Richard in trying to find their personal

Richard Blanco writer of The prince of los Cucoyos, struggles to define personal identity and reconcile cultural norms and expectations.

Some people try to express themselves, but depending on their settings they may feel like outsiders.  Most people feel pressured to be someone they are not, in a circumstance when they live in a setting where there are conflicting cultural norms and expectations. In diverse settings people may feel like they should be the stereotypical American, African American, Mexican, or any other form of race.Living in the US is great for the majority such as Americans, but isn’t for minorities including the other races such as hispanics and African americans. For me being African American has advantages and disadvantages.For the most part me myself get looked at as bad to some people because of my skin color and once they get to know me they’ll know im not as bad as i look.

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I know more people go through way worse experiences maybe that is why people tend to fall into the pressures of society to try and fit in. I think people should be able to express their true selves without worrying if somebody else will like them and this can also affect them in trying to find their personal identity.  People tend to have difficulty defining their personal identity because of the conflicting cultural norms and expectations. In diverse settings, many people respond to community-imposed pressures to conform in different ways. People need to respond to the community-imposed pressures by ignoring the pressures of society and just being themselves. People might lose their true self because they think they have to be somebody who they are not just to please society. I know many people who forget who they truly are just to be one with the society. I also know people that forget where they came from to fit into the society.

I believe that people should ignore all the stereotypes and the pressures of the cultural norms. I also believe people should want to be. When becoming yourself, it will take time and experiences to truly find who you are without those two things you’ll never find who you are. There will always be a time where people are going to be scared to be who they are, but if no one does stand out then we would all be the same and there would be no diversity. I get that it is easier to just fall into the pressure of society, instead of trying to be yourself, but the reality of it is it’s harder to try to be someone who you are not.


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