Ressource management Essay

Assessment 1.Part A. Case Study.APC SUPERSTORE1. Paper use:There are 25 staff in the APCSUPERSTORE office, each use 150 pages of copy paper per week. 25 X 150 = 3 750, this is the consummation per week for all the office. 3 750 X 4 =15 000, so the office needs 15 000 page of copy paper per month.

For the month of April 2010, AOCSUPERSTORE ordered 4 boxes of paper; each box contains 5000 pages of paper. 4 X 5000 = 20 000, this the number of paper odered for the month of April 2010. Actually, the APCSUPERSTORE office needs only 3 boxes per month, 3 X 5000 = 15 000, is the exact consummation per month for the office. So we can order , 1 box every week like that , there is one box wich is here just in case. 2. Procedures and Guidelines :The office should use a reporting system, like software such as MYOB, like that the organisation can keep records on the business resource and their usage. So first, order 1 box per week, enter the purchase in the reporting stock. Like that we can keep an eye on the different order and the consummation of paper.

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If the employee follow the different suggestions for a better eco-responsibility, we could after a few week, order less boxes of paper.3. Different suggestions for a better eco-responsibility :Assess the suitability before printing documentThink about the real need before print every single document.

Use the different option on WordLike that if you need to revise a document you don’t need to print it to annotate it, you can simply use the different option in Word like follow the modification or comment in the menu tools.Scan documents.When it’s possible, it’s better to use the multifunction’s device,Use the double sided when it’s possibleLike that you reduce by 50 % the printing.Print the right number of paper.

Only print the required number of paper, like that you avoid waste.4. Supplier’s propositions & comparison :First proposition:

au/retail/products/Office-Supplies/Paper/A4-Copy-Paper/Copy-Paper-A4-80gsm/SPQ09112C Reflex Ultra White A4 Copy Paper Carton : $24,45 per boxSecond proposition: Reflex 100 % Recycled A4 copy Paper Carton : $28,45So the first proposition is cheaper, i twill cost $98,2 per month, instead of 113,8 for the second proposition. But if the organization wants to participate in environmentally sustainable work practices, the second one is a good choice because it’s a 100% recycled paper.Part B. Open a small business1.

BUSINESS INTRODUCTIONI will open a café, which will be a space where people can share and enjoy a moment of culture. It will be a kind of an art shop mix with café. So you could find permanent and temporary art exposition, discover new books, get inform from different exhibition or cultural event in Sydney or either concert from artist who would enjoy sharing their passion. The main of this café is not only to make money but as well open culture for everyone.

Itwill be a place where you are going to enjoy a coffee and get involved in the cultural life of the coffee, sharing event’s experience, talk about an exhibition, learn about new kind of style art etc..That why the café will be call “SHARE & ENJOY”. It will be located in Newtown, arty suburb from Sydney because it’s a place where people already enjoys cultural things and where it will be really interesting to mix the idea of everybody.2. BUSINESS RESSOURCE OF THE ORGANISATION:3. OUR SUPPLIERS:For the furniture, we will buy everything in IKEA. http://www. For the coffee stuff, we have a contract with Mocopan, they sell us the coffee beans and the take away coffee cup, and so they give us the coffee machine and the grinder. For the food and hospitality furniture, our supplier is BIDVEST. For the computer, we will order it on this website, because it’s a cheap way to have a computer for our business.–LED-4GB-500G-UMA-11N-DVDRW-W8-64-1Y-BLACK.aspx4. MONITORING AND REPORTING RESOURCE USAGE:As most organizations, we will use a stock-control system, it will be a computerized system. That way we need as hardware and software resource a computer. It’s an easy way to manage our stock and like that we will operate competitively in our business.

To keep a track of our existing resources we will create an assets register, it had to be fill and report every week, like that we can evaluate our expenses and if our business is benefit.5. POLICIES AND PROCEDURES FOR PURCHASING AND RECEIVING STOCK:Who will do this job? There will be one stock and supplier manager, he will be responsible to purchase and receive the new stock every week. Policies for Purchasing:1. Refer to the asset register to purchase new stuff,2. Always use the same supplier like that we can have the quality of productevery week, 3. For the opening, we will purchase the quantities refer in the resource tables. Then we will adjust the quantity based on sales from last week.

4. The stock and supplier manager have to do a report to the boss and wait for his approbation before purchasing. 5.

As soon that you have the approbation purchase the new stock POLICIES FOR RECEIVING STOCK:1. Check the delivery :Check if there is any damageCheck if the quantity, the quality, the size and the weight Be sure that the that the delivery docket match with the purchase from the asset register, 2. Then notice in the assets register that the delivery arrives and is in our stock.

Tidy the delivery in the different stock place6. OH&S REQUIREMENTS FOR RECEIVING PURCHASES:To prevent the different risk during the reception’s purchases, there are different rules: asking the deliverers to unload their vehicles.asking for smaller or lighter cartons of stock to be bought. storing the most-used items in the middle shelves and lighter goods on the top shelves.

Wear gloves do not hurt the handsKeep the space free in the corridorsTo prevent the diverse risks in the café:asking for training in safe lifting methodsmopping up spills straight awayPut a surface for the floor with a non-slip material or for non-slip mats to be provided asking for adequate lighting to be installed in delivery and storage areas wearing hats, sunglasses and sunscreen when unloading outside To prevent risks in the kitchen:using small rubbish binsasking for equipment to be put where it provides the easiest access eg. fridge close to workbench pushing trolleys and bins instead of pulling them where possible wearing heat resistant gloves when carrying hot utensils andequipment only going into the kitchen when necessarykeeping walkways clear of clutterhave a rest breaks every day and spending them in a cool area with a drink of water wearing non-slip shoes to prevent slipping7. ASSET REGISTERDescriptionCode NoValueDateComputer18976.

699.90097$59209.11.13Coffee machineMoco.

187780Under contract11.11.13Photocopier/scannerChair702.142.86$14.99 each08.11.13Coach999.


76$99 each08.11.13Fruit grinderSmall table201.590. 27$14908.11.13Arm Chair902.

168.59$6908.11.13fridgetoaster8. Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices The first of our decision to participate in environmentally sustainable work practices is to use the computer at the maximum, and so print the minimum of document, the payslip, the schedule , the new info’s about the business will be send by mail. We will as well use only recycled paper.

The second decision, we will use cloth serviette, like that we don’t have a huge consummation of paper serviette. So we don’t participate at the deforestation of the forest with a low consummation of paper in our business.9. Legal requirement for our businessWe need to come up with a unique business name which relates to what you are selling. In doing this, we need to file for our doing business as or DBA. Next, we have to apply for an Employer ID Number from the Internal Revenue Service. We have to get an ABN, and to register our business for Good and Services Taxs.

Because of the fact that our business is food we have to get a health permit to ensure that it won’t harm the health of customers. By having a permit, this can also help us to establish trust and confidence in potential customers to buy our food. We also need to maintain all of our equipments sanitary and clean. For the safety of our business and the comfort of all our customer, we have to install disabled acces and get safety exit and extinguisher in case of fire.


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