969-1978. He besides held a place on the U.

S. Senate from 1979-1997. And a really interesting fact, he played for the New York Knicks hoops squad from 1967-1977 ( he has my ballot ) .Bill Bradley has published many of his positions on the Internet doing them accessible to the populace. Such positions as hatred offenses he feels that & # 8220 ; when any American is persecuted or murdered because of who he or she is, our cardinal values are violated. & # 8221 ; ( www.

billbradley.com ) Abortion ; he is strongly pro-choice, which is a common stance of the Democratic Party. Social Security ; & # 8220 ; we should take that societal security excess out of the budget and put it over to the side. & # 8221 ; ( www.billbradley.

com ) Health Care ; & # 8220 ; wellness must be redefined loosely to include non merely one s single wellness, but the wellness of one s household and community. & # 8221 ; ( www.billbradley.com ) Campaign Finance Reform ; he thinks that there is excessively much money in political relations and that it makes the democratic procedure weaker in cardinal ways. Government in the Economy ; we feels we need a prudent financial policy.

Education ; he wants to set more engineering in the schoolrooms, have instructors trained over long footings, and have national criterions. The US Military ; he does non believe that we need to increase the defence budget every bit much as Clinton has proposed, the money can be spent in better topographic points. Environment ; he wants to do such that the non polluted countries stay uncontaminated, and go on to work on cleaning up the contaminated countries in the US. Taxes ; & # 8220 ; The best income revenue enhancement system is the 1 with the lowest rates and the fewest loopholes.

& # 8221 ; ( www.billbradley.com ) Last of all, his standing on the US engagement in Kosovo ; & # 8220 ; I to the full support the American and NATO military personnels who are now in danger overseas. However, I have serious inquiries about our policy. We are intensifying our committedness without set uping a clear issue scheme. As with Bosnia, we run the hazard of going bogged down in a morass whose terminal we can non foretell or control. & # 8221 ; ( www.billbradley.

com )When asked, why he is running for president? Bradley replies his first words are that & # 8220 ; I think my ability matches the moment. & # 8221 ; Bradley is financially supported by many subscribers. So far his largest subscribers are ; JP Morgan & A ; Co. , Winston & A ; Strawn, and Mayer, Brown & A ; Platt.Another Democratic Candidate is current Vice President, Al Gore. Gore, presently 52 and from Tennessee, has had much political experience.

For case ; he held a place in the U.S. House of Representatives from 1977-85, the U.S. Senate from 1985-93, and has been Vice President since 1993. He besides has past Military experience functioning the United States Army from 1969-71.When asked what the most of import issues confronting the U.S.

today, he listed 7 issues in order of importance ;( Most Important ) 1. Bettering Our Children s Schools2. The Environment3. Health Care4. Contending Crime5. Making More Occupations6. Caring for the Aged( Least Important ) 7. Quality Day CarePresently Gore has received funding from two different beginnings ; little single parts and big single part.

None of his financess come from PAC parts as of yet. Geographically Gore s parts come chiefly from New York. This is a large trade since New York is a big province and they receive a big sum of electorate ballots. A few of Gore s largest subscribers are Ernst & A ; Young, Viacom Inc. , and National Jewish Democratic Council.The republican party has 2 strong campaigners that I will be discoursing. George W. Bush, who is the favorite for the Republican nomination and Elizabeth Dole.

Bush, presently 54 and Governor of Texas, was born here in New Haven, CT. His Political experience includes being the Governor of Texas since 1995. He was besides a campaigner for U.S. House of representatives in 1978. His military experience is functioning in the Texas National Guard for 6 old ages.Like most Republicans his Bush s stance on Abortion is Pro-Life.

His stance on other issues are as follows ; In favour of the Death Penalty, Against Gay Rights in most cases, wants to cut down the authoritiess size and influence, he feels public assistance should be cut off after 2 year. Those are the lone issues he has commented on so far, but looking at his path record as Governor of Texas you can state what other issues are of import to him. While he has been Governor he has focused on four simple yet profound issues: bettering public schools with high criterions, strong answerability and local control ; restricting frivolous and debris cases ; reforming public assistance ; and beef uping the juvenile and condemnable justness Torahs. Equally good as Elizabeth Dole, Bush has received financess from PACS, yet most of his financess come from larger single parts. Some of them come from Vinson & A ; Elkins, Jenkens & A ; Gilchrist, and Haynes & A ; Boone.

Almost half of his financess have come from the province of Texas, which is really positive for him since Texas is a big province and besides receives many electorate ballots.The other Republican campaigner I am interested in is, Elizabeth Dole. At age 64 Her political experience includes being a U.S. Secretary of Labor, 1989-91. U.S. Secretary of Transportation, 1983-87.

Assistant to President Reagan for Public Liaison, 1981-83. Chair, Voters for Reagan-Bush, 1980. Member, Federal Trade Commission, 1973-79.

Deputy Assistant to President Nixon for Consumer Affairs, 1971-73. Executive Director, President & # 8217 ; s Commission for Consumer Interests, 1968-71. Staff Assistant, U.S.

Department of Health Education & A ; Welfare, 1966-67. President of the American Red Cross since 1991. She is systematically completing 2nd in the polls for the republican nomination.Lapp as Bush, Dole has non made any official stances on issues. She has nevertheless made recent remarks on Education, Taxes, Defense Spending, Drugs, and the Federal Government. On instruction she states ; & # 8220 ; There should be a zero-tolerance policy on bad teaching. & # 8221 ; Taxes ; & # 8220 ; when you work two occupations to set nutrient on the tabular array and places on the childs so find one of your payroll checks goes to pay the revenue enhancement measure, you are non in control of your income.

& # 8221 ; Defense Spending ; Defense disbursement has reached its lowest per centum of gross domestic merchandise in 50 years. & # 8221 ; Drugs ; & # 8220 ; Let s be obvious with ourselves and our neighbours, there wouldn T be a supply if there wasn t a demand. & # 8221 ; Federal Government ; & # 8220 ; I believe the federal authorities has become excessively large, excessively bloated, and excessively bureaucratic. & # 8221 ; ( www.dolein2000.org )Dole has received most of her support from persons and a little per centum from PAC parts.

I personally favor Elizabeth Dole merely because she is a adult females. That may be the incorrect ground but I think it would be a great pace for the U.S. to see something different and I think we are ready for a adult females president.When get downing this undertaking I contacted each of the above campaigners by electronic mail. They are really accessible and easy to reach, all of them have Official Committee pages on the web which is how you can compose to them. I have merely received 2 responses, one from Bill Bradley and one from Elizabeth Dole.

I truly had a batch of merriment with this undertaking even though a batch of the information was difficult to happen.340