Risks Of The Australian Meat Industry Biology Essay

The research executed on the Australian Meat Industry depicts the figure of disputing hazards that the industry has to confront, such as covering with approaching new pathogens or bacteriums that affect the quality of the meat and drive down the profitableness for the houses doing up the whole industry. In add-on to this, the research performed assesses the schemes being implemented by the industry and the authorities in order to extenuate the hazard involved by proving and rating the meat and by increasing quality criterions set by the authorities and the houses themselves. Furthermore, this research conducted helps to analyse the recent developments or enterprises being taken in this field so as to cut down the hazard attached with the proviso of meat to the consumers through research and development in order to foreground the technological inventions that could assist cut down the hazard associated with the meat industry.


The Australian meat industry is a well-established industry that is renown all over the universe for its exports of commercial farm animal and ruddy meat. Harmonizing to estimations at Meat & A ; Livestock Australia ( MLA ) , Australia ‘s industry of beef and sheep-meat is valued at 16.1 billion Australian Dollars. This is a significant sum which puts Australia near the top when it comes to the export of ruddy meat and it besides provides support for a bulk of the rural people.The gradual alterations in the usage of land in Australia have brought down the flock of sheep from about 170 million caput ( MLA, 2007 ) to a mere 72.7 million caput. The size of cowss herds has besides been reduced in recent times.

On norm, it has been estimated that Australians consume 46.5 kilogram of ruddy meat each twelvemonth and this is composed of largely beef ; followed by lamb and mouton.Rory Harrington ( 2009 ) discusses the menace to the meat industry as of late where the new regulation which came out in that twelvemonth by the authorities announced that Australia would one time once more open up its boundary lines to those states from which it had banned its imports due to the world-wide spread of “ Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy ” . This led to frights being voiced by the people of Australia on the spread of such a disease which could present as a major menace to the meat industry of Australia which constituted or formed a big portion of the GDP of that state. Furthermore, the domestic market besides voiced its concerns whereby the exports of the state could be devastatingly affected by such a tactic.As of recent day of the month Butler et al.

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, ( 2010 ) stated that the meat industry in Australia would be undergoing a difficult clip due to the fiscal jobs that most of the houses and butcheries were confronting owing to the tough advanced competition from abroad meat industries and because of which they had to close down their operations thereby cut downing the industry size of the Australian meat industry.


There are a figure of hazards that are faced by the Australian meat industry on a day-to-day footing. Ross et Al. ( 2009 ) depict how food-borne pathogens can ensue in meat going contaminated and these consequences in a figure of eruptions in states where the processed meat is sent to. Listeria Monocytogenes are the alleged pathogens which can easy be transferred from one topographic point to another, ensuing in the spread of diseases and unwellnesss. The theoretical account constructed by Ross et Al. ( 2009 ) shows the effects of their survey where they are able to to the full depict how pathogens can distribute through processed meat and how this spread consequences in hazards for those who consume the meat.

Salmonella enterica is the precursor to the causes of stomach flu in Australia ( Fearnley et al. , 2011 ) .Similar surveies were undertaken where a profile of the hazard factors of microbe-based menaces was developed in order to to the full grok the assorted factors that result in diseases ( Sumner et al. , 2005 ) . Several different couplings of deathly pathogens with meat were hypothesized and tested in order to happen out how the Australian populace is at hazard. The consequences of the survey indicated that there was so a high degree of hazard associated with the food-borne pathogens and so these consequences were shared with the assorted hazard directors in the Australian meat industry in order to raise more consciousness. Pointon et.

Al ( 2006 ) besides conducted a similar risk-based analysis and the consequences were besides distributed to the hazard directors, private, and public companies so that bar of diseases can be dealt with in an efficient and organized mode.Droughts and inundations are besides responsible for most of the hazards faced by the farm animal of Australia. Desmarchelier et Al. ( 2007 ) reference that drouths in recent times are the grounds for some of the H2O preservation exercises being practised by a big figure of people. This consequences in less H2O being available for farm animal.

On the other manus, recent inundations or big sums of rain can besides ensue in a figure of parasitic jobs for farm animal manufacturers. These parasites are responsible for diminishing the rate of growing of herds, damage the tegument of the farm animal, diminish the production of milk, and cut down the rate of reproduction of the farm animal ( MLA, 2007 ) . A few parasites are responsible for the decease of farm animal through blood loss, diarrhea, and infection.


The ruddy meat industry of Australia is working under an “ outcomes-based nutrient safety programme ” ( Desmarchelier et al. , 2007 ) which is decided by a figure of regulative organic structures. The chief aim is to see whether the ruddy meat merchandises, that are available for ingestion by people, are following with the legion wellness and safety demands. Meat & A ; Livestock Australia and the Meat Industry Services ( MIS ) employ extremely qualified scientists who study meat.

These scientists are adept in the Fieldss of infrigidation, animate being public assistance, keeping the quality of the meat, etc. The findings of surveies are published with six newssheets being published in one twelvemonth every bit good as maintaining the on-line publications up-to-date.Furthermore, research is being conducted in the field of microbiology which can foretell the interaction of micro-organisms with nutrient by building complex theoretical accounts although it is perfectly of import that skilled forces should go on to be relied upon when we are covering with hazards of meat infection ( McDonald and Sun, 1999 ) .

