Republic of the people in the community

Republic of the PhilippinesMindanao State UniversityGeneral Santos City     “Impact of High School Grades in English, Math, Science andSocial Science grades in the Academic Performance of the 4th YearAB- Sociology Students in their Major Subjects”       Submitted By:Hanna Claire A. Jarabelo  Submitted To:Prof.

Mario Aguja     Sociology studies the interaction of peopleliving in the society. How they affect the society and how the society affectsthem. It studies the people as a whole and not by individuality. Sociologistsare the people who studies sociology. They analyze and understand the waypeople behave in the community and also they find solution to the existingphenomenon or social problem in the society. Sociologists are important in thesociety it is because they make the lives of the people in the communityeasier. They solve problems in the community that we find difficult, so it isappropriate that we must have a reliable sociologist that we can rely on.

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Theymust have all the skills that a good sociologist has. A good sociologist mustbe good at reading comprehension, writing, critical thinking, analyticalskills, complex problem solving and communication.From these past few years I observed thatmost of the students enrolled from sociology department hates or does not dowell in Math and English. So maybe in their high school years they are not alsodoing well in these subjects. As a social scientist in the future they mustpossessed all the skills of a good sociology for them to be able to do theirjob productively. English is a subject that can help you develop you readingcomprehension, writing and communication.

 Social science also develops your communicationskills. Math develops your complex problem skills and science develops yourcritical thinking and analytical skills. If you are not doing well in thesesubjects then you probably failed to develop these skills and will give youdifficulties in passing the major subjects. A graduated student from the sociologydepartment who doesn’t have yet fully harnessed the skills of a good sociologyis a social problem. Instead in helping and finding solution to existingproblems in the society they give problems instead. It is because what thesociety need is a reliable and productive social scientist that can understandand analyze things and not an ignorant-want- to-be-social-scientist.

What Iwant to study is that if there is an effect of high school grades of 4th yearAB-Sociology students in Math, English, Science, and Social Science in theiracademic performance in their major subjects. And also I want to know why studentswho are not good at math and English are enrolled in AB-Sociology when in factthe students that are need in the sociology department are good at solving andwriting.Ineducational institutions, success is measured by academic performance, or howwell a student meets standards set out by local government and the institutionitself. Although education is not the only road to success in the workingworld, much effort is made to identify, evaluate, track and encourage theprogress of students in schools. Parents care about their child’s academicperformance because they believe good academic results will provide more careerchoices and job security. Schools, though invested in fostering good academichabits for the same reason, are also often influenced by concerns about theschool’s reputation and the possibility of monetary aid from government institutions,which can hinge on the overall academic performance of the school. State andfederal departments of education are charged with improving schools, and sodevise methods of measuring success in order to create plans for improvement.

(Melissa.J. 2017)From our childhood until our adulthood we arestudying different subject matters. And as our level raises the difficulty ofthese subject matters also rises from easy to hard, from simple to complex.

Weneed to pass those subjects for us to be able to proceeds a higher level. Incollege we have what we called majors and minor subjects. A major is a fieldwhere students focus during the course of his/her degree. It is the student’smain field of specialization during his or her associates or undergraduate studieswhich would be in addition to, and may incorporate portions of, a corecurriculum. The core curriculum covers a range of subjects giving the studentor learner a good basis of knowledge and exposure. In college, students are expected to do wellin their major subjects or be able to master them. Have skills that are essentialin their field and be productive and reliable in their work field. College isthe training ground of their future work.

It gives them knowledge of what willthey be and what will they do in the future. The student’s grade in their major subjectshould be high because it can impact to their future career. Companies likeworkers who are outstanding in their specialization field, so before they hiresomeone they first see if your grades in college are high as it means you exceland that you master or understand your subject matter well.  It is best that the students will be able tomaster their subject of specialization because it will give them confidence intheir future work place.

And also being able to master their subject ofspecialization will result to a responsible, reliable and productive workerthat will help the society to flourish more. There are many factors that affect the academicperformance of college students in AB-Sociology Department. And I think one ofthem is the grades from their high school subjects. And these subjects are aScience, English, Math, and Social Science as these subjects helps to developthe skills that are needed as a future sociologist. Major subjects in thesociology department requires you a lot of critical thinking, analyzing,problem solving, writing and reading. And these skills or abilities are theresult of our years of studying, as we studies from childhood to adulthood. Theseskills and abilities will also only develop if our years of studying areeffective. If not they will not flourish/develop properly.

Science, English, Math and Social Science arethe subjects that we frequently or continued studying from the moment we firststep in school to high school. We study them for many years and are expected tobe able to master them, and yet some people cannot still master them or doesnot perform well in that subject. Resulting them to have a low grade in thatsubject.

These grades can affect the grade you will have in your future majorsubject.  The effects of grade that they got from theirhigh school depend on the course that they will have in the college. In the caseof the sociology students, because they enrolled in the course of sociologythey must be good at English, Math, Science, and Social Science.

As asociologist, is required to be good at complex problem solving, readingcomprehension, writing, critical thinking, analytical skills, and communication.Just what I have said above you can have or develop them by studying thesubjects English, Math, Science, and Social Science, English. English is asubject that can help you develop you reading comprehension, writing andcommunication.

  Social science alsodevelops your communication skills. Math develops your complex problem skillsand science develops your critical thinking and analytical skills.Studying English helps you develop your readingcomprehension and writing. Reading comprehension is one of the most importantaspects of English literacy. A well-developed reading comprehension skillsetallows people to quickly read and understand text, from novels and textbooks tonewspaper or magazine articles. Since literacy is arguably the most importantskill for any individual and reading comprehension is one of the most importantaspects of literacy, developing your reading comprehension skills is anessential part of modern education. It is also essential for a sociologystudent whose future is to be a researcher as it is required a lot of readingand writing. Being able to fully understand what you have read and being ableto write about it.

English is important as it is our universallanguage and our secondary language. So by studying English your scope ofcommunication will probably widen as you can communicate internationally.Studentshaving good communication skills it expands the students’ performance(Abdullah, 2011). William & Burden (1997) found that language inculcateconfidence among students to use the new language to communicate, to discuss,to try new ways of conveying meanings and to be trained from.

Philippines areknown for being good at English, for being able to keep pace with theforeigners. That’s why foreigners like or love to come in our country becausewe can communicate at them. Companies nowadays are becoming more and more international,and English is listed as an essential skill for more and more jobs. There aresome organizations that now conduct all their business in English, no matterwhere in the world they are based. Social Science just like English it alsodevelop your communication skills as   One of the factors to know that you master orunderstand your subject matter is by having a high grade in that subject.  The student’s grade in their major subject isonly one of the factors that determine whether or not you understand your majorsubject.

It also failures and successes  and will  The result of the While a minor is a secondary concentration ofcourses that often complements the Major. These are the subjects that are relatedor have significance in their major or subject of specialization.  A person can get these skills through yearsof studying. From child to adulthood we are studying, we study differentsubject matters. Most of these subjects are English, Math, Science and SocialScience. These are the subjects that we are repeatedly studying fromkindergarten until high school.

But even though we frequently study them we canstill not master it thoroughlyYears of studying will develop these skills             In sociology,   Most of these subject matters areMath, Science, English and Social Science. And even though we study those subjectmatters in a continuous way some of us can’t still master them thoroughly.    Paradigm: Figure 1     


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