Responsibilities of Human Resource Management in Microsoft Corporation Essay

Microsoft Corporation is a company located in USA that manufactures, develops and supports a broad assortment of merchandises and services in the computer science sector.

The merchandises and services of the company include computing machine package, consumer electronic, hardware, IT consulting, etc. The company established in 1975 by Bill Gates and Paul Allen, excelled in developing the operating systems for the computing machines. In 1984 they released the Microsoft windows version jointly with IBM. The company considers Human Resources as its plus and is acute on pulling and retaining talented work force and pull offing them expeditiously by doing informed determinations. The company has about 93,000 employees and they manage the employees strategically.Keeping a sound public presentation assessment system in the company is the most hard and most of import portion of Human Resource Management in the company ( Coutts and Schneider, 2004 ) . The public presentation of the employs in the organisation is tracked and their work is observed by the supervisors and effectual feedback is given at appropriate times.

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The public presentation assessment procedure in the company is carried out after the higher-ups and subordinates come together to discourse the ends, aims, outlooks of the company, marks to be achieved, rating standards and methods. The supervisor of the company is responsible towards placing the accomplishments, competences and cognition of the employees and if they are capable plenty to transport out their responsibilities and work efficaciously. The higher-ups besides need to guarantee that they decently communicate and give the right thought sing the public presentation outlooks and the wagess for the public presentation ( Newstrom and Davis, 1993 ) .

Some methods that companies normally follow for the intent of public presentation rating are 360 degree feedback, critical incidence, evaluation graduated tables etc.Microsoft is a company that gives importance to its Human resources, therefore has developed a web-based tool & A ; acirc ; ˆ?the public presentation tool & A ; acirc ; ˆ™ wherein the committednesss, ends and employees and foremans are included and their functions defined. The employees in the company can log on utilizing an ID and clearly understand the ends of the superior frame or alter one & A ; acirc ; ˆ™s ain end that manner. This tool or theoretical account is flexible as the ends can be changed harmonizing to their demand. Performance direction system is managed with the aid of this theoretical account in the company.Microsoft follows certain stairss in its public presentation rating procedure:As a first measure the employee and the director carry out a face to confront meeting twice a hebdomad. Then a meeting is done half annually where the employees and the directors discuss and solve assorted issues concerned with behaviour, public presentation and the outlooks.

Online trials are carried out to look into the skill degree of the employees and feedback is given harmonizing to the trials. Microsoft besides provides an option for the employee to take their higher-ups to be their wise mans.Performance assessment construction in Microsoft is alone with 2 reappraisals being held in a twelvemonth i.e. calling compass held in January and Final public presentation assessment held in August.Career Compass is a reappraisal held in midyear wherein the employee development considered as an of import thing. The chiefly includes the development of their competences, in which instance the company involves two sorts of competences:Microsoft core competencies- involve coaction and cross boundary line cooperation, invention, assurance and proper determination devisingFunctional competences in Microsoft are the interpersonal accomplishments, accomplishments for undertaking direction, analytical accomplishments, strategic determination doing etc.Concluding public presentation assessment involves the proper reviewing of the entire public presentation direction carried out in the company and is used to rate all the public presentations and committednesss.

The ends and marks that were set earlier as a benchmark will be reviewed and revised after the public presentation rating is done. The employee is besides encouraged to make the ego assessments so that they themselves can understand the issues and deficiency of public presentation and grounds etc. in the concluding assessment procedure the concerned directors of the section where the employee belongs and HR forces of the company would sit together and discourse the inside informations of the public presentation rating and appraisal procedure of the employees. They so rate the employees harmonizing to their degree of public presentation achieved based on the criterion set.The evaluation system in the company is based upon committednesss and the mark achieved. The public presentation evaluation in the company is form 5 which is for exceeding public presentation to 1 unsatisfactory public presentation.

The company besides follows a part ranking against the coworkers depending on the factors like the preparedness to work and possible to larn.The public presentation assessment and rating procedure in the company is extremely indispensable in foregrounding and pass oning its ends and aims to its employees and guaranting that they are decently achieved ( Longenecker, 1997 ) . Microsoft has been successful in keeping the proper degree of public presentation among the employees and achieves organisational ends.

The employees in the company are cognizant of their functions and duties therefore working towards accomplishing the marks by bordering their ends in the right way ( Grote, 1996 ) . Microsoft is a company that provides certain of import marks for each section by inquiring them to keep a standard degree public presentation evaluation for the employees, where in the criterion of public presentation of the employees does non travel below this degree.The environmental factors have a cardinal function to play in the methods used by the company with regard to the assorted HR patterns. Thus the public presentation rating procedure in Microsoft Corporation is formulated taking into consideration the factors of external environmental factors. The assorted political, economic, societal and technological factors play a cardinal function in specifying the human resource activities of the company.

Political factors: The political environment in a state can be considered as an of import factor that will impact the working of the company in a figure of ways. One of the of import political issues related to companies like Microsoft are the belongings protection steps and protection for investings. Many political parties helped the company addition revenue enhancement benefits in a batch of ways.Economic Factors: it is hard to name out the cardinal economic factors that affect the company, since the Information Technology market is extremely dynamic and standardisation is non possible ( Rubini, 2010 ) . The recent economic downswing has besides adversely affected the company like any other as the economic system of most of the states was severely hit and the market had slowed down.Social environmental factors: the societal environment of the state in which they operate, act as of import facets in make up one’s minding the public presentation and operations of the company. A company that is socially responsible will be considered good by the client. The employees will experience proud to work for such companies.

Microsoft has been funding many CSR activities, but due to the economic recession the company has cut its budget in that country to put in some its merchandises. A company that is committed to the society will besides possess employees who would work towards such a end.Technological environment: the technological factors like the technological inventions and creativeness has lead to an wholly new and different sort of enlargement in the information engineering industry. There are many companies runing in the market supplying package, IT and hardware services with advanced engineering in every service. The growing of engineering has been enormous as a consequence of which the company has to enroll and get more accomplishments and trained employees who have the cognition of altering engineering in this field.

In order to increase the operational efficiency the company is expected to increase the public presentation degree of the employees ( Kurtz, 2009 ) . Proper public presentation direction system in the company will provide to supplying the solution to this issue. Microsoft has developed assorted methods to absolutely understand the brand clear ratings of the employee public presentation and develop them harmonizing to the demand of the hr.The survey is therefore concludes that the company Microsoft is extremely specific on set uping a proper public presentation direction system that meets their demands and maintains their criterion at all degrees. The Human Resource Management and planning in the company is effectual as they have a program on how to do best usage of their human resources plus.

The assorted environmental factors and conditions play a cardinal function make up one’s minding assorted facets of HR patterns in the company. The public presentation assessment system is important in accomplishing the ends of the company.


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