Representation of the Character Essay

Representation of the Character I am playing a character called Jean Taylor from the play Fine ME by Olwen Wymark.

The play was first performed at the Richmond Fringe Theatre at the Orange Tree on October 21st 1977; this play takes place in England, west London. This play is set in the late 20th century; the plot of this play is based on a teenage girl called Verity Taylor, who has suffered from an undiagnosed mental disorder for many years before being admitted to Broadmoor mental hospital after setting fire to a chair.Verity’s illness has a destructive impact on her family, who are struggling to cope with her behaviour which they cannot understand or resolve. I choose a monologue by teenage Verity’s exhausted mother who is both afraid of and pitying her unpredictable daughter. My character Jean Taylor is a loving mother to two children one boy called Mark and a girl called Verity, but she is also a very emotional character who is torn between doing the right thing by her daughter Verity and doing what’s best for her husband and son.

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Jean Taylor comes across at first as a strong figure but is shown to be vulnerable and mostly frighten of her daughter. Jean’s biggest wish which she makes clear in the monologue I have chosen is that she wished for a normal child or for once to be free of the fear and pity of her daughter. Although she has a husband called Edward, she finds it hard to relate to him as Verity seems to like him and doesn’t act up as much with him.As the play thickens Jean becomes to believe that Verity actually hate her and enjoys frightening her, which shows her to be like a scared child herself. My intended direction for my character in my performance is to show her to be desperate for help and as in the play Jean is speaking to an interviewer at that specific moment in the play, it allows me to speak directly to the audience which allows me to show more desperation of the character by pleading with the audience to help her; save her from her own daughter.When it comes to the movement, facial and vocal direction of the character; to keep it realistic acting as it’s a realistic play. To keep to the right acting style of the play I will be seated at the beginning and stand and walk toward/pacing along the audience as the monologue thickens and she becomes more angry or desperate, then when it comes to the end I will be seated again.

Vocally I will be using different volumes throughout the entire performance but not over doing it that it becomes me standing on the stage just shouting. I would like the audience to take away the interpretation of Jean to be confused and desperate for someone to help her or at least tell her what to do about her teenage daughter Verity. (500 words – Short essay for AS Drama which was paired with a monologue performance. )


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