The meat industry saw a rise in the nutrient safety systems that were put into pattern in Australia and the consequences indicated that the industry reaped benefits from implementing such safety Acts of the Apostless, known as HACCP ; Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point, which resulted in the industry sing a decrease in the figure of client ailments that they received due to an betterment in the nutrient hygiene degree and quicker feedback responses ; it besides benefitted the economic system as an addition in trade was brought approximately through a rise in the export demand of the Australian meat overseas ( Khatri and Collins, 2007 ) .In add-on to this, Polkinghorne et al. , ( 2008 ) , identified the workings of MSA, the Meat Standards Australia, whereby they observed the changing qualities of meat and put a criterion for the meat industries to run into which would necessitate them to hold their meat tested and graded so as to attest that the whole industry conforms to the criterions set by them.

These stairss ensured that the clients got their meat which would be free of pathogens and therefore healthy for consumers. Furthermore, due to the significance attached to the trials that the meat undergoes as portion of authorities demand besides ensures that at every measure through the production stage to the processing and retail stage, the meat is exhaustively tested and graded to run into quality criterions and therefore look into at every phase the hazards in the signifier of pathogens associated with meat production.Furthermore through the debut and initiation of the “ on-farm hazard direction ” the Australian Meat Industry is now recognized as one of the taking states which provide quality meat worldwide by conforming to stringent on-farm direction policies such as following with the policies set by the authorities and by verifying and proving each phase of the procedure on the farm ( Meat safety and Traceability, n.d.

) .


Despite a figure of surveies undertaken to supply the meat industry with consciousness of pathogens and other microbic diseases, the meat industry is instead divided and there is no incorporate system which has the desirable consequence of properly immunising all farm animal manufacturers and consumers against hazards ( Desmarchelier et al. , 2007 ) .Horchner et Al. ( 2006 ) conducted a jeopardy based analysis in order to bespeak the disposed on-farm safety steps so that caprine animals, cowss, and sheep can be protected against diseases. The method used helped stipulate specific points of control of pathogens and diseases.

The consequences showed that a combination of a few easy-to-implement “ good agricultural patterns ” can assist diminish the sum of hazard that is present in the raising and proviso of the meat of caprine animal, cowss, and sheep. An on-farm safety strategy took signifier as a consequence of these surveies and this helped educate people, particularly the farm animal manufacturers, about microbic jeopardies.Desmarchelier et Al. ( 2007 ) describes assorted methods of covering with the hazards involved in the production and distribution of ruddy meat.

It is known that taint of meat starts on the farms so this requires that the animate beings are looked after decently. The wellness and the life environment of farm animal must be kept clean and proper medicine must be given to the animate beings in order to diminish the sum and degree of hazard. The usage of chemicals has been approved of by the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority so that ruddy meat can be decently immunized against diseases and bugs.Zhang et Al. ( 2010 ) provide solutions to the job of microbic infestation.

Their survey focuses on methods which aim to better the wellness of farm animal and those that aim to cut down the hazard of diseases contracted by farm animal. Different solutions and compounds such as vitamin E and Se can be added to the diets of animate beings so that there is a better quality of meat in farm animal. Besides, the farm animal manufacturers can add proteins, fibers, peptides, etc. to better the quality of meat. These dietetic addendums can be given to the farm animal at any degree in the production stage.

The dependence of success does non lie with the manufacturers entirely.These yearss, consumers are going more concerned about their diet and the nutritionary value of nutrient ( Scollon et al. , 2006 ) . Consumers need to accept and purchase the meat in order to add to the growing of the economic system. If consumers believe that what they are purchasing is good to their wellness, they will be inclined to purchase meat merchandises more easy. Therefore, there is a demand for the scientists to pass a greater sum of clip and money in informing the clients about the tremendous benefits of meat ingestion. Changing consumers ‘ attitudes is a important factor in increasing the quality of human wellness ( Zhang et al. , 2010 )


While it may look that pathogens and bugs are responsible for the diseases in farm animal, a reasonably recent survey by Phillips et Al.

( 2006 ) shows that the low degree of bacteriums present in the carcases of farm animal ( viz. sheep ) was non significant plenty to present a risky hazard to human wellness. This is chiefly due to the fact that there have been drastic alterations in the farm animal sector and the meat industry. Huge investings have paved the manner for better engineering and a greater degree of quality in the direction and distribution of ruddy meat. There should be extended planning for longer periods of drouth and a bigger thrust for inoculation so as to protect farm animal ( Petherick, 2005 ) .Therefore on decision, the research analysis provides us with a battalion of developmental plans underway by the houses and the authorities every bit good so as to diminish the figure of hazards involved with the processing of meat and to supply better quality criterions as the meat industry in Australia is one of the major industries and contributes a big sum to the well being of the economic system as a big proportion of the meat produced in Australia is exported to states worldwide.

Furthermore, the Western Australian Meat Industry Authority and the Department for Primary and Industries and Resources, are houses joined together to organize a formal association and the latter is a authorities section, which provide ordinances and policies for all the houses under its authorization that make up the meat industry and describe their annual public presentations every bit good as the recent developments that take topographic point with immediate enforcement and execution so that the meat industry in footings of technological invention does non dawdle behind but conforms to the world-wide quality criterions and meets client satisfaction easy and rapidly.


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