Returning to Bear Creek Essay

Dennis McHaney posted this info on his new book over at his The Howard Review Yahoo Group:

I had originally planned to make the Bear Creek material part of The Howard Review #14, but it just didn’t work with the other material. I am making the Bear Creek special a separate book.The title is Return to Bear Creek.It is 116 Pages.

The price is $14.99. Shipping & handling is $5.00.The contents are:Introduction by Dennis McHaney“Humorous Westerns Are Serious Business” by Rob Roehm, illustrated with various covers and interior art from Action Stories,“Breckinridge Elkins, Robert E. Howard, and Filial Piety” by Mark Finn, illustrated by J. Allen St.

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John,“A Breckinridge Elkins Bibliography” by Dennis McHaney, illustrated with various book covers and interior illustrations of Mr. Elkins,Facsimile reproductions of 8 Breckinridge Elkins Stories, from the pages of Action Stories:

  • “The Riot at Cougar Paw” (from Action Stories, October, 1935)
  • “The Apache Mountain War (from Action Stories, December, 1935)
  • “Pilgrims to the Pecos” (from Action Stories, February, 1936)
  • “Pistol Politics” (from Action Stories, April, 1936)
  • “Evil Deeds At Red Cougar” (from Action Stories, June, 1936)
  • “High Horse Rampage” (from Action Stories, August, 1936)
  • “No Cowherders Wanted” (from Action Stories, September, 1936)
  • “The Conquerin’ Hero of the Humboldts” (from Action Stories, October, 1936)

The book will be available as a print on demand item from on December 26th.At the request of a number of fans, there will be a limited numbered first printing designated as such. Advance orders on the numbered edition will be taken until December 12th, and the size of the edition will only be as large as the prepaid copies. If there are only five, that will be the whole edition.

No more orders for this will be accepted after December 12th, and copies ordered after the release date will not be designated as a “first printing”. I “borrowed” this idea from Rob Roehm.The edition will be ordered on December 13th.

Because of printing time and shipping time involved during the holidays, you will probably not receive this before Christmas.If you have a specific number you’d like, I’ll try to arrange that, just keep in mind this will likely be a very small print run.The price of the numbered edition is $14.99 per copy plus $5.00 shipping & handling.

You may order it and pay via PayPal. The account to e-mail to payment to is: [email protected] may also pay by check or money order, but you should verify that by e-mail in case your payment arrives after the deadline.

However, don’t order it the last day and expect to pay by check.If paying by check or money order, e-mail me at [email protected] and let me know the payment is coming, and mail it to:Dennis McHaney5703A Gloucester LaneAustin, TX 78723Remember, the deadline for the numbered designated first printing is December 12th.I still plan on bringing out The Howard Review #14 by the end of the month. I added a lengthy article to it that needs a bit more work before it is ready.


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