Review of Steamboat Willie-1928-Walt Disney Essay

Review of steamboat willie-1928-walt disneyThis is an animated cartoon film which was created and released in the late 1928. The film is made of cartoon characters who take the human personality. They do all things just like human beings would do them. Mickey Mouse is the main character of the movie.

And the film begins in a river set up where the main character is depicted as the boss of the voyage. The mouse is seen as the captain and he is so relaxed in posture that anyone could confuse him to be the real pilot. The captain however comes in and displaces him from this position. The mouse is then left so desperate in the water. This illustrates the caning character of the Mickey Mouse. He was positioning himself in a great seat although this is mere lie.Other characters in the movie include a bird and a cat.

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All of them are depicted to have human personalities. The animals are illustrated to have both good and bad characters. The Mickey for example has both the characters. The brutal nature of the Mickey is reveled by his reaction while pealing the potatoes. One would ask what it is that the Mickey did. This is a good question indeed whose answer is obtained by reviewing how the mouse threw a potato on the parrot. The Mickey may be justified for hitting the parrot because the bird made a lot of fun of the mouse who was facing punishment in the kitchen. The irony in character is seen in the mouse by his friendly and warm treatment of his family people.

This is questionable.Another incident of controversy is the occasion when the Mickey tried to whirl the cat in the air and finally throwing him off the air. This is great brutality in the character of the Mickey.

The animals behave in ways that depict men in our generation today because of brutality in character and selfish drives that people have. This is seen when the Mickey produces a happy aura upon seeing that the parrot is struggling in the water.REVIEW OF SNOW WHITE FILMSnow white is another animated movie, in which the main characters include the magic mirror, Betty boop, the queen; the mirror is depicted as a judge who gives credit to the prettiest woman of the land. The queen however displays her brutality by ordering that Betty be killed by hanging.

She does this evil act so as to remain the most beautiful in the land. Her pursuits to being on the top is however watered down since Betty did not die but escaped narrowly in the ice. This point has very heavy illustration of suspense and humor. Irony is further illustrated in this Calloway movie by the changes that take place when finally the queen turns into a monster and chasses Betty and koko.

The audience is put in real pressure because they fear for the life of the beautiful koko.REVIEW OF THE SKELETON DANCEThe two films are quite similar in theme as depicted by the characters. In both cases, the animated characters reveal brutality and selfish attitudes toward their colleagues. The skeleton dance is a movie which has a different view to life. In this thrilling film, human skeletons are shown to be in joyful moods since their dance is a sign of piece and celebration.

This movie has no selfish drive as compared to the first two.ReferenceDisney, W. Classic animated shorts. Retrieved from World Wide Web on 6th Oct, 2008 from: 


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