Restatement problem definition technique Essay

Undertaking 1

The intent of the undertaking is to take one of the scenarios and to use the Present state/Desired province, Duncker Diagram and Statement/Restatement job definition technique.The scenario 1 is about the job associated with the recycling of post-consumer waste. It has been observed that even in the most concerted and environment witting communities, bins of reclaimable waste contains 10 % of incorrect reclaimable or non-recyclable stuff. For disposing non-recyclable stuff nowadays in reclaimable bins, recycling company has to pass batch of money. The job needs probe from the recycling company CEO ‘s point of position.

Summary of extra information gathered

Coevals of waste is strongly associated to population and urbanisation [ 1 ] .

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Improvement of bing waste direction technique is a premier concern for developing states. In past, the most cheap pattern for disposing waste was to put it in landfills. Despite the fact that the landfills were used to pull off the waste, the demand for damages of the landfills, release of toxic gases, limited handiness of the land for the landfills etc. , still remains a great challenges for metropolitan metropoliss. The of all time increasing post-consumer waste has many inauspicious effects on the wellness of people, such as pollution of belowground H2O and dirt, bad odor from landfills and release of green house gases like CO2 and CH4 [ 1 ] .The construct of 3R ‘s which says cut down, reuse and recycle has become a cardinal impression for waste direction. The finest manner to pull off waste is non to make it.

Generation of waste should be minimized at family degree by avoiding extra usage of non-environmental friendly goods. Recycling is the besides one of the best option for waste direction as it offers several advantages like use of waste which would otherwise be dumped in landfills and besides lessening in usage of new resources [ 2 ] .Novel methods of screening non-recyclable waste from reclaimable should be brought in usage. The production capacity of paper in Malaysia has reached up to 1,300,000 T/year [ 3 ] but it is still low as compared to the ingestion of paper at that place. Paper Millss in Malaysia are now trusting on machines which can screen different classs of paper. After screening, high quality paper can be recycled. Malayan paper Millss are salvaging batch of money, energy, cut downing the sum of landfills, cut downing incineration and above all conserving their natural resources [ 3 ] .Closing down of Freshkills Landfills in Staten Island in 2001 has strained the metropolis of New York to happen other methods of waste direction.

To dispose immense sum of waste, New York City is exporting parts of its waste to Virginia and its adjacent province. Remarkable addition in disposal tipping fees in recent old ages has forced New York City to happen other methods for waste direction. Recycling provides a dramatic option as it helps in diminishing pollution, supplying employments and continuing energy. Municipal Corporation in New York City is now trusting on stuffs recovery installation ( MRF ) . MRF collects waste, segregates incorrect or non reclaimable waste from reclaimable waste, recycle the waste and shops it as natural stuff for fabrication industry. By making this, City of New York is salvaging about $ 46 million per twelvemonth from the entire sum it spends today for waste disposal [ 4 ] .

Present state/Desired State Technique

Discussion: The present province negotiations about the presence of incorrect or non-recyclable stuff whereas desired province negotiations about maximising company ‘s net income by proper separation and disposal of non-recyclable waste. There is no lucifer between the present province and the coveted province. Further reworking of statements is required.Discussion: These provinces are matched, but there is no clear difference between the present and the coveted province. Desired province somewhat solves the issue in present province i.

e. company has to pass money for disposing non-recyclable waste. Actual job is non resolved yet hence farther reworking of solution is required.

Discussion There is perfect one to one function between present and coveted province. The job addressed in present province is wholly resolved in coveted province. The coveted province focal points on achieving zero percent taint in reclaimable bins. Therefore, if there is no non-recyclable or incorrect reclaimable stuff in reclaimable bin there is no point in disposing it and there is no cost for disposing it. These statements can hence be considered as the best statements for existent job.

Duncker Diagram

Statement-Restatement TechniqueOriginal job statement: Bins of reclaimable stuff contain 10 % of incorrect or non-recyclable stuff and recycling company has to pass money for its disposal.

Gun trigger 1: Emphasizing on different words and phrases

  1. Bins of reclaimable stuff contain 10 % of incorrect or non-recyclable stuff and recycling company has to pass money for its disposal.
  2. Is there any other manner to roll up waste?

  3. Bins of reclaimable stuff contain 10 % of incorrect or non-recyclable stuff and recycling company has to pass money for its disposal.
  4. How can we cut down per centum of incorrect or non-recyclable stuff?

  5. Bins of reclaimable stuff contain 10 % of incorrect or non-recyclable stuff and recycling company has to pass money for its disposal.
  6. Can we do usage of these incorrect or non-recyclable stuffs?-Some stuffs like used polyethylene bags can be reused as rubbish bags in houses for rubbish tins. In this manner consumer can cut down the usage of non-recyclable stuff.

  7. Bins of reclaimable stuff contain 10 % of incorrect or non-recyclable stuff and recycling company has to pass money for its disposal.

How can we cut down cost for disposing non-recyclable waste?

Gun trigger 2: Substituting the expressed definition

Containers of reclaimable stuffs are contaminated with non-reusable stuffs that are in fact, expensive to dump.

Gun trigger 3: Making opposite sentence

How to do bins of reclaimable stuff taint free, therefore company has to pass no money for its disposal?

Gun trigger 4: Use relaxing restraints

Bins of reclaimable stuff are ne’er contaminated and there is no cost for its disposal.This technique helps us to believe in different manner. It motivates to develop a method so that recycle bins ne’er acquire any taint.

Gun trigger 5: Replacing persuasive words

The job statement implies that we evidently want zero taint of reclaimable waste so that company has to pass no money for its disposal.Therefore, if we could avoid taint at beginning by taging the bins and sorting non-recyclable and reclaimable waste for consumers.

Gun trigger 6: Expressing words in the signifier of equation

This statement can be expressed in equation signifier:Contamination in reclaimable bin is straight relative to presence of non-recyclable stuff.Therefore,By replacing, proportionality mark ( with proportionality invariable ( K ) .This trigger helps us in believing in alternate manner. What factors affect the value of K?How can we minimise the presence of non-recyclable stuff?Proper tagging of bins, categorization of non-recyclable stuffs and reclaimable stuffs for consumers, cut downing usage of non-recyclable stuff etc. can assist in cut downing taint of recycle bins.


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