Resisting College Temptations Essay

College students face many difficult tasks on a daily basis, consciously and even subconsciously. I believe that in order to be successful at a collegiate level a student must learn to resist temptation and incorporate substantial amounts of time devoted entirely to their studies while balancing their personal lives in the process. According to Wikipedia, “Temptation can be defined as an act that looks appealing to an individual, usually used to describe acts with negative connotations and as such, tends to lead a person to regret such actions, for various reasons. Being in college is a privilege, a privilege that not every person has the luxury of having.

By having this privilege, it is our responsibilities as a college student to maintain constant focus and to not let negative temptations affect our daily lifestyles. According to Kent Crockett, author of the 911 handbook at RealWorldUniversity. com, temptations in college can be anything, ranging from being unfaithful in relationships, to the more common usage of drugs and alcohol.

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These temptations in college are pretty obvious and evident to most.Although, other temptations are not so blatant to everyone. For instance, many college students don’t have the help of their parents to support them financially or even emotionally for that matter. This plays a major difference in the way certain students perceive college and the experience in which it brings. I myself have to work at least 25 hours a week in order to pay my bills, buy groceries and maintain a normal lifestyle to not be employed is simply not an option for me.I feel this makes me appreciate being in college more, and I feel proud to be more self-sufficient than other college students. Working to support themselves fully is not common among college students, yet some do it, and those who do it have accomplished a great task. College and living away from home brings about many difficult situations in which students are faced with negative temptations they may have not encountered if they had lived at home or made the decision to not attend college altogether.

Regardless, temptation is everywhere in every form.According to Wikipedia, temptations could be anything from choosing to do the wrong thing to not choosing to do the right thing. According to Crockett, students are going to be faced with temptation constantly all the time, and failure is very possible if they don’t recognize how to resist temptations early in their college careers. Crocket explains that temptations and the process of resisting them aren’t easily accomplished.

Resisting any temptation can be a process, a process at which we must recognize and understand certain things.In order to resist temptations altogether, Crocket explains it would be easiest to just set yourself apart from it. This is not always practical with living on a college campus. He also goes on to explain that when knowingly going into a place with negative temptation, we should put ourselves at ease and learn to ignore the surroundings and the negative temptations. According to Crocket, in order to resist temptation we must set ourselves apart, look at the big picture as a whole, and not be distracted when being confronted with temptation.I find this to be very practical when pertaining to college life and the lifestyle it brings about. Temptation, whether negative or positive, is essential to human nature. Humans resist and give in to temptation with every move in their lives.

Some more subconsciously than others and some more significant than others, yet we all do it. According to Crocket, we need temptation in order to fulfill our desires, and, if we don’t fulfill our desires of temptation in the right way, then


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