Riddles at leastI could tell when it

Riddles of the inforemation age:When seen in the light if the terrible event of Flight 965 could easily have told the pilots that ROMEO was not the proper fix for their approach to Cali.The humor if the joke is weird and scary, yet professionals in the digitalworld tell it happily and often because it highlights a basic truth about computers.

They may tell us facts but they donot infrom us. The presence of a small clocksymbol in the upper left corner of the LCD points to shows the alarm is armed butin a dimly lit bedroom the clock symbol cannot be seen. The cash machine has therules that must be followed and I am quite willing to follow them but it is unreasonablycomputer like to not inform me of them give me indications, and then immediately punishme for innocently breaking them. I didnot like the old alarm clock for many reasins but at leastI could tell when it behaves like a computer. It is simple to take weapons awayfrom the alarm, simply press the alarm button once, abd the clock symbol disappearsfor the display. With cas collection associated with content conveyance by the PC the flight orderly need to first get the money for the traveler at that point walk the distance to the head endof the cabin, where the attendants comfort was, enter a related password then a money register like transactionCongintive Friction:The bear is really a terrible dance, and the wonder is not that the bear dances wel but that the bear dances at all.

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Same time it appears to be of the programmer that the parts from claiming configurationmay be getting done, it may be just parts for the project configuration whats more nect to no end useroutline. The small program that plays the disc offers me lots of functions I cam move to the previous track orthe next track, skip to random tracks, create a custom play list play for an time repeat play view informationabout buffet on the Web put into my collection take notes on the different tracks, gather song names from Internet examine information about the disc, create a list of favourite tracks and more. End product interation configuration willbe the best and oly the configuration that I need to take from programmers and set under the hands of committedcommunication designers. Because the lack of design is a form of design whenever anyone makes decisions about program behaviour he is assuming the role of interaction designer.

I prefer the term interaction design to term interface  design because interfacehints that you have code over here people over ther, and in between the passes messages between them. Even as simple as the World Wide Web presents the user with a much stronger mental engagement than any.


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