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Road Not Taken Essay Research Paper The

Road Not Taken Essay, Research Paper

? The Road Not Taken?

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Throughout much of Robert Frost? s poesy, he as a author uses much of nature? s facets to let his readers to acquire a better perceptual experience of life itself. He refers to nature every bit good to assist explicate the assorted degrees of life. Much of Frost? s poesy relates to the major concerns of life such as the breakability of life, the effects of accepting or rejecting the conditions of one? s life, the passion of disconsolate heartache, and the trouble of prolonging familiarity. His topics, every bit good, consist of the fright of solitariness and isolation, the inevitableness of alteration, the tensenesss between the person and society, every bit good as the topographic point of tradition and usage ( Frost 975 ) . From the sounds of birds, the feel of ice cold snow, to the sounds of subdivisions blowing and crepitating in the air current Frost uses scene, characters, and state of affairss to do up the capable affair to bring forth his poesy. In Robert Frost? s verse form, ? The Road Not Taken? Frost uses simpleness and one of nature? s facets, two grassy diverging worn roads, to typify life? s determinations and which path one may take throughout their journey of being.

? The Road Not Taken? merely tells the narrative of life itself. We are all given a pick of life. Which way we will take or travel is a trouble that many of us as persons will confront. Which one looks better, which one seems better, and which one is the right way to travel upon are inquiries for all but can ne’er be given a direct reply, because we are all granted two words: A CHOICE! Many may do the right determination in life that they may experience wholly confident and satisfied with in the terminal, while others may hold taken the way less fortunate. In? The Road Not Taken? Frost uses symbolism in the sense that there are two diverging roads to typify life? s journey. Which one will you take? In the lines:

And sorry I could non go both

And be one traveller, long I stood

And looked down one every bit far as I could

To where it bent in the underbrush:

Frost is leting his readers to recognize how difficult it was for the traveller to do his determination on which route to take, and how he was carefully analyzing the two roads to assist him do that concluding of import determination. Although the roads shared similar qualities both sharing a grassy visual aspect and small to no wear at all, in the line? Oh, I kept the first for another twenty-four hours? I now realize that the traveller chose the second of the two diverging roads. Because? it was grassy and wanted wear? this route seemed to be the right one to take.

The lines, ? Yet non cognizing how manner leads on to manner? and? I doubted if I should of all time come back? merely means that although the traveller knew non which way the chosen way would hold taken him, upon his travel he ne’er doubted his concluding pick no affair what the effects may hold been. In

the undermentioned stanza:

I shall be stating this with a suspiration

Somewhere ages and ages hence:

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I-

I took the 1 less traveled by,

And that has made all the difference.

This stanza provides us with the traveller? s mentality on the pick he made. He is wholly satisfied that he chose this way, although it was the 1 less traveled by.

Frost amounts this narrative of life up by saying, ? And that has made all of the difference. ?

In my reading of this stoping line Frost is leting us to recognize that the determinations you make in life should be considered with much idea. Act upon your inherent aptitude non what may be more persuading. The traveller now looks back and is still content with the determination he has made. The route he has chosen merely made a positive impact on his life, and there is no uncertainty to hold taken the other. The? suspiration? within the last stanza signifies the concluding alleviation that the character genuinely believes he has made the right pick.

In much of Frost? s works nature is his capable affair used to typify our lives in general. He uses forms of beat, parlances, and tone to put the subject for his poesy. In the verse form? The Road Not Taken? Frost uses a rhyme strategy of abaab which allows us, as his readers, to read and flux through the verse form more swimmingly. He uses signifiers of vowel rhyme every bit good, by utilizing words like yellow/wood, diverged/traveled, and stood/wood.

In my sentiment this verse form is merely more than merely about a pick made in life. It about taking the right pick. Although something may look or look like the right thing to make it may non be. Before doing a pick brand sure you can populate with it consequences every bit good as be proud and satisfied in the terminal with the pick you have made. Everyone faces state of affairss in life that may hold a major impact upon one? s life. From taking a college, to acquiring married are all determinations. Everyone wants to do the right pick! We all face the many ruins that life seems to kindly offer, every bit good as,

the many positive facets life can offer. Face it we all want the best. This verse form is quiet inspirational in the sense that one traveller came across two waies. Which 1 should he take which 1 will he take? By taking that way less followed it has made his life that much better. And after old ages have passed the talker with in the verse form is still satisfied. The truth is we all will do incorrect determinations. I? thousand certain all of us have. But, Frost in this verse form somehow reminds us to look at one major right determination we have made. With life? s picks, good or bad, comes lessons we will larn that may break ourselves as persons. We are all offered the many chances of life, whether good or bad. For the character in? The Road Not Taken? he has chosen the right way. The inquiry of life now should be which one will you take?