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Rise of Automation in Web and Mobile Technologies-      By Vishav K.Singh “Automation” an emergingtechnology that has knocked the doors of every industry is ever on rise fromthe beginning of 21st century but vaguely has been talked about itsimpact on the world and society.

 In earlier times, toaccomplish the tasks like data entry would burn out, distract or bore a humanoperator and outcomes were undesirable whereas in today’s era automation has simplifiedthe data entry tasks to the extent that every 10,000th entry is asaccurate and spot on as the first one. Even automation process can easilyidentify the questionable entries and can ask operator’s opinion if needed. Figure 1-CC0 licence The objective of this journalis to enlighten the impact of Automation on cloud and mobile in past and howit’s going to be in the future. Then time is ticking let’s begin it with CloudAutomation. To have improved accuracy and efficiency with lower rates for thesequential IT processes automation Cloud automation is going to be crucial partof it and it can be done by seeing out the handwritten codes. In today’s date,the cloud infrastructure containing servers and virtual networks are mainlymonitored and managed each one individually but with the introduction ofautomation in it, it can be setup in simple clicks and ticks using the thirdpart automation tools or software that comes with virtualization platform. Ifit is implemented in right way it will end up saving time and money for the ITfirms out in the market. Amazon’s AWS CloudFormation , Microsoft’s Azure Automation Documents and IBM’s Cloud automation docs  are some usefulresources to dig into clod automation and get going.

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It is new technology but infuture, as once someone said, “It’s going to be huge.” Now, let me shed some lightupon Mobile Automation and it’s results in today’s market. Simply, As the namesuggests Mobile Automation is the automation which is executed on the mobiles. Tohave bug-free and trustable script the mobile automation is used for the executionof mobile applications and this process is known as Mobile Testing Automation. After the release and usage of mobileapplication, the requirement of automation become more realistic whenapplication must undergo new update and no-one wants error to happen whilethat. This does not mean that application should be released on the platformrather it should have a beta version which should be tested before release. Thelife of developers is easy as ever after the introduction of simulators buteverything comes with some drawbacks.

Developers need to test the application ontheir phones or tablets as simulator uses the laptop’s or Pc’s processor to runthe app. There are many automatedopen-source test environment available online and some of them are: 1. Test Flight2. DeviceAnywhere3.

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